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Not even Kershaw can stop the slide as Cards hand Dodgers fifth consecutive loss

Photo: Dodgers starting pitcher Clayton Kershaw tries to work out of a jam against the Cardinals in the second inning Saturday night. Credit: Jeff Gross / Getty Images

Fifteen games into the new season, and there is little about the Dodgers that threatens to become dependable. At least not in a positive kind of way.

Even Clayton Kershaw -- the young, dynamic left-hander with electric stuff -- is not quite ready to be filed under reliable. Did we mention young?

The Cardinals on Saturday treated Kershaw pretty much like they treat all Dodgers pitchers, chasing him in the fifth inning on the way to an easy 9-2 victory before another small Dodger Stadium crowd, this one 31,614.

It was the Dodgers’ fifth consecutive loss and it dropped them to 6-9.

After a 1-2-3 first inning, Kershaw labored the rest of the night, the strike zone seemingly an unsolvable mystery.

The Cardinals loaded the bases with one out in the second, before Kershaw was able to pitch out of trouble. They loaded the bases with one out again in the third, and pushed one run across. They scored one more in the fourth after Kershaw walked the opposing pitcher, Kyle McClellan.

Through the first three innings, Kershaw had already thrown 80 pitches; McClellan had thrown 40.

Kershaw (2-2) finally came undone in the fifth, surrendering a three-run homer to Allan Craig. He left the game having thrown 111 pitches in 4 2/3 innings, 66 for balls. He walked five and struck out five. He had walked only four in his first three starts.

The Dodgers are a team built around pitching, but during their five-game losing streak they’ve given up 38 runs.

The Cardinals have scored 29 runs on 48 hits in winning the first three games of this four-game series.


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-- Steve Dilbeck

Photo: Dodgers starting pitcher Clayton Kershaw tries to work out of a jam against the Cardinals in the second inning Saturday night. Credit: Jeff Gross / Getty Images

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The Dodgers are still going to win maybe seventy games, thirty of them at home against second division talent, so (fans) don't fret about entertainment value. Looked like a light crowd tonight. Plenty of room to switch to better seats mid-game. Watch out for the cops, though. Easy in and easy out of the stadium. Maybe they'll do the "half-off" food and drink thing for night games too. They're gonna need some good promotions to fill those seats, since competitive baseball isn't going to do it. Enjoy, Dodger fans.

Clearly I don't know baseball. Sure I am a 50 year Dodger fan and season ticket holder for 30 years.(stopped that when Con McCort leased the team). You see Orlando Hudson was a good hitter. Ryan Theriot was a lifetime .290 hitter before he hit .245 as a Dodger. Well they are both .300 hitters now. Funny how every Dodger had their worst season last year under Donny Baseball as the hitting coach . Soooo let make him manager. Also never mind keeping a .300 hitting 2nd baseman who can cover some ground. Let's go get a fat guy who has hit under .250 4 of the last 4 years. Urebe is great..150 hitter. Oh by the way how is Russell Martin doing ! Who cares we have a 3rd stringer starting and he is pounding that bill under .200. Don't forget our 10 home run, .250 hitting 1st baseman loney. Great job Ned. Lousy at first, 2nd, 3rd, catcher,left a manager who appears to be in a trance and a owner who had to borrow money this week to make payroll.

The once proud Dodger franchise is the laughing stock of baseball. Thank you Bud Selig and Fox for letting Con McCort rent this team into oblivion. Just makes you want to spend your money to get mugged, harassed by police and watch a 95 loss season.

You see Frank the fans always get the last word. 31,000 on a Saturday night with the Cardinals! Back to Boston Birney Madoff McCort!

Steve-I hope that you plan on doing an entry about Colletti not being concerned and blaming the inept offense on having "faced good pitching." This honestly gets more pathetic by the minute.

29-9 so far and Carpenter tomorrow. Haaaaaaaaaaaa. Surreal.

I bet you there wasn't even 31,000 there. They always count the season ticket holders who don't show up.

As the McCourts saw the opportunity to snooker the buying of the Dodgers, FOX, as reported recently in the Times, was losing money on the Dodgers and saw the opportunity to dump the Dodgers, I believe that the entire blame, for this mess, rests at the doorstep of Bud Selig. It is still on his doorstep.
The McCourts and FOX took this advantage due to a weak commissioner and his henchmen and all his other henchmen MLB owners.

