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Report: Pirates claim Xavier Paul

Paul_275 Well, I suppose that was inevitable. Wasn’t completely convinced it would happen, but the odds were Xavier Paul’s days as a Dodger were over when they tried to pass him through waivers after calling up Jerry Sands.

Some team figured to be in more trouble in its outfield, and it’s no shocker that the team turned out to be the lowly Pittsburgh Pirates.

Fox Sports’ Jon Paul Morosi has tweeted that the Pirates claimed Paul early Tuesday, meaning they will have to make room on their 25-man (and 40-man) roster to add him.

There already has been some outcry that giving up on Paul is going to prove a mistake, that’s he’s going to come back to haunt the Dodgers like Jayson Werth.

I don’t think so. Paul has minimum power, particularly for someone who strikes out as much as he does. Although his playing time was sporadic, he never showed the ability as a Dodger to take his minor-league success to the next level.

In parts of the past three seasons, he got 146 at-bats and hit .233 with a .329 slugging percentage and 33 strikeouts.

He always struck me as that awkward tweener, a fairly strong minor leaguer who wasn’t quite good enough to take that last step. He was fast, but not that fast. He had a some power, but not much. He was a decent defender, but was somewhat uncomfortable-looking in the outfield.

Hey, hope he makes it Pittsburgh. Wish him all the best. Just don’t think the Dodgers will end up cursing the day Paul got away.

-- Steve Dilbeck

Photo: Xavier Paul. Credit: Kirby Lee / US Presswire

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seems the dodgers and the angels are the pirates triple a clubs...

Farewell to the X Man. I hope he makes it, too--as long as that doesn't include helping to beat the Dodgers somewhere down the line. Maybe I'll see him in Pittsburgh in just a couple of weeks. My first visit to PNC.

146 ABs in parts of 3 seasons? Well then he got more than a chance to show his stuff. So did LaRoche. So did Delwyn Young. So did Abreu. So did Ellis. So did Santana, oh wait we got rid of him before he got a chance. How about Bell? Whoops, him too.
My question is, how long until Sands is deemed to have had his chance before he's given up on? Or DeJesus? Or Robinson? Or Gordon?
The thing is, you've got a GM who yoyos these guys up and down and when they play they play sporadically. Then if they don't produce in a handful of games, he gives up on them and/or trades them for crap.
Now I'm not saying any of the above are earth shattering losses, but c'mon, were they ever given a real chance?
And look, I did all that without mentioning comrade Obama being the worst president ever!! (For those of you that just don't get it, that was done partially tongue-in-cheek. Political rhetoric doesn't belong on the Dodgers blog.)

it seems we could have saved half a million and kept paul instead of signing gwynn. they're clones of each other. paul will probably not become a star, but then neither will gwynn. colletti's moves continue to just baffle me. i'm still convinced that ned has a job only because frank has completely checked out or is just a complete idiot. how he could allow ned to waste millions of the dodgers'(frank's?)money is beyond my feeble comprehension. someone please explain this to me.

HI Dodgers fan: Sorry, nothing against XPaul but he is hardly a Gwynn clone. One things Gwynn can do just about with the best of them is play defense. He is excellent. Paul is a long ways from an excellent or consistent defensive player. He's capable of making a strong defensive play, but just as often looks ill at ease in the outfield and misplays a ball.

Another questionable move...

Good luck Xavier Paul. I hope you get a real shot in Pittsburgh.

And next up, Jay Gibbons. What are the chances of him coming to the big club this year? Barring injury or a slip of confidence/subsequent demotion of Jerry Sands, not good.

IF the Pirates give him continual playing time, i've seen him play comfortably in the minors, i believe we'll have yet another reason to pillory Ned.

Bucco's fan here (yes there are some fans still) Paul will definitely get a shot here in Pittsburgh...his .273 average puts him 3rd on the team.

best of luck to XPaul...said before, say it again, respectfully, he had to know it was his for the taking once manny got the 50-gamer. At that point, he knew Manny wouldn't be a Dodger when his contract ended (if not sooner) and LF was all his in 2011 - or whoever beat him out. And sadly, nobody has won the position yet.

"He never showed the ability as a Dodger to take his minor-league success to the next level. In parts of the past three seasons, he got 146 at-bats and hit .233 with a .329 slugging percentage and 33 strikeouts."

Inability to take talent to the next level based on 146 AT BATS over the course of 3 SEASONS!! A little harsh don't you think?? That's barely a fifth of the at-bats an everyday player sees in ONE season. Maybe half of what a platoon player might see in ONE season. Those are some high standards for LA baseball


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