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Ted Lilly can't continue the roll, as Giants pound Dodgers 10-0


The kid pitchers handed off to the vets Saturday. Alas, the results for the Dodgers were less than encouraging.

Ted Lilly, who received the Dodgers’ biggest off-season contract ($33 million for three years), pitched two perfect innings and then went into permanent struggle mode.

The Giants chased him after 4 2/3 innings, having gotten to the left-hander for four runs and six hits. Naturally, as is Lilly’s way, he received no offensive support in the easy 10-0 victory for the Giants.

Last season, Lilly received an average of just 2.84 runs of support per nine innings, the lowest mark in the major leagues. One game down into the new season, and he leads again.

Of course, Lilly wasn’t exactly helped by a lineup that featured five backups, including two (Hector Gimenez, Ivan De Jesus Jr.) who came in looking for their first career hit.

Casey Blake, Jay Gibbons and Juan Uribe are injured, and Rod Barajas and Rafael Furcal were rested. Because, you know, it is already the third game of the season.

The way Lilly, 35, threw -- and reliever Kenley Jansen -- it might not have mattered if he was supported by the ‘27 Yankees. This followed an outstanding opening-day start by Clayton Kershaw and a strong start Friday by Chad Billingsley.

Jansen, who struggled in his last exhibition outing, was as wild as he’s ever been. He gave up four runs and five hits in just one inning.

At least there wasn’t a full house at Dodger Stadium to take it all in. On the first Saturday home game of the season, the Dodgers announced they had sold 40,809 tickets. That, of course, doesn’t take into account the no-shows, who were fairly significant for the second consecutive game.

-- Steve Dilbeck

Photo: Dodgers shortstop Jamey Carroll applies a late tag as San Francisco's Brandon Belt steals second base during the sixth inning Saturday at Dodger Stadium. Credit: Jae C. Hong / Associated Press

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Yes, after 2 games the Dodgers have to rest their veterans. This is going to be a long summer.

And then the dudgers woke up - or was it Giants woke up & put dudgers to sleep(er hold)?



dudgers 0... zip, zero, zilch, nada, bupkis.

Then the the sky opened, orange hue brilliant day unfolded, Bennett singing bout his 'heart' and that 'golden sun shining' and the world was once again an better place.

Break up the World Champs.

THIS is the best lineup Dodgers could come up with? How embarrassing ... barely a AAA level. Imagine without Kemp and Ethier. Dodgers could lead the league in getting shut out this year.

Too... dudgers EXPOSED, variously.

Aft three games:

Gimenez/this year's phenom - batting .200, 1 single in 5 ab's, a strikeout, 2 runners left & a stolen bases allowed as a catcher.

Jansen/last years 'phenom' -4 hits, 2 walks, 4 runs & a 36.00 ERA

Now the usual suspect:

ethier aka the journey 'e' - he leads the dudgers in [ drumroll ] SINGLES - 4 good for 0 rbis, plus 0 hrs, o triples & no doubles too - "punch n' judy e" has however chipped in 2 strikeouts & 3 runners left twisting wind the bases.

He's Pierre - sans JP's speed on base, afield & minus Juan's catalyst.

Let the 'e' 2011 Triple Corona coronation begin.

And what of LF, a void so great, a hole so deep three-headed (so far) monster is tasked try fill it 2011? Three games, think ugly duckling, rather Godzilla.

12 silly ab's, 5 runners twisting, 3 harmless singles, 0 runs/0 rbis/0 hrs/0 triples/o doubles/0 stolen bases... and an error clanked off iron glove.

How to play baseball... the dudger way.

Let's hope tomorrow night is better...for us.

Yo ho!
Yo ho!
A Los Angeles Pirates' life for me!

Hey frankie, it only costs ten cents more to go first class. IE Sabathia,Lee or Holiday, when they were avaiable but you wanted to go cheap with Lilly, Padilla and Kuroda. Funny thing you don!t go cheap when it comes to you, aw all you need to do to keep us happy is be COMPETITIVE, well thats about all you will ever be. You know why , there might be another house for sale. Don`t worry buddie will bail you out , because you are a dream come true to him. You know just enough to keep the suckers BSED. and coming in.If you really want to win frankie baby and not just talk about it you have got to spend what the Red Sox and Yankees spend [Don`t have a heart attack} BUT THAT IS WHAT THE PRICE OF DOING BUSINESS IS!!!!!!!! ,

Game was essentially over after Giants reached 4 runs. Dodgers just aren't going to be too competitive in games where they have to score that many, especially before they take their 5th at-bat.

Probably first of many blowouts, unfortunately. Needing to rest players in third game of the season is not a good sign, whether its sold as good coaching for later in the season or not. This team is challenged offensively, thus, with a modest 2-game winning streak, I would think it more prudent to play for keeping the "hot" streak in tact and grab the rest later on. Play yourself out of the season in the first couple of months and that rest won't matter anyway.

I wish I could say I was surprised by today's developments.
I wish I could say that.

Maybe they were getting even for their fan getting beaten up. Good.

Shame on Me!
So we luckily win the 1st two games against the hated ones and we rest Barajas and Furcal? Saturday's lineup included Ethier, Kemp, Loney, Carrol (i like him) and SCRUBS. I stupidly drop 4 bills on killer seats on Stub Hub and take the family to watch double and triple A players against the world Champs? What the &*%$? Seriously.. as each scrub came to bat, Diamondvision talked about how they made the double A all star game? Or how one of them had 14 hits in his 23 appearances last year with the Cards? (and he isn't a pitcher) or how one of them was a walk on in the Cactus League and became a starter.. WHAT? today was a delayed preview of the McCourt Regime... i pay good money to watch a little league team battle the world Champions. Why not try to win the series? The Dodger's weak roster was exposed greatly, and it took me 3 days to actually see it. Furcal and Barajas exhausted after 2 games?
Let the boycott begin. Shame on me!

