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Agent says Broxton's elbow has no structural damage

Lhkmn6nc So this is good news, right?

Turns out an MRI on Jonathan Broxton’s right elbow Wednesday showed no structural damage, his agent told The Times’ Dylan Hernandez.

Agent B.B. Abbott said a bone spur was identified, and there is a bruise at the back of the elbow.

But Abbott told Hernandez there was nothing serious that requires surgery.

Abbott said the Dodgers plan to wait a couple days to see how the elbow responds before determining if Broxton needs to be placed on the 15-day disabled list.

Broxton (5.68 ERA, 1.89 WHIP) has struggled throughout most of the season and looked like a hurt pitcher in his last outing Tuesday night when he threw eight consecutive balls in the ninth inning, allowing the Cubs to break a 1-1 tie.

The closer did not tell the Dodgers about his elbow stiffness until Wednesday.

-- Steve Dilbeck

Photo: Los Angeles Dodgers pitcher Jonathan Broxton throws a pitch during a game against the San Francisco Giants on March 4, 2011. Credit: Jake Roth / US Presswire

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Change of scenery will help the pain! And no not his elbow, the pain of us Dodgers fans watching him pitch.

yep, broX-the-TON's structural damage is (irreparably) to his brain, as well as his FAR too large belly!!!!

Well, that sucks. Was hoping it was more major and would sideline him longer. So they finally found an MRI machine that can accommodate fat losers, huh?

Sure nothing structurally wrong...Agent says a bone spur and a bruise. Not buying it. He's been horrible for almost the past year. The guy seriously needs to lose some weight. He's rivaling CC for fattest pitcher in the majors, but at least CC is a starting pitcher and he's good. Broxton drop 20 pounds. It can only help. Look what losing weight did for Lance Berkman and Matt Kemp. Both off to stellar starts.

I am going to take a different tact on Broxton. I think he has the talent and ability to be a closer. I believe he needs to get out of Dodge and get with a new organization. All pitchers don't have the mindset of a Kershaw, that can filter out all the crap that this current organization puts out.
Shouldn't the pitching coach have enough experience with Billingsley to pinpoint the problem?

Headline: "Agent says Broxton's elbow has no structural damage."
Question: So this confirms Broxton just sucks, right?

Fatso Broxton celebrates by deciding to add 75 more pounds.

I don't know what's up with some of the posts... You guys are *brutal* (and funny). But... I'm sticking with Brox. I don't know what one does with a bone spur except remove it. It's not going away. They took one out of Podres' elbow, and it revitalized his career. I'd keep him in the organization, though. Still young. Would you guys have kept Koufax when he struggled so much early in his career?

willie1955a = Jonathan Broxton. Nice try Johnny! Now hit the pine


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