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As Dodgers' falling attendance makes news, it's time to recognize main cause: Fans are boycotting ownership

Boycotteers, as your movement swells, so does its attention.

Those empty seats at Dodger Stadium have to be an embarrassment not only to the team but to Major League Baseball. Which is now running the Dodgers, sort of.

The plummeting attendance figures received the A-1 treatment in Tuesday’s edition of The Times, with Chris Erskine’s piece getting the kind of prominent display reserved for major news stories.

Which this clearly has become.

Through Monday, attendance through the Dodgers’ first 29 games was down a total of 207,612 -- accounting for most of baseball’s overall decline of 237,983. And that includes what the Dodgers called their biggest walk-up crowd of the season (4,200) on Memorial Day.

Attendance is down for 19 teams, but most by a marginal amount. The Dodgers are down an average of 7,159 per game (16.7%).

Reasons given in Erskine’s story for the decline were: "a backlash against owners Frank and Jamie McCourt; the team's punchless performance at the plate; the brutal opening day attack on a Giants fan; an unseasonably cool spring; the poor overall economy and the fact that school isn't out yet — always a turning point for attendance.’’

I’d say he went 3-for-6 on that one, and was hitless in his last three at-bats.

It hasn’t been that unseasonably cool. The economy is poor all over. And school is never out this time of the year (and the figures are matched against games at the same time of the year).

He connected on the first three, although I don’t believe for a millisecond they are of equal significance. The dominant factor is the public’s disgust with the McCourts.

The boycott is real, even if made easier by the team’s poor play. And it’s time to acknowledge it.

-- Steve Dilbeck

Photo: Dodgers owner Frank McCourt, right, watches the game against the San Diego Padres at Dodger Stadium on April 29. Credit: Kelvin Kuo-US Presswire

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Keep it up Dodgers fans! Together we can make a difference and hopefully run the McCourts out of town.

Thanks Steve - nice to see this in print, though we all kind of knew this was the case. I know personally I'm not going to any games until there's new ownership in place.

The boycott lives! The fans are speaking loud and clear McScumbag. Sell the team and get the %#^* out of LA.

I love the Dodgers. I've loved them since I was a kid.

I usually go to aroung 30 games a year but other than Opening Day and Kershaw bobblehead (tix I bought before the season), I'm not going to go to my beloved Dodger Stadium until the McCourts are out. I'm not going to give the McCourts a single cent so Frank can pay the bill on his "1 bedroom" AKA THE MONTAGE HOTEL IN BEVERLY HILLS.

This is how psychotic McCourt is, a $30,000/month suite is a "1 bedroom" and we should all sympathize with him.

Get out of town!!!!!!!!!!!

Could not agree more, this is a fan boycott! I wish more would join, we are still having too many people give this guy money! BOYCOTT!!!!


Chris Erskine is a very nice fellow--I know him; but he is tossing bouquets and life preservers at the McCourts. His last missive, urging fans to just show up at the ballpark, wasn't out of left field, it was straight from the Twilight Zone.


Ditto-None of my money goes in Frank's greedy hands. I am a life-long Dodger fan and have 2 boys who love the team. But this article represents how I feel. I am boycotting the team because of the (horrible) owner.

sell the team, mccourt! continue the boycott!

I also will not attend any games until Mr McCourt is gone.
Will not spend my hard earned money, so he can pay all his lawyers,
and lavish personal lifestyle.
Also the inferior product he has provided us does not help.
This is the most boring, lackluster team I have ever seen.
If they fall behind 1-0, game over.
I will watch on TV, still root for them, but not go until he is gone!!!!!!!!

I don't believe there is any doubt as to the main reason the fans are boycotting the Dodgers this year. The McCourts are self serving, high living liers. They have taken a once proud crown jewel franchise of baseball, and turned it into a joke. We were once revered and feared, now we are mocked and snickered at. The economy has been this way for at least 5 years, the kids are always in school this time of year, the weather hasn't changed significantly, there have been bad teams on the field before, and, there have been violent incidents at Dodger Stadium in the past. In Sept 03 and man was shot and killed, and in April 09, a man was stabbed. Attendance did not suffer then. I applaud the fans for taking a stand and voicing there disgust with this current ownership situation in the only way they can. It looks like now that they are not there, they are finally being paid attention to. Keep up the boycott until the McCourts are gone!!!!

