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Now what? Dodgers call up Ivan De Jesus Jr., place Rafael Furcal on DL

Lh94bpnc They’re making this up on the fly, you can understand that. Despite his history, the Dodgers hardly planned on losing Rafael Furcal for some six weeks with a broken thumb.

Yet given his history, it’s not like they couldn’t have considered their options should he go down.

It’s one thing, however, to be out five days with an ankle issue, and something quite different to lose your starting shortstop for over a month. That’s assuming, of course, that Furcal's talking about retiring Monday night was simply an emotional reaction.

On Tuesday, when the Dodgers placed Furcal on the disabled list, they called Ivan De Jesus Jr. back up from triple-A Albuquerque. John Wayne on horseback, this is not.

But what exactly do you do with him?

Best answer: Start him every day for a couple of weeks.

See what happens. Sure, he was hardly impressive in starting the season with the Dodgers (0 for 7 with five strikeouts), but he was making his major league debut and no doubt nervous.

You can’t bring him up and sit him. He’s the one prospect whose bat, Manager Don Mattingly said during the Fall League, looked most ready to make the jump to the majors. Give him some games and find out. He turns 24 on May 1; how long do these guys have to be prospects?

Trouble is, De Jesus is no longer considered shortstop material and would have to play second. That would push Juan Uribe to shortstop, which isn’t ideal, but it seemed to work well enough for the Giants last season.

That would also free Jamey Carroll to resume his super utility role. Though he filled in at shortstop better than anyone had a right to expect when Furcal went on the DL last season, the Dodgers all seem to agree he’s best suited for spot starts. And Carroll is 37.

Plus, if Mattingly wants to stick to his plans of resting third baseman Casey Blake regularly -- and the way his season has started, that’s looking like a good plan -- he needs to be able to move Carroll around.

None of this is a perfect situation, but given their roster, the best for the moment. And in baseball, you often live in the moment.

-- Steve Dilbeck

Photo: Ivan DeJesus Jr. at a spring training game against the San Francisco Giants at Scottsdale Stadium Feb. 26, 2011. Credit: Kyle Terada / US Presswire

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Let him play and see what happens. That is the only way to truly find out what we have.
Gordon isn't ready, Carroll needs to be available where/when needed, Miles makes me cringe thinking about it, and we have enough old middle infielders that Castro shouldn't really be a consideration.
Can Sands play third? Maybe move Blake to second... but Sands really isn't ready either.

So far they've been doing pretty good with this patchwork and a big thanks to Jamie Carroll.


Uribe - buck-29
Carroll - .393

If DeJesus is up, he has to get at-bats. Play him every day. Play Carroll as long as he hits, Uribe utility role. We're too startved for offense. They can both play the same positions. One hits, one doesn't. Neither will wow us with defensive range. Both will need a day off from time to time. Not that difficult if you don't overthink it.

Matt Kemp's hot hitting is benefiting Ethier at the 3 spot. Dodgers need Blake, Uribe, and Loney to get going.

How many games have been played?

I am making an observation. Not a prediction.

"And in baseball, you often live in the moment."

- whereas in matters the appetite, heart muscles as stomachs some be larger than arm & hammer same.

Injuries? To be expected... take a number, there's no crying in baseball.

Only for hunger: a hunger for success, stats, shekels... and sate.

If you like to eat regular and happen to call a local rescue mission home, the famine more so than feast has appended be courtesy a homer-drought a RFr of purported renown, while in Africa the goal of helping end poverty is on an fastball track by way a LHd dart thrower.

Thanks to dudger pitcher clayton kershaw, $2400 worth of full stomachs so far in 2011 in accordance his $100 per strikeout partnership. The phatter a K he tosses, thinner be the voids between meals (if Sandy or Nolan were still chucking, could feed the world one continent at a time.)

That's the wheat.

Now for the chaff.

Home front, the dudger that plays more like a statue than one who will ever deserve one himself aka ' punch & judy e' has provided a grand total of one (double entendre). At an partnership donation $1000 of meat per tater his, the vegan life has some new converts... the current hunger strike nears day four now, season fast having been broken just once since March 31.

Moral of the story: don't bite off more than you can chew.

There was a time when the Dodgers were deep. Reese kept Zimmer then Wills in the wings then Dave Andersen had to wait until Mister Overated himself, Bill Russell finally proved how bad he was. Now with frankie and jamie they have nothing. Which of course means the fans are left wirh an even worse team than anyone could imagine. frankie and jamie are good real estate and I mean REAL Estates people.but as far as baseball is concerned, they are severely lacking just like we are lacking because of these two bums..PLEASE MISTER SELIG DO YOUR JOB!!!!!!!

