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It's a whole new Steve Garvey if he has Ron Burkle in his group to buy Dodgers

Photo: Billionaire Ron Burkle. Credit: Andrew McPherson. It’s getting so hard to trust your employees these days. One minute they’re saluting, the next leading the palace revolt.

Steve Garvey is currently in the employ of Dodgers owner Frank McCourt, working as a member of his marketing and communications department. Mostly he makes appearances at community and corporate functions.

Garvey, however, has bigger things on his Dodgers mind than acting like some Las Vegas greeter. He has the biggest of things. He has the whole thing.

Photo: Former Dodgers first baseman Steve Garvey. Credit: Los Angeles Times.Garvey has said he has put together a group that wants to buy the Dodgers, which is curious on three levels: 1) His own sketchy financial past; 2) He currently works for McCourt; 3) The Dodgers are not for sale.

The last probably requires the addendum, "not yet anyway.''

Major League Baseball taking control of the Dodgers away from the financially strapped McCourt has everyone assuming -- hoping -- this will lead to their sale.

And Garvey wants in. Now at first blush it might be easy to dismiss this. Garvey has had serious financial problems in the past. And he’s been talking about having a group to buy some baseball team for more than 20 years.

He had a group that wanted to purchase the Padres in 1986  -- while he was still their first baseman. The next year he said that group, minus himself, was interested in buying the Seattle Mariners. It got to the point where Commissioner Bart Giamatti had to ask him to zip it.

Now, though, comes a bit of news that could alter the entire Garvey-wants-to-buy-a-team-again routine. The Times’ Bill Shaikin reports that Garvey has teamed up with billionaire Ron Burkle in an investment group that would like to purchase the Dodgers.

This, is they say, is a game-changer. Burkle is reportedly worth more than $3 billion, which would immediately put him at the head of the list of potential owners with serious moola. Not that he’d be alone. Shaikin said billionaires Alan Casden and Alec Gores are also preparing bids.

They don’t, of course, have one of the most popular Dodgers of all-time heading their group. Not that we know of, anyway.

Garvey told Shaikin he would be the managing general partner of his group, otherwise known as the guy who runs the team. Then he might get a little more choosey about where to make those public appearances.

-- Steve Dilbeck

Photos: (Top) Billionaire Ron Burkle. Credit: Andrew McPherson. (Bottom) Former Dodgers first baseman Steve Garvey. Credit: Los Angeles Times.

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I read about Garvey's financial problems and, as bad as things are with McCourt, I hope that Garvey does not get control of the team. Gavey does not like paying his bills especially to the small business service provider. Sham on him! Garvey's bill-paying issues do not appear to be an outlier. Message to MLB: Do not approve a sale to any group which includes Garvey.

Whatever. I am sick of the what-if scenarios being dreamed up everywhere these days and writers thinking it's newsworthy. Right now with so much uncertainty it's painful to hear all this conjecture. I don't want to hear about the would be conclusions of hopful thinking three moves ahead. How about tell us something that would appease our foremost hope - how to get rid of McCourt so the team can be sold. How is Selig's actions taking control of the team going to truly get rid of McCourt for good? Whether Selig takes over control of the Dodgers or not, McCourt still owns the team, so how does that work? Huh? Somebody please tell us what is the strategy here? How will they convince the thick stubborn man to surrender? With guys like Sorboroff around, he'll just keep bobbing and weaving and thinking he still has a chance. My god, can't someone stop this thing, where's the ref with standing eight count? Someone just please throw in the towel already!

Garvey could be our Nolan Ryan.

3-0 minus McCourt!

Frank, you need to face the music and get the heck out of town, with the best offer.

Garvey is an admited cheater and probably one of the first in baseball to dabble in steroids to build upper body strength....

Steve Garvey as Owner increases ticket sales.

We miss you at first, G Train!

Garvey, I'm afraid, is McCourt in sheep's clothing. Same persona, same shaky financial ethics.

But trying to get McCrap out, you know he's going to sue MLB, will be like trying to get Nixon to resign back in the Watergate days. Nixon, stubborn & defiant & delusional (similar to McCrap) did not leave until a close friend, Bebe Rebozo, finally convinced him to do so for the good of the country. It is doubtful McCrap has any real friends with his narcisstic personality to tell him to get out for the good of baseball & the Dodgers. Perhaps it is time for Lasorda, a Dodger Vice President, to step in and tell Frankie boy to hit the road.