Giants 10
Dodgers 0
Medically induced comas 1
McCrap satisfied with security 1

What do you think is going to happen when you play with 5 backups???? Come on!! these guys get payed millions of dollars make them earn it! It's frustrating to see players like Uribe get hit by a pitch on the elbow and be out 2 games because of it, or watching the backups swing at every pitch to strike out or ground out in a hurry. Please stop "resting" players after 2 games.

This LA blog is really starting to smack of not so thinly veiled anger & apathy... WE LOVE IT!

Now, some good news: catcher AJ Ellis (who can't get off the bench due to the awesome Hector 'Jim' and his deadly .200 tomahawk) leads the team in hitting at .1000.

The caveat? He's only batted once.

The rub?

He could play LF, be the second LH'd reliever in the bullpen & play the organ between innings...and AJ will still be sent packing AAA Albuquerque make way for Dioner Navarro and his .194 BA 2010, soon as DN his guaranteed $1 million is able get up off the DL... be more of that 'new' dudger way to play baseball.

That is all (for now); I surrender the bully pulpit to the next critic...

Not a single player on that team will even have a use for rest for at least another 40 games. Completely idiotic. Mattingly needs to throw away that page from Torre's book.

The players that were fielded...WOW. We could start hitting some seriously grotesque crowd levels. KEEP THE BOYCOTT GOING BOYS!!! Hope Ned notices that his c grade "big signings" aren't going to get the job done, regardless of how over payed they are.

WOULD SOMEONE PLEASE RETALIATE AND THROW AT ONE OF THE GIANTS!!! This is disgusting. We just advertised to the entire league that it is cool to throw at Dodger batters.

Oh no JOE TORRE never Mattingly is going to do these stupid things with the lineups like Torre did?.....ok if Mattingly abuese the bullpen like Torre then im going to be mad....i mean first Grady the moron Little...then Joe The OVerate Torre......and now Mattingly then....

This game was interesting, because it provides some clues to Mattingly as a manager.

People will be coming back from the DL soon, and so marginal players like Paul, De Jesus, and Giminez are going to need to prove, fairly quickly, that they deserve to stick around. Cain is top quality: why not see if these men can hit somebody like that?

Mattingly has said he is going to treat the 35-year-old catcher Barajas like a 35-year-old catcher, and that's what he did, sitting him in a day game after a night game. Starting Giminez at catcher when Lilly was scheduled to pitch is smart, because of the current four starters Lilly is the one least likely to suffer when burdened with an inexperienced battery-mate.

Pulling Lilly when he did seems to indicate Mattingly may be quicker with the hook than was Torre. He was pretty ruthless with Cormier, and he could afford to be, because Cormier is the pitcher most likely to be let go when Garland or Padilla returns. That he let Jansen stew out there in his own mess says to me that he is not going to baby him, as Torre babied Kershaw. Torre several times protectively yanked Kershaw when he got himself into trouble, until finally, one day when Kershaw had again loaded the bases, he concluded it was time for him to learn to get out of his own jams. Kershaw did, and that was one of the milestones in his development. Mattingly may think it wiser to juice these people into growing up quicker. The next time Jansen pitches, it will be interesting to see whether he comes out of today as the firestarter who gave up four runs in one inning, or the stud who struck out Buster Posey and Pat Burrell to end that inning.

as stellar as Jansen was last year, so mighty shall his struggles be this year.....
he soon facing demo-shun to AAA, as soon as Garland &/or Padilla ready...

& speaking of AAA, they better ship "junior" (i.e., deJesus) there, & FAST!!!
else, he's sure to set THE all-time record for striking-out in a season....
(+ he's "contribued" one error already too -- what a find!!!)
(& change his name to "E-jesus", as no "D", & heavy emphasis on "E"!!!!)

The wheels have come off completely, and we're three games in. Zero home runs. An absolute scrub lineup. I for one am not surprised whatsoever, and neither should you be.

Absolutely pathetic.

To be honest, this game was over when the Giants scored their first run
No way the Dodgers were going to score on Matt Cain.
He is their real ACE!
Giants have some scary pitching.

Might be a long season for the blue.

This is coming from a longtime Dodger fan.

The Dodgers can't hit and not to have resolved that prior to opening day is sheer incompentence or a totally uncaring attitude about winning. There is little bench strength so to play subs is a near automatic loss. The only piece of good news is possible the "no shows" but its hard to understand why people pay money to watch a team that is ill-prepared! That only rewards the incompentence. I can only hope that attendance is way down this year to send a message to Mr. McCourt.

Why all the negative posts about resting the starters after two games?
Don't we all go to work and sit around every third day and watch someone else do our job?
Before we start our job, don't we all go to the training room and have a rubdown or sit in the sauna?
After work, don't we all partake the big spread on the table that the company has laid out for us?
Don't we all complain to the boss that we have a headache or upset stomach, and with pay, sit and watch another do our job?
So, quit bitching, you never had it so good.

mattingly threw in the towel at the end of six innings.

regardless of the score and circumstance...this is a bad message for a rah-rah manager to send to a blah-blah team.

mattingly will be revealed as a fraud. then again maybe he was taking a much needed day off.

hey Steve? why no inning by inning up-dates here yesterday?

I suspect Jansen has been taking pitching tips from Broxton. Yep, the same thing happened to Sherrill last year. This is no coincidence!


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