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Rafael Furcal breaks thumb, Dodgers left in a bad way

Photo: Dodgers shortstop Rafael Furcal slides into third base as San Francisco's Pablo Sandoval fields the throw during the fifth inning Monday night at AT&T Park. Credit: Beck Diefenbach / Reuters Rafael Furcal is not 83 years old. He just keeps breaking down like he's that age.

Incredibly, remarkably, he is hurt again. Possibly for the last time?

Furcal went down in the fifth inning Monday night in San Francisco while sliding into third base, breaking his left thumb. This follows the left wrist injury he battled over the weekend in San Diego.

Aside from his first season in Los Angeles in 2006, Furcal has battled one injury or another every year. No one is more frustrated by it than Furcal, who was so down after the game he said he was pondering retirement.

Furcal is 33, really. He has gone through back surgery and hamstring injuries, an aching back back and ankle sprains. He has a $12 million club option for next year that would vest with 600 at-bats this season, but that will never happen now.

He’s likely out at least six weeks, so he’s probably asking himself if he's really up for another lengthy rehabilitation period. Break your thumb when you finally feel you’re getting healthy, and you are probably going to have an emotional reaction.

But what if he does actually walk away? (Note: He’s making $13 million this season, highest salary on the team.)

For now, Jamey Carroll figures to slide back into the lineup at shortstop. He did so admirably last season, but Carroll is fighting a finger injury of his own and is 37.

The Dodgers will need to call up another infielder after placing Furcal on the 15-day disabled list. If they want to go Band-Aid, they could bring Juan Castro back up. Try not to get too excited.

They could return Ivan De Jesus Jr. He struggled in a very limited role early this season. They would probably like to call up shortstop prospect Dee Gordon, but he’s hitting only .263 in his first trip to triple-A Albuquerque and his defense remains unreliable.

There really is not a great option for the next six weeks, and only a worse one beyond that if Furcal wakes up next week and still thinks it’s time to call it a career.

-- Steve Dilbeck

Photo: Dodgers shortstop Rafael Furcal slides into third base as San Francisco's Pablo Sandoval fields the throw during the fifth inning Monday night at AT&T Park. Credit: Beck Diefenbach / Reuters

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Well, thankfully Colletti has this team stocked with phenomenal depth, so they won't skip a beat. ::rolls eyes::

As far as Furcal's injury, can't really fault him for the broken thumb. That happens. I'm not saying he isn't frail, though.

The Dodger way: 2 good months + 2 bad months + 3 months injuried reserves = medicority

Hate if for Raffy. Nobody tries to get hurt, and I've liked him on the team. Hope he can make it back if able.

Advise getting Carroll's ailments corrected quickly, few days off if necessary, so he can go long haul at SS or 2B for the next six weeks. Doesn't matter which youngster is called up - DeJesus or Gordon, neither are striking it right now. Might just be best to get Gordon up to go ahead and see what he can do. With his age, maybe he'll show enough to get some prospects back if we decide to deal him in a July 31 deal.

Good luck Furcal.

33 going on 83. At least his will preclude Furcal reaching the plate appearance goal to guarantee his contract in 2012. And, no, he is not going to retire and walk away from millions. Since his collision with Jason Repko in spring training several years ago, Raffy has been a regular visitor to the DL. His back injury remains worrisome, because you can never predict when that will flare up again.

This really creates a quandary, though. Please, Ned, don't bring up Juan Castro. You'd have to clear a spot on the 40-man roster and we don't need Castro along with Carroll, Uribe, and Miles. Bring up somebody who can hit and let Carroll and Uribe man shortstop.

Like Davey Lopes said - " I hate the head first slide." Now you know why.
Actually I was surpised that Furcal was attempting a steal given his wrist injury and assorted other ailments over the years.