Isn't it funny how players come here and are lousy, and then go elsewhere and do fine. This has been going on for a while, and it just goes to show the problem is not so much the players, but management and coaching and ownership. I would bet if you take any one of these current Dodgers and surround them with talented players like the Yankees have, they would fit in fine and have really good years. I also think some of these current Dodgers can't wait to get out of here because they have eyes and they see that ownership doesn't have the money to run this team properly and they get discouraged and then tank. Stay away from the stadium and force McCourt out!

6 wins, 9 losses - only 6 teams worse in MLB
.251 batting - 18th in MLB
.313 on-base - 20th
5o runs - only 7 teams worse
8 HR - only 4 teams with fewer
21 doubles - only 5 teams with fewer
4.98 ERA - only 3 teams worse
.284 opponents batting - only 3 teams worse
22 HR allowed - the most, nobody worse
.470 opponents slugging - only 2 teams worse
.344 opponents on-base - only 5 teams worse


It's early in the season, and the Dodgers are losing, and Dodger Stadium is looking like a ghost town.

N.P., this is what I meant our discussion about ck not (yet) being ready for prime time, let alone prime ticket; wasn't the dudgers putrid offense giving up those 5 earned runs in less than 5 innings more than doubled his era.


The dudgers came into this series with an better record (6-6) than the Cardinals (5-7)... so much for that; now 6-9 soon to be diez compared Redbirds 8-7 become nueve.

Pitching was supposed to be this year's 'strength'... the Cardinals came to LA having scored 58 runs in 12 games; they've already plated half that just the 3 days here.

For STL walk in the park today, dudgers roll out billingsley (7.71) & lurking there in the wings relief (i.e. firemen we didn't burn up during the Saturday night massacre) is cormier (11.57) and (speaking of Jimmy Dean's Pure Pork Sausage) big bad jon (big jon.)

Go dudgers *yawn*

As long as McDork &n Dread try & build the best back up team in baseball, this is what we are stuck with & it's up to the fans to NOT GO - with less & less turns of the turnstiles, maybe, just maybe McDork will feel the pressure, or Selig will step up & make him sell the team!
This is SoCal, L.A., & we deserve a better team, a competitive team & what is going to happen, as I predicted the past 2 years, is the few bright spots here, are gonna bail & who can blame them. And if the "owner" ever coughs up money for a legitimate Closer, another SP, a slugging LF, a solid Catcher, why would they want to come & play for a loser with no hope in sight!
It used to be, & rightly so, that bonafide stars in this league wanted to come here - those days are long gone.
I do have to yet again stand up for Loney - the majority of people here are riding him for his lack of power; again, geez (!), he hit all of 36 HR's his entire 6 year minor league career & had 11 his best year - he is NOT a power guy, & only after his own then Manager, the clown of a GM in Dread the media & fans jumped on this mythical bandwagon of his lack of power, did he feel the pressure & falter. It's the 3rd week in & once you all lay off him, he will be back to his career .285, 90+ RBI stats!
The big problems have been again, Dread as he should have known that Loney is a Mark Grace type of player, thereofree, he NEEDED to sign a slugging 3B, not miss 34 games with a charley horse Blake! Not Blakes fault, but he is not a prototypical 3B that usually have power. no, that was just one of many Dread's bone head moves.

Dallas - I believe Loney was 2 for 19 with RISP headinging Saturday night's game. Whether you're Juan Pierre or Albert Pujols, that's dreadful. Loney at this point in time is undefendable IMO.

even Steve Carlton, despite ALL of his individual brilliance in '72, could not salvage the "garbage-heap" of a team that was the '72 Phils!!!!!!

thus, hardly any hope at all, then, for the FAR less-talented (in comparison to "Lefty") to "right" this sinking "duds" ship??????

29 runs is a lot of runs in 3 games but you have to give some credit to the Cardinals for their fine offense, that knows what they're doing when they come to the plate. Watching the Rockies, Giants and Cardinals offense manipulate the Dodgers makes me wonder how come this team doesn't learn anything from it. I'd say it's time to pay attention and stop worrying about the pitching.