Mr. Garvey,
Any chance you can reimburse me for covering some of your past due bills with my checking account before you buy the Dodgers?

I cannot stand Steve Garvey. I know that some people think that he is "Mr. Dodger," but I always felt that he was pretty much of a self-promoting phony and hypocrite. He thought he was going to run for governor, until his various sexual indiscretions destroyed his self-created image as a pious straight arrow. To me, this is not about his morality, it's about his self-styled phoniness.

I do not at all fancy seeing Garvey back in the limelight. I don't have any reason to think that he would be a good owner, or that he indeed knows anything about running a club, hiring a good GM, etc. However, intuition tells me that after suffering through the interloper McCourts, Dodger fans really want someone connected to the earlier regimes. I think that is a mistake, actually. The glory days of the Dodgers were actually the '50's and '60's, with the Branch Rickey people, not the overhyped Lasorda era. What I most remember about Garvey is him laying down a bunt in the ninth inning of a game totally out of reach, just so he could keep his hitting streak alive. Most of the Dodger players did not like Garvey at all, seeing him as all about Garvey.

We do not need Reggie or Stevie or some other ballplayer involved. We do not need some half ass owner of the Brewers or White sox or some other character from Milwaukee. AN WE DEFINITELY DO NOT WANT buddie TO EITHER RECCOMMEND(excuse the spelling) OR HAND PICK THE OWNER! We know what happens when buddie gets involved the sport expands, dilutes and owners make money and fans are left lacking. The last time buddie hand picked and ENDORSED an owner, we got frankie and jamey and they got us neddie and lots of bad acquisitions! buddie finally did his job and now we need him to stop overdoing his job!He probably won`t let Mark Cuban buy the team. buddie wants to run baseball on the cheap and make fans PAY THE MAX! We want and need an owner who is sick and tired of the Dodgers losing And we need an owner who wants to compete for the World Series not the nl least. We need an owner who wants to compete and beat theYankees in the World Series more than he loses to them. AND ABOVE ALL WE NEED AN OWNER WHO WHO IS NOT CUT FROM THE SAME CLOTH AS buddie and frankie. IN OTHER WORDS "NO CON MEN OR WOMEN NEED APPLY"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!By the way Philadelphia spends more than 60 mil more on salaries than the Dodgers and look at the talent they have. Only Kemp and Ethier coud crack their starting lineup. That city is the sixth or seventh largest city not the second largest. How do they get the money? THEY DON`T HAVE frankie AND THEY KEEP buddie AWAY!!!!


McCourt + Garvey = 2 Jokers?

Please, no, not "Garv". Steve was and probably still is the very definition of narcissist. He made the NL All-Star squad as a write-in because he, his then-wife and their friends mounted a gargantuan write-in campaign on their own. Then Garvey acted all surprised and self-effacing when he was announced as the starting first baseman as a write-in.

Where is Eli Broad? He must be worth gazillions. He could buy the team, then install Peter O'Malley to run it.

And oh yes, if Selig still hasn't decided whom to appoint to take over running the team in the has to be Peter O'Malley.

Something that will be coming out soon, McCourt was about to strike a deal with Time Warner to name Dodger Stadium, Time Warner Field!

Thank you Bud Selig!

"If I see you back in my court room again Mr. Garvey, it's going to be in an orange jumpsuit."

LA Superior Court Judge to former Dodger Steve Garvey.

McCourt should take the best offer, take the money, and run. Garvey should roll around Palm Springs in a rascal with an oxygen tank, and admire himself in the mirror. MLB baseball should beg and plead Dusty Baker and/or Mike Sciosia to save the franchise.

In the pix of Garv above, it looks just like a face my ex-father-in-law made.

I never liked nor trusted him either.

Let's take a poll on Garvey, probably my least favorite Dodger of all time. You would find that his popularity among Dodger fans has been greatly exaggerated.

I want Mark Cuban to buy the Dodgers. I loved Garvey as a player, but have heard too many negative things recently about him and not paying his bills.



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