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As Dodgers' falling attendance makes news, it's time to recognize main cause: Fans are boycotting ownership

Boycotteers, as your movement swells, so does its attention.

Those empty seats at Dodger Stadium have to be an embarrassment not only to the team but to Major League Baseball. Which is now running the Dodgers, sort of.

The plummeting attendance figures received the A-1 treatment in Tuesday’s edition of The Times, with Chris Erskine’s piece getting the kind of prominent display reserved for major news stories.

Which this clearly has become.

Through Monday, attendance through the Dodgers’ first 29 games was down a total of 207,612 -- accounting for most of baseball’s overall decline of 237,983. And that includes what the Dodgers called their biggest walk-up crowd of the season (4,200) on Memorial Day.

Attendance is down for 19 teams, but most by a marginal amount. The Dodgers are down an average of 7,159 per game (16.7%).

Reasons given in Erskine’s story for the decline were: "a backlash against owners Frank and Jamie McCourt; the team's punchless performance at the plate; the brutal opening day attack on a Giants fan; an unseasonably cool spring; the poor overall economy and the fact that school isn't out yet — always a turning point for attendance.’’

I’d say he went 3-for-6 on that one, and was hitless in his last three at-bats.

It hasn’t been that unseasonably cool. The economy is poor all over. And school is never out this time of the year (and the figures are matched against games at the same time of the year).

He connected on the first three, although I don’t believe for a millisecond they are of equal significance. The dominant factor is the public’s disgust with the McCourts.

The boycott is real, even if made easier by the team’s poor play. And it’s time to acknowledge it.

-- Steve Dilbeck

Photo: Dodgers owner Frank McCourt, right, watches the game against the San Diego Padres at Dodger Stadium on April 29. Credit: Kelvin Kuo-US Presswire

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I disagree. Ownership is the second reason why attendance is down. The top reason is fear. People are scared for their own safety, unjustifiably so. And the sight of all those cops in hats and uniforms doesn't help- it makes people even more afraid. Trust me on this- I've talked to so many fans.

Absolutely correct Steve...Boycott till McCourt is gone.

"McCourt got advances from team sponsors to make payroll! Hope to find out who the sponsors are and will boycott them as well!"

Great Idea, we need to send a message to all Dodger sponsors that if they help McCheap Dodger nation will boycott there product!

Using the term boycott is nothing more than a convenient excuse to ignore the fact that the thugs/criminals who used to attend the games are dissuaded by the increased police presence.

Of course, that explanation doesn't correlate with the politically correct slant of this publication.

Unfortunately, if you wanted to commit suicide by wearing a Giants hat in the outfield seats, it has now become more difficult.

Better off going for the garden hose and closed garage door methodology.

Bryan Stow had to ruin it for all despondent Dodger unfaithful. Typical Giants fan, sticking it to the Dodger fans.

Obviously the main issue is ownership. We Dodger fans, lower, middle and upper income are appalled by the obscene borrowing against the team and spending on the McCourts. We've come out and supported the team before in off years. But prices are up, way up, and we know where the money's going. Adios McCourts. Have fun in court with the IRS.

I couldn't agree more. The boycott is on!

With the IRS breathing down her neck ... and with her team in financial ruin ... L.A. Dodgers co-owner Jamie McCourt just got approval to build herself an ultra-private, super-expensive beachfront dream pool ... TMZ has learned.

According to documents filed with the city of Malibu ... Jamie asked for city approval to begin construction at her sprawling beachfront mansion.

McCourt wants to expand an existing pool -- and needed permission to excavate 105 cubic yards of earth material. McCourt also wants to expand her wood deck, replace pool equipment and convert a guest room into a pool cabana.

The city approved Jamie's request -- under the condition she doesn't install any lighting systems that will be visible from the beach.

Jamie is VERY serious about her time in the pool -- as TMZ previously reported, she went to war with her estranged husband Frank McCourt over "exclusive rights to the family swimming pool" at her other home in the Hollywood Hills.

