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Whatever Frank McCourt's motivation, hiring of ex-police chief Bratton is still a chance to get security right

So, guess it turns out Frank McCourt isn’t so satisfied with the security at Dodger Stadium after all.

After a week of getting battered by politicians and the media for his failure to respond to the beating of a Giants fan in the Dodger Stadium parking lot, on Wednesday he hired ex-Los Angeles Police Chief William Bratton to make suggestions on how to improve security in the stadium and its parking lots.

Hopefully, this proves an excellent move. Maybe Bratton will recognize the overall problem and make prudent recommendations that will actually be put into practice.

I suggest he go undercover and go sit in the stands, not just with the hoity-toity where McCourt hangs out, but down the lines, in the upper decks, in the pavilions where the profanity can be staggering and too often a general aggressiveness permeates what is supposed to be enjoyable family entertainment.

In the wake of the Bryan Stow’s beating, the type of comments from fans received here and to The Times’ T.J. Simers have been staggering. It paints a truly ugly scene.

Yet it took not only a tragic incident, but the ensuing backlash to get McCourt to react a week later. As Sons of Steve Garvey’s anonymous Orel noted, McCourt’s indecisiveness and conflicting comments only fueled the negative response.

For a guy who has gone through PR types like batting practice balls, it’s amazing how McCourt continues to have an almost innate knack for screwing up.

If there’s no public outcry, no media pressure, does he hire Bratton? Turns out he hasn’t had a full-time head of stadium security for four months.

It would seem many of the needed measures are obvious -- increased numbers of security in the stadium and in the parking lots before and after games; a more aggressive security force that doesn’t put up with unruly fan behavior; better lighting in the parking lots -- though Paul Oberjuerge offers some more radical ideas.

Bratton and his firm have been hired as a consultant, so it’s not like this is some permanent move. He is going to work immediately, which is as it should be. He’ll make his suggestions, then it’s up to McCourt.

Whatever the motivation, there is now an opportunity here and a chance to start getting it right.

-- Steve Dilbeck

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Bratton is pure public relations. Frank McCourt must (1) IMMEDIATELY halt alcohol sales and (2) IMMEDIATELY hire a significant number of uniformed LAPD officers to work security. To do any less would be reckless and negligent. These stop gap remedies can be adjusted in 2012 after a meaningful security plan is in place. Frank McCourt will not do this voluntarily. It will take intervention by an outside agency forcing McCourt to do the right thing. Sadly...reckless behavior extends beyond the stands and the parking lot into the owner's suite. Lets hope there is someone out there who will step up and do the right thing. For Bryan Stow. For the kids.

It took McScum a WEEK to hire Bratton. It's a PR move, and McScum did it only because he was pressured to do so politically and from a public relations position. That's why it took him a week.

And he still hasn't made any public statement about the beating except to send his poor harried lieutenant, Josh Rawich to say simply 'no comment'. Any other owner, including the infamous Donald Sterling, would have held a press conference *the next day* to denounce the beating, apologize to Giant fans and the Giants' organization, would have tripled the police presence inside and outside Dodger Stadium a la the Yankees when the Bosox visit, and installed more lighting and closed circuit security cameras in every nook and crannie of that miserable parking lot.

I sincerely hope this incident is the final straw that forces McScum out as Dodgers owner and out of LA. He never should have been allowed here in the first place.

McCourt will NEVER stop alcohol sales. NEVER! That's where he makes most of his money. Selig needs to step in an demen he sell the team. That's the only way change will happen.

Shut down the park until McCourt gets it right. Anything else to say? No one, but no one should be allowed into the stadium with malice on their minds - end of story!

C'mon SkyHarbor, alcohol is no the issue. people have been drinking at Dodger games for decades. the issue is the thug mentality incorporated by many fans now. it's not a race issue either as i have seen posted by others as well. it's a result of bad parenting (from all races) that there are no consequences that result from bad behavior. You can see this in various forms at Dodger Stadium.

STOP alcohol sales?!?! That sir is blasphemy. What's next, stop serving Dodger dogs?

I've grown more and more saddened by my favorite franchise recently, but it was always related to the product on the field and how we got there.

In the past week I've realized I've got a heck of a lot more to be sad about in relation to my favorite franchise. Its awful what happened to Bryan Stow and the others who were beaten; its awful the way the franchise has failed in the aftermath. Where is the human decency? Not in my favorite franchise, the Dodgers. Not in their responses and actions.

I may have missed it if it was reported, so apologies up front if that's the case. I would just hope that Frank has been to see Stow's family at the hospital. Wonder if anybody from the Dodgers has, players (before the road trip) or front office? Wonder if they reached out, apologized, sympathized or anything other than reluctantly offering some of the reward money?

t you know what LAPD calls Dodger fans???? Job security....

pffftt- Bratton was the one who supported the special order which makes illegal aliens sacred cows in this city.

Makes you wonder, if Bratton had bucked that order to actually enforce the laws of this country, would this tragedy have occurred?

Bratton's first report while the team's on the road?:
Stadiums appears to be empty Frank. I really don't see a problem here.
Thank you Bill. I knew I could count on your astute observation.


I'm here in hawaii but am a native who regularly enjoyed Dodger games while I was there and then every time I made it back to LA. I never witnessed any problem; the last game I went to was our pennant clincher in 2009. That being said, you can't ignore the comments. Is this limited to LA? I was just wondering if the same deterioration in fan behavior has occured down the road in Anaheim? Can someone with knowledge comment on that?

I completely agree with skyharbor. The bad behavior inside the stadium and out is fueled by alcohol. Rawitch has already gone on record as stating that the Dodgers have alcohol policies that are stricter than some other teams. Sorry, but whatever that means, that's not getting it done. Putting more lights in the parking lot will help, but it won't cure the bad behavior. This has gone past the point where you can tweak something here and there and think it will make people happy. The only way you can fix this problem at this point is with some drastic action. And I think that means you have to dry up the stadium for a while. That way everyone will know you're actually serious about this. Otherwise, it's just all smoke and mirrors.

Great article..Gives pause to think...

as long as they sell alcohol in the stadium, this problem will

This would never happen under O'Malley's watch.

Here a few suggestions to at least get the ball rolling regarding the additional security:

1) More patroling of the streets outside the stadium looking for tailgaters and shut them down.
2) Turn the tap off on beer sales after the 6th inning.
3) Everyone over 21 gets a wristband and anytime someone purchases a beer their wristband gets punched. Maximum of 2 beers to any one person.
4) Put more undercover security in the stands and bleachers and make them incognito like the undercover security at Disneyland.

This is just a start. I'm sure I or others can think of other solutions.

Danger in the parking lot at Dodger Stadium is nothing new to fans of opposing teams for at least 20 years. I remember wearing a Cardinal shirt and hat on the night Fernando Valenzuela no-hit my Cards. After the game a gang of thugs started up with me. I replied to them they should be thrilled at having just seen a no hitter for the Dodgers. What do they care how I'm dressed. They seemed to consider what I said and didn't threaten me further. Ever since then I've been frightened of going to Dodger games to see the Cardinals.

I have been going to Dodger stadium since the 60`s. The violence has been going on since then. It seems to be the same type of person. A latino gangmember, or a gang member lookalike wanna be who has been drinking. You want it stopped. Do racial profiling, and quit selling alcohol.


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