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Mark Teixeira to Alyssa Milano: 'Is it true you are buying the Dodgers? :) '

Photo: Alyssa Milano. Credit: Peter Kramer / AP The increasingly likely prospect that the divorce between Frank and Jamie McCourt could result in a sale of the Dodgers has sparked interest in who might be interested in buying the team. Check out this Twitter conversation between New York Yankees first baseman Mark Teixeira and the beautiful and talented actress Alyssa Milano, who is a fiercely loyal Dodgers fan.

The conversation starts with this fan tweet to Milano: "check out NYY Mark Teixeira and the great work he's doing with the youth of East Harlem at Harlem RBI."

Teixeira's response: "Thanks for the support! If I had as many followers as @Alyssa_Milano, the home for Harlem RBI would be built already."

Milano jumps into the conversation: "How can I help?"

She tweets, to her 1.6 million followers: "The awesome @teixeiramark25 is raising money for kids in Harlem. Check out #MLB"

Teixeira: "Thanks for helping out kids in Harlem! Is it true you are buying the Dodgers? :) "

Milano: "Not unless you're giving me the money to buy them."

Teixeira: "Fair enough, let me talk to my people. #Dodgers and #Yankees had a lot of good battles in the past, maybe again in 2011?"

How expensive is a baseball team? If Teixeira were to put every penny of his $180-million contract into buying the Dodgers, he might be able to afford just 20% of the team, assuming a sale price of about $900 million.

-- Bill Shaikin

Photo: Alyssa Milano. Credit: Peter Kramer / AP

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Alyssa is a fiercely loyal Dodgers fan? Is that why I've even seen her in Giants gear for MLB shop ads?

"Beautiful and talented?" Really, Bill? Do you guys have editors or do you just pull this stuff out of your butts?

Next time you write about Frank McCourt I want you to refer to him as "the ugly and feckless Frank McCourt." Okay?

She is in charge of the MLB's womens apparel line.

No good battles in 2011 coming up, that's for sure.

Recruiting Allyssa Milano as new Dodger owner might not be a bad idea!
Consider this...
Alyssa could put a better Dodger team on the field than Frank McCourt has in 2011 by just recruiting all of ex ballplayer boyfriends.

I don't understand why a bunch of rich celebrities don't get together to by the Ds. They could certainly afford to invest in a product that may not pay big profit, but would not exactly be high-risk either. They could have fun frolicking in the owners' boxes, and the Ds would have a weird but fun cache.

She's a local, she loves the dodgers, she's hot. Yes please!

It's funny how you can read an article and have no opinion whatsoever.

I like Brooklyn's response!
I have to ask the question... if you're making $180 million, why do you have to "raise money" for anything?


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