I'll always remember McCourt for being so kind to invite me to Dodger Stadium. I don't know if I'd ever got there otherwise. AND I thank him. BUT if he's unable to run the Dodgers financially, it's time for a change. I wouldn't want to lose guys like Kemp and Ethier because we couldn't afford them. I hope the change takes place before it's too late.

Yeah, this absolutely chilly weather really keeps me away from the ballpark, that's for sure. Otherwise I'd be out there cheering on Mr. McCourt's "very good team" and wishing him the best in his attempt to hold onto the Dodgers so his sons can one day take them over. If that day comes to pass, the team might be playing at a local college field in front of crowds of several hundred...having had to give up Dodger Stadium after the foreclosure but not minding much, as the stands look a lot fuller for the cameras and they are also able to retrieve more foul balls for re-use, only need about 2% of the ushers they now use, etc. Plus the college would do a good job with the parking lot situation, security and concessions. Cal State L.A.'s field is very nice, and should prove quite well located.

was the fires at dodger stadium caused by frank mccourt burning dodger money? just a thought.... viva la boycott

No Ravine for me until this fraud leaves. I'd rather fly up to SF and watch the opposition play than put a dime in this dirtbag's pocket.

At 28 I purchased season tickets and split them with 4 friends, then over 3 years under mccourt my tickets doubled and then went higher so I had to give them up. I have been boycotting since last season and it pains me to do so. My 7 year old son is just getting into baseball and I cant take him to a game because of the ownership. I will not give McCourt another penny of my money. I hope he is forced out soon and sells so I can go back to the stadium. For now watching it delayed on my Tivo (still cant stand commercials) will have to do. Keep up the good work Dodger fans, we will force him out soon enough.

I tried to call out your predecessor over at ESPN for his biased reporting, because he directed readers to a link that is obviously McCourt ca-chinged:

Mysteriously, I was unable to post this comment:

"Read the Laura Clark link you provided. It is not really a 'perspective,' is it? It's a blatant promo piece for the Dodgers, masquerading as reportage. Jon, you and your pals are shilling for McCourt, almost completely ignoring the boycott story, while it's front-page news at the LA Times. Is it true that you and your pal, Laura, get free tickets to Dodger games? What other perks do they give you to slant your blogs in their favor? Fess-up to your conflicts of interest, won't you?"


Dilbeck, thanks for cleaning up Erskine's article. You're right-his last 3 were quite a stretch. Makes u wonder if Soboroff co-wrote that article! The most obvious choice is Fan Boycott.

Amazing stats. MLB attendance is currently down 237000 with the McCourt Fiasco accounting for 200,000 of it. Leaving a dropping attendance of 37,000 fans spread over 29 other teams.

In percentages-the McCourt Fiasco is currently responsible for an 84.5% drop in MLB attendance. Congratulations McCourt-the other 29 owners must luv ya!

I vote Judge Scott Gordon as Dodger MVP when he orders the Dodgers sold on June 22!

I say we pick a random game, like some time in July or August to boycott. A game against the Reds, Padres or something like that. People will want to go to big games still but if we choose a meaningless game and no one shows up, it would make a huge showing.

Boycott until the Dodgers are sold to another owner. It's obvious they are inflating their attendance too.

I hate to point this out (I'm a math teacher, I can't help it), but Frank McJerk isn't responsible for an 84.5% drop in attendance, he's responsible for 84.5% of the total drop. Given the accuracy of the figures above, all 29 other MLB teams are down an average of 1,047.3 per team. Therefore, Frankie's flea circus is losing 198.2 times as many fans per game as an average franchise. This pathetic excuse for a businessman couldn't run a 7-11.

In all fairness to the article, I've exhaustively researched just how many people have not shown up per catagory:
1. A backlash against owners Frank and Jamie McCourt (AKA Boycott) - 207000
2. The team's punchless performance at the plate - 600
3. The brutal opening day attack on a Giants fan - 8
4. Unseasonably cool spring - 1
5. The poor overall economy - 2
6. School isn't out yet - 1
Frank hopes to get those last 4 back with free peanut night with the purchase of $75 a seat tix and $20 parking.