Two weeks in 16. Everybody in the Card's lineup caught fire a few days before coming into town. Berkman, Pujols, and Freese have 11hr and 50 hits in their last 8 gms alone. Your point is valid but every ace will have days like this. Halladay had one against Giants last year when they were below .500 and not hitting at all so i am not disuaded when Kid K gets roughed up by the 3 hottest hitters in baseball. You and I shall find many things to disagree about all year and always look forward to the new prose. Almost as much as I will look forward to Kershaw getting his first CY.

I hear ya Labeldude, & agree that right now, he sucks, as does our ahem, "closer", but I am defending his major league history w/ the Blue, not his first 15 of 162 games.

Well, thanks to a boneheaded move by LaRussa to not walk Kemp to pitch to Uribe, Kemp rips a winner for the Blue!

& so unfairly, Jonathan-never-met-a-piece-of-food-he-didn't eat- Broxton gets the win ?! After a brilliant game by Billingsley, the FatMan comes in & allows the go ahead run, yet he will score a W - something wicked(& wrong) this way comes!

First it was the SF Gnats & their physical errors handing us the wins, now it's a dumba$$ mental error, thankfully so, by LaRussa that allows the win!

Maybe, just maybe, this will be a kick start in the right direction ? Not sure, as I feel they just don't have enough horses to win the Division.

Didn't get to see it all, but did Blake get another day off again today ? What a joke; 15 games in & he has played in what, only 10,11 so far ? If we had a better option, then fine, but they are not paying him his millions to sit.

Respectfully, I'll submit

Blake was activated on the 6th, has played in 7 of 11 since. He's 8th on our salary list, making $5.5M.

By comparison, Furcal is making $13M and not playing at all. Why no bash him?

Cause he's injured, like Casey was? Just sayin' - keep it real. I wish he'd play every day too. I also wish Kuo could pitch consecutive days, but he's had injuries to the tune of 4 surgeries so you have to protect your investment when they come back. I'm glad they protected Kuo, but even he's not pitching now either.

The ones who are not injured, who are just playing horribly, they're free game.

Steve and others still not convinced of Clayton's greatness, you have to understand that not even Halladay, or Lee or Lincecum or even our great Koufax or Hershiser shut down everyone every time. Come on, it's one start against a team that is hitting lights-out right now. Who has come up big for us time and time again over the last few years? Kershaw? Who pitched shut out ball for us in 2009 when we were ready to choke on the Rockies? Kershaw. Who won that 1-0 nailbiter at SF last year in mid-September? Kershaw. Just another trivia fact. The three worst performances by Brox last year had to be: 1) the meltdown against the Yanks in June that started the slide, (2) the four run debacle against the Phils after they were ahead 9-2 going into the eighth, and 3) the three-run jack that he gave up to Uribe at Dodger Stadium in September. Guess who lost out on a WIN in each of those games? yep, Kershaw.

I, for one, alan, have bashed Furcal - her won't dive for balls, he won't even try to lay down a bunt(ya know, top of the line up, your speed guy, etc.) & attrition is indeed his enemy.

But Blake was not on the DL, he just chose to take several games off for a charley horse ? Again, he's not doing a lot of running, stretching hikts, stealing, so a true team guy takes no time off for a charley horse, w/ the exception of maybe an OF.

Blake, among so many MLB'ers, NFL'ers & NBA'ers, could learn a lot about team play, heart & soul from the LA Kings Drew Doughty, the young blue line phenom. He took a puck to the mouth last season, lost teeth, took stitches in his mouth & this was during the game & he came back, finished the game, & never missed a game - that happens to most other athletes of the other 3 sports & they do not finish that game, they also take many games off, if not going on the DL or IR ! I have seen it time & again over the some 45 years of me watching & coaching sports.

Baseball, basketball & football players are wusses compared to hockey players. & yes, there are exceptions, but those are few & far between.


just to clarify, from the Dodgers MLB site

March 30
Los Angeles Dodgers placed 3B Casey Blake on the 15-Day disabled list retroactive to March 22, 2011. Lower back pain.
April 6
Los Angeles Dodgers activated 3B Casey Blake from the 15-Day disabled list.

But I do respect the opinion to which you are entitled.


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