Agreed that DeJesus should start. That he should be given two weeks. I disagree with the assumption that he is out of position at SS. His arm is stonger than any in the infield with maybe the exception of Uribe. Agreed that his terrible cup of coffee was coughed up do to nerves. I think playing short might just be what he needs. It is the position he has played his entire life untill missing a season and being moved to 2b, which in my opinion is actually a tougher position. The only thing easier about it is the short throw. The fact that SS has more fielding oppurtunities is actually a plus; giving a young nervous player more of a chance to settle in and feel good. The 5ks in 7abs is a horrid anomaly and his spring trainings and minor league performances should speak louder and more accurately towards his ultimate development. It's been a couple of years since any rookie has been in a position to make an impact in the lineup all mgmt has to do is let 'em.

This N' That:

Well, here's our 12 Mil. a year pitcher - can't protect a 3-0 lead!

Until he breaks his finger, just how many times did our great leadoff hitter attempt a bunt ? Your speed guy is to bat # 1 & do what it takes to get on base, to set the table, so as he was playing, no big loss, tho' IDJ is not much of a player, in my not so humble opinion. Raffy no longer dives for balls as does JC.

Casey Blake misses his 3rd game due to a charley horse ?! Give me a break! He's not an OF that has to run, he steals no bases, doesn't stretch singles, etc. & they pay him how much?!

The Dodgers best move was to bring Davey back; not only has he got MK doing the right things, physically, I feel Davey got into MK's psyche as he always thought he was above advice, criticism, so forth, but seems now he realizes he can learn & play the game properly.

I am sick & tired of fans & media complaining Loney is not hitting HR's, he needs to hit HR's, etc. He is NOT a HR hitter Dread & the presure Dread, McDork, Don & the media put on him to hit HR's is affecting his offensive game - no one ever said that about Mark Grace &lonely, early on, was a Graced Clone;a gap hitter, doubles, RBI guy. His most HR's in a minor league season ? He hit 11 one year & has 36 total, in a 6 year minor league career!

As we all know, McDork needs to leave town & sign off on this once great franchise! But the new owners NEED to boot out Dread as GM! What a horrible GM this clown is! He brags about his 5 starters - why ? Way overpaid Lilly for what, 2 months worth of work last season ? 36 is too much for Bills, Kuroda is what he is, an average journeyman, Garland ? eh! Thank goodness we have CK! Broxton is lucky to have 4 Saves, but his ERA is not at all good - he is NOT a closer as he can't come in & shut down the opposition!

As I have been saying the past several years, Dread & McDork are trying to put the best back up team on the field! Sure, Carroll is full of heart, but look around this team; LF could have any one of 3-4 players; Thames, who did just hit a HR, but is admittedly poor defensively, & there's XP, Gibbons & Tony Jr..In the IF we have a 3B, when he decides he wants to play, is not a HER hitter & with Loney a Grace clone, Dread needed to get a slugger at 3B. The oft injured/over-the-hill Raffy, & Uribe, Miles & now, IDJ! A mediocre Starting staff, at best, a weak Bullpen & a Closer who is not!

Back to McDork; he waited far too long to comment on the brutal beating by cowards in the parking lot! & speaking of them, there were only 2 cowards ? Nope, all those that stood by & did nothing are also cowards! All the guys had to do was look at each other, nod & say "lets go" & pin those 2 cowards to the ground! So as bad as those pieces of garbage were for doing what they did, those "men" that were nearby & did nothing, are also guilty, of being cowards that is.

I see Dread's Bullpen just gave up the lead, as did our overpaid Starter!

I still say the fans need to boycott this team, by not going as Frank doesn't spend his money on this team, so why should we ?!

I love Vinny, from as far back as him & Jerry calling the games in the 60's, but he, as are many play by play & color men are, is wrong w/ his comments like his saying if Lincecum doesn't make that play behind the mound, it is a different game - that is simply not the case & he says it a lot as do so many other4s. Say a player gets picked off & the next batter hits one out, they all say " it would have been a 2 HR shot instead of 1 had player X not been picked off". But the problem is after said play, i.e. Lincecum's, or getting picked off, whatever, after said play, anything after that is a moot point as those hits, walks, HR's never existed.

the strikeout "King", i.e., "K"-jesus is back!!!!......

& me wonders if "ma-teen-glee" still gonna bat this "miss" second, where actually making "Kontact" thru-"out" baseball history seemed integral????