I can't speak for others but that's why I don't go anymore. Can't stand the thought of my dollars going directly into the McCourt's pockets.

I didn't go to a game last year, and I am not going again this year. The reason? The McCourts.

labeldude spot-on again

june 22. go away frank. just go away.

Whatever sponsors advanced McCourt the cash to make the last payroll should also be boycotted. I hope the sleuths at the Times dig into this and tell us all who these companies are so that they can be added to the list.

My husband and I totally agree on this one - our family is NOT going to a Dodger game until the McCourts are gone.

My family's not going until the McCourts are gone!!

Great job by most fans... I cannot even watch the tube, they are so bad.

Another idea... fans pick a date and publicize it! Pack the stadium, then boo. Walk out in mass in the fourth inning! That would generate great publicity for our cause.

In making my rounds of various sites this morning, ESPN had an item that the reason McCourt made the last payroll was because he contacted team sponsors and offered discounts on their annual bills and luxury box stadium seats in exchange for cash up front...amazing! So, if he had to resort to that to make this payroll, what can he possibly do to make the next one? It certainly appears to me that his days are numbered.
As for Erskine's piece, I thought it was very good. And I'm glad it ran on A1. The main reason for the attendance decline has to be a dislike of the McCourts. And yes, he did sort of try to take the extra base there with those last three reasons.

I aint buyin' it because if this team were in first place and firing on all cylinders, all would be "forgiven" (and/or forgotten) and the turnstyles would be a'turnin'... I think it's great to think the dip is all in the name of the good cause (getting the McCraps outta here)... but I have my doubts

Some people would and could rationalize serial killers and that is exactly what he(erskine did). frankie and jamey along with buddie ,fox and neddie have MURDERED THE BALL CLUB. It had nothing to do with cool weather or school or economy. frankie and jamey leaves and a guy like m Mark Cuban comes in and BUYS THE TEAM, and then make a play for Albert. fires donny baseball and neddie, gets Gibson to manage and gets Hershiser to be pitching coach and the attendance will come back and so will the team. But we have got to stay away until frankie and jamey are GONE and buddie GETS THE MESSAGE! THE MESSAGE buddie IS: IT ISN`T ALWAYS ABOUT MONEY AND CRONIES!!!!!!

The end is nigh. ESPN reports that McCourt had to get cash advances from his advertisers to make today's payroll. He can't keep doing that for very long, especially because he owes Manny $6 million in deferred compensation on June 15th.

Stop rearranging the deck chairs, Frank, your Titanic is going down. Admit defeat, sell the club, and leave.

Sangroazul: You are correct that if the team were in first place, the turnstyles would be a'turnin'. The fact that the prices are so high is not the problem. If I had to endure high prices in order to field a championship-caliber team, that would be worth it to me. But a lot of us refuse to pay those high prices so that Frank and Jamie can buy and maintain all of those mansions, the expensive haircuts, the money to the Russian con artist, etc. And then we go to the ballpark and watch absolute no-name players get beaten nearly every time? That is why people are staying away: because the profits we provide are used personally by the owners instead of being reinvested in the team.

I'm not going till McCourt is gone.

As a life long fan of the Dodgers it disappoints me to see this organization
crumble from the lack of security to the cheesy promotions and graphics
(free fireworks, all you can eat, $1 hot dogs- whatever). Someone needs to
clean house- all the staff hired by McCourt and start a real ball club.

You won't see a penny of my money until then.

I'll be seeing the Dodgers on the road this summer but I'm staying away until Frank's gone. Come on Dodger fans, just two more weeks of this boycott until McCourt fails to make payroll on June 15th!

I said this before the season started and am so happy dodger fans are showing their disgust in this "owner."


Response to Jim Atkins:

Glad you weren't my math teacher! Re-read my post...thanks for making my original point: McCourt's responsible for 84.5 %, leaving the other 29 teams responsible for 15.5%. When you spread the 15.5% drop among 29 teams-pretty miniscule results. I'll bet the 29 other owners aren't too happy with McCourt.

BTW, you're not one of the LAUSD teachers that's on the bubble for academic review are you?

