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Is Casey Blake the best fit for Dodgers in the No. 2 hole? [poll]

Casey Blake returns, Casey Blake bats second in the lineup.

Well, that was the plan.

Awkward and odd as it seems. There is almost nothing about Blake that screams ideal No.2 hitter. Not his speed, bunting history, on-base percentage (.320 last season) or age (37).

Then again, there is something about Blake that whispers No.2 hitter -- all the other choices. Which is to say, there really aren’t many. At least not truly viable ones. The way this team has been constructed, even at his age, even needing his power contributions, Blake seems the best of a bad lot of potential No. 2 hitters.

Tony Gwynn Jr. or Jamey Carroll can move into the that spot when they start, although it should be noted Gwynn has a lowly career .300 on-base percentage.

-- Steve Dilbeck

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Can we vote "none of the above"?

I think Kemp is going to hit better than Ethier this year therefore Loney who has better bat control can bat ahead of Kemp and Ethier.

Gwynn Jr. could make a good #2 hitter but I'd prefer Thames in LF and Blake batting second.

Watching Tony the Tiger Jr hitting in the 9th against Colorado, the game within reach if he would hit, without any confidence he would, and he didn't, he looked so constipated at the plate, unsure from second to second what to do, tight as a drum, do i swing, do i take, and it was just so sour. He wonders how fans in Dago will greet him Friday, considering they cut him because he wasn't up to the standards of Padres hitting, and they explode in laughter that the rich fat Dodgers picked their reject up, and let him hit in the 9th with the game within reach, hoping he would come thru for them as if they didn't know he hasn't yet for any team.

So the Dodgers play him despite his inabilities, and now it's June and July and they suddenly realize they operate in a delusion they thought couldn't be so, that he HAD to have had ONE great hit in him, when it was clear he didn't, and they cut him, wasting half the season on a prayer, as they do with a number of prayers they continue to play.

Steve, you left off the fifth choice:
(5) Who cares, this team sucks.

Gwynn should bat lead off followed by Furcal:

Gwynn CF
Furcal SS
Ethier LF
Kemper RF
Loney 1B
Uribe 2B
Barajas C
Blake 3B
Kershaw SP every day

This is moot, like Labeldude says. By the way, can anybody tell me why Dan Uggla is playing for the Braves, and not us? Seriously.

Uribe can't hit. Blake can't bat second. Carroll should bat second and play second. We are a fourth place team. Deck chairs on the Titanic.

I pick (5) this team sucks and who cares.

Blake @ #2?

what a joke.



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