For me, Furcal has been pretty much a dissapointment with the bat and sometimes the glove, esp as the highest paid player on the team. Would you rather have Furcal for $13mil or Uggla at 2B for about the same salary?

if memory serves me correctly, mr. uribe played SS rather recently (the majority of LAST SEASON!!!) & his team happened to win the world championship?????

solution: recall Castro for backup duty, & play some combo of uribe & carroll @ SS, & this is still an upgrade over what furcal was contribting (i.e., NOTHING!!!), & considering what "duds" are paying furcal, they ought to DEMAND a rebate from him!!!!
let him retire, & good riddance!!!!!!!

here's hoping that "fur-can't" does in fact retire, as that would -- among other things -- "free-up" uniform #15 for a FAR more deserving man, i.e., Davey Lopes!!!!!!!

I feel for Furcal but this is a great opportunity for the Dodgers to get both rookies a large cup of coffee and see what they can do. Get them some significant MLB at bats rather than just the few they typically get when brought up only for a couple of days. They need to get younger very soon at SS, 2B, 3B and LF anyway. Take a chance now. I hate it when teams hold potentially very good players back until they are 26 or so. Let them prove if they need to stay in the minors for another year or so, rather than just assume it.

The Eric Chavez insurance policy sure would be paying-off right about now... Great non-sign Ned.

Can these guys today take a hint from pedro guerrero & not slide with their
hands first landing gear down & make it feet 1st !

Deja Vu all over again. The Dodgers plagued by injuries. Will finish 82-80. The Fall classic line from intern Dodger ticket hawkers will be "were it not for the injuries we'd have gone all the way so buy your 2012 tickets now." This McCourt strategy to make millions through mediocrity was discovered in court documents and yet fans seem to hope for something different. No harm in that.

I hate this I love Furcal. And like always he would be a major loss. Fans may not appreciate him but real fans do. I hope he doesnt retire because his range and arm makes him one of the best defensive players not to mention his bat which provides pop at the number 1 spot plus his ability to create havoc on the base paths. The simple fact is though cant count on the guy. Uribe is starting to look like a big pickup now due to his defensive versatility and I have no doubt eventually he will hit a hot streak. I would say Castro so what you have to create room you can always take Vasquez off because lowA age and no one is going to claim him. Let DeJesus find his groove in AAA. I have a feeling we will be seeing Castro or Mitchell

Don't know the exact numbers offhand, but isn't Carroll hitting something like .390 and Furcal something like .250? Plus, Carroll puts the ball in play more often, making things happen even when he doesn't get a hit. Both are dependable fielders. No one likes to see what keeps happening to Furcal and it certainly hurts the Dodgers depth chart, but if anyone can fill in well it's the admirable Carroll.

Furcal is done anyway. Try to trade for Reyes. I wonder if Dodger fans could somehow start a class action suit against Frank McCourt? Maybe something along the lines of letting security become so lax that someone almost got killed in his stadium? After all he did let go his head of security, it wasn't important enough to protect Dodger fans in his house. Too bad he can't be sued for taking a public trust a storied franchise and turning it into garbage. I'm sure if a lawyer could figure out how to start a class action suit against McCourt and have the fans join, this would be one more way to force that slime McCourt to sell to someone that could afford to run the club the way it and the fans deserve it to be run. That attorney would be cheered in LA.

True cypress but its still so early in season. Agreed that carroll can fill in admirably but Furcal provides more speed and pop. But Carroll is a pretty good guy to have.

Do we have to hear about the fact that we didn't sign Eric Chavez every time an infielder gets a hang-nail? Is this going to last all season? We have plenty to talk about with DeJesus, Gordon, and uh, oh yeah, Raffy.

I hear Furcal got another 3 year extension from Colletti today. Put Uribe there. Your next overpaid utility infielder who won't pan out. 7 million a year. He played short most of last year. Put the free swinger there. Platoon Miles (switch hitter) and Carroll at second and Blake at third. Furcal ranked among the worst defensive shortstops every year anyway. Never should have gotten his curretn extension. Claims to be 33. That equals 37 in Dominican years.

Another example of Dodger waste. Furcal hasn't been anywhere near good enough over his last 5 years to rightfully earn the obsurd salary the Dodgers paid and now this just solidifies that point. It is time to get rid of all of these old guys and start from scratch. Blake, Furcal and Loney (he just sucks and isn't old) need to go and the Dodgers can use that money to get younger and more talented at the same time.