Could the Dodger PR people please show these stories to these idiot owners and make them realize THEY are the problem?

Or how about someone with deep pockets taking out a full page ad in the papers or buying TV time with ads to pour it on once and for all and send these oston losers away for good?

They need to be TOLD in writing. Not left to have yes people tell them the problem is someplace else.

I swear--I'm out there in June for a sunday game with Houston. If I ever see one of these idiot McLoser people at the game--they're getting an earful from me big time. I'm on a place bacn to CT the next day so I don;t give a crap. But they're both gonna hear my wrath if I see Frank taking a leak in the f-ing mens room on the feld level near aisle 39.

McCourt got advances from team sponsors to make payroll! Hope to find out who the sponsors are and will boycott them as well!

Team slumps I can deal with. That's baseball, and I hope the players understand the hardcore fans are not staying away for any reason to do with the players. Frank's erosion of the team at all levels to pay for his lifestyle is where we drew the line in our house. My family has been boycotting games since last year, solely because of McCourt's ownership.

I bleed Dodger blue the same as Tommy Lasorda. That being said, as a TRUE DODGER FAN, I will not pay anymore money to the liar that is destroying my team!!!

Get out now mccourt, while the Dodgers still have a chance!!

In case you did not know, this is a FAN BOYCOTT! GET OUT AND LEAVE US OUR BELOVED TEAM!!


That's right, LA HATES McCourt and "hate" is the operative word. He dissected a winning team for profit and now the fans have had enough. Personally, I'd like to see the LA Times do an update on where the IRS investigation of the Frankie & Jamie show is... and if their sons will go down with the ship for not working while getting paychecks. If I were the MLB and other club owners, I'd be pisst because he is diverting money from the MLB revenue share plan into his own pockets with his circus of 27 companies. If the MLB wouldn't let him buy the Red Sox, why did they let him buy the Dodgers??? Bottom line: East coast mental "superiority" and money. This is all about the money people. Fans, we gotta a few dates in June to look forward to: 15th - payroll; 22nd - court date; 30th - payroll (if he gets that far). Let's hope a sale or seizure by the MLB happens sooner vs. later... Frankie, SELL THE DODGERS AND LEAVE LA!

Thank you Steve for just saying it like it is...I don't know why other writers feel the need to incorporate other excuses as to why attendance is down. It's ownership, its that black and white and just because there are no statiscal polls or samples to measure the level of this boycott, its hard to avoid the obvious. The fans have spoken and Bud Selig knows that. Even if the commish returns control of the team to McCourt the backlash and fan reaction will only increase until Frank is out. There is no chance Frank will ever win the city back. Baseball is just waiting for Frank to default on payroll now. He is sitting duck and now its only a matter of time. Unfortunately, McCourt feels the need to drag it out and unfortunately he's not man enough to know when he's been beat. Our team, our city and its time to take them back.

Until Frank McCourt is fully out of the Dodger organization i will not pay to see the Dodger's play. Boycotting since 2009! I will come back when new Dodger ownership happens.

I vowed not to attend to see my Dodgers until the McCourts pack up and leave. It's 2 years now and counting.

I'm not going to pay $15.00 for parking any more, and a fortune for concessions. I used to buy the yearly mini-plan, or at least go EVERY year to at least 20 games.


Ask an average Angelino (the kind of people not coming to games anymore) about the McCourts and they only have a vague understanding about the Dodgers' ownership woes. Ask that same Angelino if they would take their family to a Dodgers game and they almost always say no and cite the parking lot beating.

Attendance is down because a good portion of the community feels that DODGER GAMES AREN'T SAFE.

As long as the McCourts own even just 1% of the team I will never set foot inside Dodger Stadium, or buy any Dodger merchandise, again. As a former longtime season ticket holder I will never put a single dime back into either of these two shysters pockets.

I turned down free tickets just because I didn't want to pay him the parking fees... It is so hard to stay away from the Dodgers... i remember sitting between my folks when Gibson hit the most magical of home runs... Dodger highlights bounce through my mind.... Damn you Frank McCheap for taking away one of my life long loves... The next owner has no idea how good he has it... Mike Brown can't win coming in after Phil Jackson and no owner can loose coming in after this clown!

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