With the IRS breathing down her neck ... and with her team in financial ruin ... L.A. Dodgers co-owner Jamie McCourt just got approval to build herself an ultra-private, super-expensive beachfront dream pool ...

I'm In...Haven't been to a game since 2009

BOYCOTT! BOYCOTT! BOYCOTT! To all Dodger Fans, please understand the importance to boycott. I am a true Dodger Die Hard, and I bleed Dodger Blue for over 35 years, and nothing has been more frustrating than the past 23 years. Vin Scully represents the last decent thing that we have that represents this Historic Franchise. Other than that, the Dodgers have become an embarressment to Los Angeles, and to all of Major League Baseball. We need an Owner who can bring back the respect and dignity to Los Angeles, an Owner who understands the true Dodger History, an Owner who can bring back the family atmosphere to Dodger Stadium. It is so bad, that I can not wear my Dodger Jersey or Cap without feeling like a thug or gangbanger. Frank McCourt needs to GO! Please continue to BOYCOTT and understand the importance of this stand. You can still root for the Dodgers from your home.

Ty, boycott is what I'm about! Will never spend another dime on Dodger merchandise or attend a game until Uncle Frank is gone.

The Dodgers are second-best to the New York Yankees for most World Series Appearances. In regards to Historic Value, the Dodgers have lost significant value and are no longer on the same page or even close to being the Historic Franchise they once were. For the Dodgers not to have a World Series Appearance in 23 years is pathetic! The Ownership after the O’Malley’s, have shown to be shameless and embarrassment to Major League Baseball, and to the City of Los Angeles. We the Fans should be at fault, for supporting and not demanding more from Ownership and Management. The Dodgers have lost that Historic Pride that was brought over from Brooklyn. The Pride and Passion that Walter Alston, and Tom Lasorda carried and preached, no longer exist. Vin Scully still gives a glimpse and reminds us of how it once was, but soon that will be gone as well. It is sad that there are two Hero’s of the Dodgers 1988 World Series Champions Managing else where, Mike Scioscia who has a World Series Ring with the Angels, and Kirk Gibson Managing the First Place Arizona D-Backs. But it is worst that we have a has-been of the Yankees Organization Managing the Dodgers, a General Manager whose heart is still in San Francisco, and the Owner who will forever be remembered for disgracing all that was good in this Historic Franchise.

McCrook bought the team with smoke and mirrors (little cash and a parking lot that he stole from associates. Fox literally gave hime the team with no money down. After being this highly leveraged "purchase" he then looted the assets (i.e. the stadium) and used the team as his personal ATM. Where was MLB in approval this? Now, the team will be forced into bankruptcy and he'll walk away with the assets (or half of them when his wife gets through with him).
McCon should be filming an infomercial, he puts Charles Ponzi and Breuce McNall to shame.

Agreed Completely!

As soon as the McCourt virus is gone, fans will come back! I don't care if this team somehow becomes a first place team, I'm not going until that vermin of an owner is gone along with his idiot puppet Soberoff.

What a shame, I have been a Dodger fan since 1952 and never would have thought this could happen. I blame Major league Baseball for most of the problem by approving the past 2 ownerships of the Dodgers. I feel for the players, I think they have some good ones that are paying the price of a lousy owner. I love the Dodgers and hope thing turn around fast before we loose most of them to free agency.

What would Jim Murray say? If he was alive today, he would have written the article everyone is waiting for you guys to write a long time ago. That is: how fans are speaking with the boycott and what they are saying is that McCourt is not good for baseball. Selig now has his reason to force the sale. One of the most popular teams in baseball is dragging the sport down as Selig drags his feet in this decision. So go ahead, you have our permission, write a scathing article, that Jim Murray would be proud of, tell us how McCourt is not good for baseball. Lay it on thick, metaphors and hyperbole and all the tricks sports writers like Murray would use. Go ahead, make our day!