Tough break, what with the type numbers Furcal was putting up an all.

And yes, that's heavy sarcasm.

Rafael Furcal is a spaz. This is precisely why you're taught to not slide head first. Then there's his herky-jerky, lunging movements and awful mechanics. He's far from fluid out there and at times can't even make a routine throw.

He has the ability to go 4 for 4 with two triples and dazzle on defense but this should be the last straw. The Dodgers need to go after Jose Reyes when the Mets start dumping salaries.

Bring Ivan and Dee up, if they don't pan out put 'em in a package deal to get something much better?

"Like Davey Lopes said - " I hate the head first slide." Now you know why."

- yes, you either end up starring on the giving end - Pete Rose - or seeing your career end or deflate the receiving end - as Ray Fosse.

et tu furcal?

Don't count on AAA to provide relief: down in Albuquerque, we spell gordon 'E 6'. Thankfully, that light mountain air assists with hitting - otherwise dee's .263 might translate into furcal having had some real competition pre-thumb at short for the dudgers.

sands has already hit 3 home runs down in Albuquerque - impressive - until you consider that light air, one that has carried his entire trio over the right field wall opposite field. Same place where most of piazza's landed when he played there in early 90's... same place greg brock too mashed his 44 taters into the then 'lava rocks' behind the outfield.

Me thinks the dudgers haven't had an piazza since the Fox raided the LA clubhouse; think more along the lines greg brock than Lou, jerry's talent.

I worked in sports media and covered Albuquerque's AAA Dukes back in the day, so know a cheap home run as well over-hyped prospects nee heartaches by the number (the ghosts aforementioned and too Hudson, Hale, Llewallyn, Brock, Stubbs , Cardoza and a seeming cast of journeymen more.)

The only Duke who ever overcame his limitations - allowing a base hit to this scribe in 1982 when this slugger, Orel and his teammate pitcher Dave Moore went out & practiced one fine day - was The Bulldog.

Back then, he was less bull and more faith based in his pitching.

In those days before Lasorda reprogrammed him, I'm sure Orel's confidence dipped as mine soared aft I turned around one of his 95- er, 59 mph fastballs and laced it cleanly up the middle off him for a single.

If only Lasorda had talked with me like he did Orel, I might have been Simers.

Whew, that was close.

Shame for Furcal and the Dodgers. When healthy, Furcal was a great spark at the top of the order. He played hard. He was a great signing who has had a sreies of unlucky, unrelated injuries.

Jamey Carroll is a good fill in, but the Doyers will need another infielder.

MICHAEL YOUNG!!!.. We can afford him now

The loud subtext (I was mildly in favor of first contract, heavily against second, his body having spoken clearly) for the whole Furcal Dodger Epic is , for whatever reasons (and I know ownership's failure to fully invest in player development is part of it), the glaring failure of the locally lionized personnel guys and gals to find, sign and develop everyday quality major-league ballplayers.

Even with the emphasis on pitching in the draft, the record there is no more impressive than a dozen or more other franchises in that time, and less so then an additional half-dozen or so.

Eight years: not a single infielder, other than the now-struggling James Loney, of more than marginal major-league talent...and not too much to change that, if scouts from other organizations are to be believed, in the present minor-league system.

I'm sorry, but Jamey Carroll has EARNED this spot. This should not be an issue. He is one of the best players on the team, and he plays every inning like it's the world series. Carroll had his finger injury last year, and he did not skip a beat. I have always loved Furcal, but he is a huge liability. It's time to give Carroll the position--he's earned it.

You make it seem as though the Dodgers don't have any choices. I agree the Dee is too young but so is the season. The management should see that over the "band-aid" you refer to. I watch as other teams bring up their young players. Even the Giants with Sandoval, Posey and now Belt. With DeJesus and Gordon manning the middle, either one at a time or some games both, it would be useful. They grow up together, understand and yet have a connection with others not too far from them i.e., Kemp, Ethier and Loney. I'm no GM but basically you can't slow down age and you can keep them from growing up.

Kemp was almost hurt sliding head first into third last night. STOP sliding head first!!!!!

i love sports!


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