'Sfunny how many posters take on the fears of the manager. It's an identification with managment, as tho Mattingly's managerial career is so fine-tuned he can't be wrong. Unless Mattingly does start Ivan Jr, lets him get comfiortable, lets him play, like a lot of other mediocre teams do, their managers knowing they aren't really gong anywhere this or that season, and they have to try out the future to see if it's going to be there for the rookie, or to see if the future is now and the rookie surprises with good or even great hitting, he won't know any of that unless he plays him. Ya can't know unless you try it out, Donnie!

My feeling with Mattingly is he only knows Torre baseball, and will start Ivan only in spurts, never letting him settle in, never letting him find a rhythm, afraid, which is the operative word, Ivan's going to look bad and therefore cause Mattingly to look bad, when it is his job to understand he has to build for the future, because for this team the future is not now. Mattingly must go into this Furcal interregnum knowing he might have to sacrifice some games, knowing Ivan needs that opportunity to be able to grow into the role of everyday 2nd baseman, or find out he is not ready, and may never be. WE need to find out, and fits and starts will not let us, or Mattingly, get that knowledge.

Bulletin, Donnie: The team is a middle of the pack type. IT DOES NOT HAVE THE HORSES, thanks to your owner. Deal with it. START THE ROOK TILL FURCAL RETURNS, at least. Has Joe Torre ever had a rookie of the year? The Dodgers LEAD MLB in rookies of the year.

To the point, i remember when Lopes first started at 2nd. There was a big Labor Day game, in those days NBC always broadcast a Dodger game on Labor Day, with the starting time of 5:05 for a national audience. The new infield of Garvey, Lopes, Russell and Cey were growing into their roles, thanks to a manager who thankfully did not come out of a Joe Torre stable which never played rookies, Mr Walter Alston, who displayed great versatility in using what he had to get the most out of them, from sluggers in Ebbets to rabbits and pitching in LA, and won 4 World Series out of the 7 pennants he put the Dodgers in (plus the one in '62 he blew), utilizing the greatest variance in player talent any manager has had. HE started these 4 young guys cuz he knew the future demanded it.

On that '73 Labor Day game, Dodgers-Giants, LA was building to leapfrog the Big Red Machine, which they did the following year, the "Little Blue Wagon" winning the pennant. The Dodgers were in the mix in '73, until that gasme. They held the lead until the late innings, when on a play that involved 2 Giants running the bases, the ball was hit to Lopes, who did not know who to throw the ball to, froze, like a rookie, double-pumped, held the ball, and he and we watched the tying or winning run score on a play that could have saved the game and the year for the Dodgers.

No one gave Alston any flack for playing Lopes or any of the others. We seemed to know then what we don't now, that you have got to play the rookies to let them grow into their game and eventually, as those 4 did, win 4 pennants and 1 World Series together, 1 of Lasorda's 2.

It does not seem to me that, in part because McCourt has no clue about Dodger history or tradtion, that he hires a Yankee who plays AL-Torre-ball, not playing rooks because he thinks he has to win every game now with veterans who clearly can't get it done, just like Joe would do it, not like Walt did it, and foolishly throw away the future in favor of playing a rogue's gallery of never-weres, has-beens and hangers-on, to squeeze meaningless wins out today, and often failing at that.

That's NOT Dodger baseball. It's Fox/McCourt baseball, and Mattingly is his manager just as Frisco Ned is his GM.

Play De Jesus. What have we got to lose? We're a .500 team, at best. We're proving that every other game. This is not a first-rate major league infield to begin with, so who are we kidding? The only thing Colletti has been reasonably successful with has been to build a good bench. That's because that's all he can afford thanks to that jerk who "owns" the team.
The Waddling Wuss returns and we pray that he can get to the 5th or 6th inning, but he can't. Even though Lincicum was just as ineffective, Billingsley, as we can see, is reverting to his all-too-familiar pattern: effective for the first three or four innings, then duck! But we've paid for him, so we're stuck with him.
Speaking of major league infields, Steve, can you tell me why Dan Uggla is playing for the Braves instead of the Dodgers? I've never seen or heard an explanation. What did I miss? Was it money or prospects, or lack of both?

Furcal or not, this team was dead from the first game of the season, especially from a fan's perspective. Yes, they won opening day, but they have "NO" idenity. Show me one superstar on the team; it's not Kershaw, Kemp, Either, or anyone else. Kershaw is a promising young picture, but far from Roy Hallady, Tim Lincecum, Ubaldo Jimenz, etc. I won't go to another game until they sign such a player. This team lacks excitement, their boring like the new manager, and those owner's name McCourt, what a joke. I mean, the guy has to borrow money to make payroll, what's wrong with this picture?


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