Fear; Michael;
You folks have obviously never been to any other stadium.
I,ve been to Wrigley, seen a huge brawl between there own fans? Fenway fans also have bloody fights. I have always felt safe taking my family to Chavez Ravine but have not attended a game in a year and will not attend a game until Frankies GONE! Was a season tix holder for 27 years,and gave them up two years ago after the final staw $15 parking. With a new owner I will attend at least 15 to 20 games per year.

Its also a backlash against McCourt's (and the Dodgers) escalating prices. Who needs to spend $15 to park in the "north 40" or stand in a concession line way too long and pay absurd prices. I'll stay home until the carpetbagger leaves town!

One of the many reasons MLB wants McCourt out, which is why they installed vultures in his waiting room, is the effect our boycott may have on other teams. Imagine boycotts based on ours simultaneously driving David Glass out of KC, and the Pirates' owner: Two other skinflints who in their cases pocket their profits, esentially doing what McCourt did, past tense: Drain their teams of enough quality to win. Or in Baltimore, against Peter Angelos, widely accepted as the reason the team has scraped bottom since the last century. A boycott there could drive him out. Boycotts of others theoretically could be organized. After all, all we had was word of mouth.

The 29 owners still standing need to drive their silver spike into McCourt's bloodpump and move immediately to the announcement they are accepting bids for the team, "It's over, you can come back now". Whether that's in two weeks or at the end of the month, when one of Manny's balloon payments comes due, bringing McCourt's bills to over $15 million instead of June 15's not-quite-$10 mill. Looking at the empty seats last night i was almost convinced we'd gone too far, if we together help make the town hate the team, could it be forever? But then Vin announced the "attendance" of 31,000 tickets sold that McCourt pockets, and ya know this town will embrace this team once managment is gone. Even if he loses out on millions for lost ticket sales and empty parking spots and other unsold accoutrements, he's still collecting.

But we've got him by the short hairs. The end is nigh, Frank, your world has been raptured of fans who care about the future, leaving Elysian Park to those ignorant of the Great Dodger in the Sky. ALL THOSE PEOPLE who were convinced Dodger fans would never pull this off, all wrong, Frank most deliciously. Done in by those he dismissed as addicted no matter what schlubs he dressed up as Dodgers. We have unleashed upon the world the power of God The People to strike down bad stewards.

I'm boycotting this team because the Owner is arrogant and clueless,and he believes this double A team could actually go somewhere! How could true fans support an idiotic philosophy like that?actually I'm surprrised the Dodgers are in 4th place, they have the makings of a last place team in rebuiling mode ,the Dodgers resemmble the Kansas City Royals ,more and more, with each passing day!If by some miraculous twist of fate,McCourt is able to continue owning the Dodgers,it's going to be a long agonizing 17 years,with Fox media financing the Dodgers,McCourt has this organization set up for failure!

I am so on the boycott!

A year ago I just walked away. I hope everyone does. Get new owner, fix the pricing, make it safe. It'll be awesome to have everyone roll back into chavez ravine.

en"courage"ing news for sure.............butt attendance-decline of nearly 17% just not good enuf, as fans can & MUST do far better, as this drop ought to be at least 33% (one-third).........

so message is short & sweet to these "courage"ous fans, the true heroes of this '11 season: "STAY AWAY FROM BALLPARK; DO NOT ATTEND ANY GAMES THIS YEAR!!!!!!!"

I don't know whether or not the attendance is down because of some's obviously the trickle down effect. My attendance is down because I used to make a living building houses for people who clearly couldn't afford them. That allowed me (and a lot of others) to pay ticket prices, I (we) clearly couldn't afford. That allowed McCourt to take on a ton of debt (including Rameriz) he clearly couldn't afford. We all did OK until someone actually let the cat out of the bag. Heck... even McCourt thought it was O.K. to pay Manny all that money... after all.. the entire left field pavillion had just refinanced their house to pay him. Too bad those homes weren't worth anything. Now that everyone has lost their home and Manny.... well lets face it.... his body just couldn't appraise high enough to cover those fertility treatments any longer. At the end of the day... face it folks, MLB is talking foreclosure (why should they be any different) and we just don't know how it will all turn out in the end.

