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Poll: Whom should Bud Selig appoint to oversee the Dodgers?

It's the talk of the sports world today. Frank McCourt is out, Bud Selig is in. But who will Selig appoint to oversee the Dodgers? The candidates range from the known (Lasorda, Ng, O'Malley, Torre) to the lesser known (Kasten, McHale). And those are just rumors, as no one really knows who Selig is considering for the job.

So who would you vote for? You can read more about the rumored candidates here.


--Houston Mitchell

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Peter O'Malley should be chosen to head a group - as the last representative of when the Dodgers were honestly and well run. O'Malley could provide the direction and vision, but would not be well versed with the daly workings.
Kim Ng would be a good choice to work under his direction. She would be aware of what the daily workings are and would also be aware of what the McCourt faults were. Maybe Torre as the liaison with MLB

Even if this whole process could not repair the damage of the McCourts or their blatant theft of millions from the Dodgers, at least it may get the team in the right hands and get a future again for the Dodgers.

Good move Selig, but do not forget it was you ,Selig, who brought the McCourts to the Dodgers. You owe the LA fans a great deal.

Tommy? R u serious?

Personally, I think Bud Selig needs to hang onto his hat... If as Frank McCourt claims, the Dodgers were in compliance with MLB rules regarding the finances.... Forcing Frank out of compliance by refusing to let him utilize the Dodgers financial resources will not sit well with the courts (where this is ultimately going to be decided). I love the Dodgers but I firmly believe in the right to do as you wish with your own property even if that means running it into the ground. I think Selig is way out of line and more than that I think Frank will have an injunction (within 2 weeks) stopping MLB from doing what they are doing. He had a deal with Fox for $3 Billion dollars.... you'll notice that Selig hasn't been so stupid as to completely invalidate that deal. If the rights ultimately go for less than that.. guess who is on the hook for the difference??? This is a mess but I for one (and probably the only one) am on Frank's side.

Please, NOT Peter O'Malley. Remember Peter O'Malley got out of owning the Dodgers because he couldn't afford to stay in the the modern free agent market. He then sold the the Dodgers to Fox, which promptly traded away Mike Piazza, which began this whole downward spiral. Peter O'Malley's 1988 Dodgers won that World Series, but failed to advance after that. He hired Fed Claire who traded away Pedro Martinez, on Tommy Lasorda's recommendation. Fred Claire got back Delino DeShields.
So let's just remember O'Malley sold to Fox, which traded away Piazza for Charles Johnson, who was a bust.
The Dodgers never made the post season under Fox. Fox then "sold" the Dodgers to you-know-who.
Let me repeat: O'Malley sold the Dodgers to Fox and Fox "sold" the Dodgers to..............................
No O'Malley. He doesn't understand modern baseball.
I don't think Selig will want to make the same mistake twice. He'll appoint somebody who knows how to run a modern ball club. He'd better. I couldn't hope to suggest anyone. I'm only a fan. I hope smarter baseball people than I will chose wisely.

From a 9/13/10 SI article where the McCourt's ownership history was reviewed along with an interview with Peter O'Malley

"The last time the Dodgers were on the market, a bid was submitted by Eli Broad, a billionaire philanthropist with a passion for preserving L.A. institutions. Broad planned to bring in O'Malley as chairman, and even though he lost out to the McCourts, he'd be among the favorites to succeed them."

Read more:

Is Eli Broad still around? Let's bring back Peter O'Malley!

kim ng? tommy lasorda? come on. they're ridiculous choices. just because you can run arbitration numbers and know the organization does not make one qualified to run an organization. and sorry, but as much as Tommy is loved in LA, being an ambassador for the Dodgers also does not qualify one to run the entire organization. the team needs a proven and experienced leader. this is not a job to get one's feet wet.

I would think that someone whose familiar with the current team like Ned Colletti, Joe Torre , Kim Ng or Tommy Lasorda. Someone who can just pick it up immediately and not go to an outsider.

Dodgers are a franchise and MLB has authority over them so for those who say McCourt has the right to take the Dodgers down are mistaken or whether Selig was out of line have little understanding of how franchise businesses operate. MLB franchise club owners as with any other franchise must adhere to strict rules or lose your rights as that "franchise" owner. Surprisingly people all of sudden are shocked by MLB's move when MLB has always had the rights under each owner's franchise addition....I don't think any court will allow McCourt to continue owning the Dodgers. He has quite an uphill battle having to fight not only his wife but now MLB. His wife has tremendous leverage now and has sided with MLB. McCourt is alone at this point and any attorney looking to represent should ask to be retained for a nice chunk of change....and I can't believe Fox would lend McCourt 30mil, especially to him they not know the financial turmoil this guy is in?

