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The curious case of Hector Gimenez

Gimenez_275 A team has to call up a player from the minor leagues or activate someone from the disabled list. But for that to happen, a roster spot has to be cleared. On the day of the roster move, another player happens to reveal that he is injured. The injured player is moved to the disabled list. Like that, a roster spot is created.

Isn’t it strange how frequently this happens?

Well, the Dodgers had to promote John Ely from triple-A Albuquerque on Sunday and, suddenly, the pain in backup catcher Hector Gimenez’s right knee became so severe that he had to be placed on the 15-day disabled list.

The Dodgers insisted Gimenez was really hurt, as did Gimenez.

In fact, Manager Don Mattingly said fellow catcher A.J. Ellis was on his way to Albuquerque until assistant trainer Todd Tomczyk informed him that Gimenez was in pain.

Ellis had his bags packed.

“I was organizing,” Ellis later said.

Ellis has a minor-league option remaining, meaning he can be demoted without having to clear waivers. Gimenez, though, is out of options and could be claimed by another team if he's sent back to the minors.

But Ellis, who is considered the stronger defensive catcher, was behind the plate for the Dodgers' shutout victory on Saturday night. Gimenez is one for seven batting this season.

Gimenez supported Mattingly’s account.

“They asked me how I was feeling,” Gimenez said. “I told them it wasn’t getting any better.”

Gimenez said his knee has been bothering him since spring training. He said he would return to the Dodgers’ spring training complex in Arizona to receive treatment.

-- Dylan Hernandez in San Diego

Photo: Hector Gimenez during a spring training game. Credit: Jake Roth / US Presswire

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Nobody can manipulate a DL to retain more crap than Ned. I'd prescribe a laxative because you know 90% of these guys would just sail right on through the system if flushed.
In fact, the entire front office should seek the same remedy because they're full of something as well.

"Gimenez said his knee has been bothering him since spring training."

- he hit .283 in spring training, with 3 hrs, 4 doubles, 7 rbis, .565 slugging %, and .333 OBP... and 11 strikeouts (24% of his at bats.)

Regular season he's hitting .143, 0 hrs, 0 doubles, 0 rbis, a .143 slugging % and .143 OBP... with 3 strikeouts (43% of his at bats.)

"I told them it wasn't getting any better."

- and our survey SAYS? Obviously, he needs to rehab less strenuously...

nobody can wheel-&-deal like the "duds"........

speaking of promos, "duds" may wanna give strong considera-shun to recalling reliever Jon Link, & get rid of some of that current junk/trash cluttering-up the bullpen........

& speaking of trash, Loney makes Bilz look like an ABSOLUTE Brilliant former #1's high-time for young Mister Sands to play @ the Ravine!!!!......(history shows that guys with "sand" in their names are fairly good bets, if a certain golden-oldie-lefty named "sand"y can serve as a point of reference????)

What's curious is that Gimenez was on the 25 man roster at all.

What a crock. Colletti does this all the time. When Padilla and/or Garland returns Xavier Paul will have the same fate as he is out of options as well. Neither one deserves to be in the majors anyway, but Colletti has backed himself into a corner once again. How the player's union and mlb allows teams to get away with this, especially the Dodgers who have a history of abusing this privilege, is shocking. If a guy is hurt, he should have to receive a medical exam from a doctor and go on the DL with a signature from a reputable physician.

This franchise is a joke.

Frank McCourt loves it when Colletti and his staff lie to MLB or anyone else. Often it seems they get paid on commission per lie. Loyal employees in Frank's eyes. Colletti, Sunkin, Rawitch will all go down with the ship. And the ship is sinking...or is it sunkin?

If Jim Edmonds had come up with the Dodgers with Colletti in charge, Edmonds would be a footnote. He had a lousy first year with the Angels but proved his worth to them.
This win now, who is kidding who, with washed up veterans does not set up the team for the chance of a young guy to develop. Wasn't rookie of the year a Dodger trait? Can't the current front office and the two managers recognize talent? If no talent, whose to blame for that?
Of course, under the current owner situation and GM, they don't have the luxury of going through the development of young players.
As far as Gimenez being on the opening day roster, he was included for only one reason. It's called "the McCourt catering".

What's Ned the genius worried about? There would be more of a chance of Jose Jimenez being claimed, you know the one played by Bill Dana.

The blue will be OK, if they play little ball, pitching will hold up
doyers will win NL we say today

We should have kept Martin and we could have used him Casey Blake as back up third baseman. Martin is doing just fine as a Yankee. Too bad we had to lose him. We spent all that money on Billingsley who is a .500 pitcher. We did not retain Martin because he needed to rehab...come on!! Now, AJ Ellis could come around but he needs regular playing time.

The Dodgers should try to trade for that Carlos Santana guy. Casey Blake should do it, don't you think?

I was wondering all afternoon what the Dodger move was going to be. I figured it would be Ellis because Gimenez was out of options. As you say, Steve, although we're somewhat surprised that a player we thought was healthy isn't and is placed on the DL. Yeah, it happens pretty often. Ha Ha. Gemenez probably has a bum right knee but probably could've played with it, as he was doing but since the swelling was noticable they could declare it unusuable and place him on the DL. I'm glad because I think he's going to make a good player.


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