Loving this "boycott". It is allowing me to get cheap seats on the field level from the "boycotters" who are reselling their tickets. Going tonight to watch my 3rd game is 3 days. Would never be able to do this if the tickets for full price. Why am I doing this? Because I am a DODGER fan and my team is still playing. Sat next to people last night from Texas who were at the game cuz they were BASEBALL fans. I'm not saying I'm in love with what the McCourts have done, but I remember how Fox was, and am not yet convinced that we will get a better new owner. And anyone who trusts Bud Selig is a fool.

The team is playing better now, so you'd expect a spike. I'm sure there will be a small one, but not much. We had a lousy team in '05 and still turned out. We had nearly 20 years without a playoff win and still turned out in numbers that were the envy of most other teams in the majors. Most years the Dodgers fan turnout was right behind the Yankees, even when sports coverage ignored them away from the west coast. But still we showed up, through thick and thin.

I created this page over winter ball and stand by it:

I wish I could go to the stadium. But I like many fans am determined not to put another cent in the McCourts' pockets. Meanwhile I am painfully aware of the team and stadium employees (Nancy Bea, Vin, and so many unknowns) caught in the crossfire. I hope the news media will continue to wake up to the fact that the fans are voting with our feet, and we are doing this for OUR TEAM, whose owners can't afford to (0r say they're not interested in) improving or supporting it. They don't have money to field a full team or fund security until some poor guy is beaten into a coma; they do have money for mansions, psychics and their children's multimillion dollar allowances.

Normally 20-30 games a year...I refuse to attend another game until McCourt is gone. I want my ticket $ going to improving the team which HAS NOT HAPPENED under McCourt's watch/direction. Done, over, NOT happening, OUR team is not YOUR bank account Frank. I'll gladly purchase your flight back to Boston if you sell the team.
Save Mark Cuban, save us Bud Selig, save us SOMEONE!

I have not attended a single Dodger game this year and last year. I will not attend a game even if someone gave me free tickets. McCourt has ruin this franchise in every way possible he can. It will take years for the Dodgers to contend for a World Series again and that's even if we can get a new owner ASAP. Frank McCourt is the most hated man in the Los Angeles area right now and he just doesn't get it. As time goes by, more and more people are going to boycott the Dodgers. Frank McCourt as everyone should know, is that he cares much more about for the land the stadium is on, than the team itself. Selig, please help us, enough has been enough. Get rid of this carpetbagger. How much more money can he take out of the Dodgers future earnings? I have been a Dodger fan for over 50 years and can not wait till this man is gone. I would like to go to Dodgers again, sometime in my life time.

Boycott the sponsors...that will change things.

I'm boycotting ownership..... Plain and simple
Not a dime to McCrooks pocket from me.

Even if the Dodgers make it to 1st place....DON'T GO TO THE GAMES! Continue the boycott and we as fans will make a difference!!!

That's right; Power in numbers! If the citizens of Egypt can influence the end of an oppressive dictator's reign, Dodger fans should be able to apply a "financial stranglehold" to this miser.

Stay home Dodger fans! The McCourts have tarnished the organization! Gwynn, Padilla, Miles, Barajas.....The list can go further down the roster. Ownership clearly has no intention of bringing in talent worthy of arguably the second largest market in baseball. BOYCOTT EVERYTHING! McCourts need to sell this team back to a group that CAN afford to make some significant roster moves. Boycott the Dodgers and force competitive baseball back to LA!

the dodger look very bad.. not as bad as the owners

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