Why not Mr. Clean himself, Steve Garvey (Ok--- maybe not so clean after the paternity suits but still better than McCourt)

Peter Ueberroth might be an interesting choice.

Has anyone spoken to Mark Cuban about this? He certainly wouldn't need to borrow in order to make payroll. In fact, he could probably do it with some of the change on his dresser.

He's tanned, rested, respected throughout baseball.knows the Dodger organization and is ready for action. Here's my nomination, FRED CLAIRE. I saw him less than 4 weeks ago at the Opening Ceremony for our local Little League. If anyone can bring class and respect back to Chavez Ravine, it's the Fredster.

I second the Peter Ueberroth idea. It is by far the best one I have heard. He's a winner, and his best reason for refusing would be that he plans to buy the team himself--which also would be a pretty good outcome.

why in the world are people voting for Joe Torre?....i thought most of us concluded he was overated and he did strange things like Grady "The Moron" Little did??......

Remember the roller derby on Channel 5 Sunday nights? The LA Thunderbirds had a dirty coach, Dave Pounds, who was deliberately trying to destroy the team with blatantly bad decisions. He was finally taken down by long-time T-Bird nemesis Psycho Ronnie Raines who inexplicable switched allegiance from the rival NY Bombers. Fake as it was, this saga disguised as sport was very entertaining. Let's make ol' the MLB stand-in. LA owes him the favor, and it would be good to see what he has been up to for the past 40 years. He probably could use the money, job and fame again.

Peter O'Malley could restore the long lost Dodger tradition. Ask any ex-Dodger who played or coached under his stewardship and they will gush over what a wonderful man he is. His family also brought the franchise six World Championships. In complete contrast to the McCourt scum, the O'Malley family exudes class.

Jamie McCourt is the obvious choice, after all, this IS the Entertainment Capital of the World, right?


Serious as they get... Remember I started off my comment with the caveat
"If as Frank McCourt claims, the Dodgers were in compliance with MLB rules regarding the finances...." There has been a lot of talk about th rights of the franchisor and how MLB can pretty much do whatever it wants.... Franchisees have a great deal of power, particularly in California. MLB does not have the right to just make up the rules as it goes along. People need to remember that whether he borrowed the money or not Frank McCourt has a ton of money invested in the Dodgers. He has doubled their value in the 7 years he has owned them and he is entitled to benefit from that increase in their value. MLB can't just come in and arbitrarily take his property. For those who don't believe me on this look at what happened to the automobile manufacturers who decided to just start closing dealerships all over the country. They didn't get away with it here in this state without paying through the nose. When you throw in the value of those broadcast rights, the Chavez Ravine property and the potential development of that property... MLB better getready to write Frank a check for around $5 Billion. Yeah I said Billion!!!

Peter O'Malley, more than any other person in baseball history has not only put quality teams on the field, helped shape baseball into a sophiscated marketing business (1st MLB team ever to draw 3-million+ fans in a single season), but has spent his personal wealth and time promoting baseball world wide by developing baseball facilities in Latin America & Asia, and his efforts to promote baseball worldwide through the Olympics. Mr. O'Malley's dedication to the game of baseball has no equal among his peers. For eighteen years of his tenure, he refused to raise ticket prices and instead of gaining personal enrichment, choose to treat fans to quality entertainment at very affordable pricing. The 40-years of the O'Malleys owning the Dodgers resulted in 9-trips to the World Series, an average of every 4.4 years, yet under ownership of FOX & McCourt, it's been 22-years with not even one trip to the WS. Do LA fans need any more proof than ALL of the above that Mr. O'Malley is a brillant baseball owner and most importantly waht LA fans need to carry on the Dodgers tradition?

Mike Fox, former Dodgers employee

Fred Claire--the last successful General Manager--should be chosen to oversee the Los Angeles Dodgers. The fans want someone with integrity; someone we can trust. And when FOX owned the team, it was Claire who refused to lie to us by saying he approved the trade of Mike Piazza. And it was Claire, who guided our team to its last championship in '88.

No MLB team had better leadership than Peter O'Malley and Fred Claire. Lets bring them back and get a team in the WS and ticket prices back to being affordable for families!

He was the Former President and CEO of the Los Angeles Dodgers since 1970, who knows the team better?


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