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Hiroki Kuroda caps a good night for Dodgers in 4-0 victory in second game

Dodgers2_300 Sometimes, things just go right. It helps, of course, if you’re playing the offensively challenged San Diego Padres, but still, it’s not like the Dodgers did not make contributions Saturday night.

Their biggest came from right-hander Hiroki Kuroda.

Having used seven pitchers in the suspended game that started Friday and ended Saturday in 11 innings, the Dodgers needed Kuroda to eat up some innings in their semi-nightcap.

And Kuroda came through big time, coming within one out of throwing his first shutout in almost three years as the Dodgers won 4-0 at Petco Park in San Diego.

After a long Friday night that had four rain delays before the game was finally suspended, Saturday made it all worthwhile for the Dodgers. First they won the suspended game, 4-2, and then they came back to pretty much handle the Padres in the regularly scheduled game.

Handling the Padres might not be the challenge it was last season. They have the least imposing lineup in the National League and Kuroda almost attacked it with glee.

Through six economical innings, he held the Padres to only one hit. Kuroda had two outs in the ninth when he clearly tired, giving up a pair of singles.

Kuroda gave up five hits, struck out four and walked two. He threw 117 pitches.

Jonathan Broxton, who picked up the save in the first game, came on to get the final out. After he walked the bases loaded, San Diego's Chase Headley was called out when he ran into third baseman Casey Blake as he tried to field a Cameron Maybin grounder. That gave Broxton a second save for the day.

The Dodgers collected 14 hits. Andre Ethier had three hits, a pair of RBI and his first home run. Matt Kemp had three hits and three stolen bases. Jamey Carroll had three hits and Tony Gwynn Jr., who drove in the winning run in the suspended game, had two hits and two stolen bases. They also left 14 men on base.

James Loney and Gwynn made several nice defensive plays, the bullpen rested, and the Dodgers are 5-3 and feeling a little better about their weekend.

-- Steve Dilbeck

Photo: Dodgers starting pitcher Hiroki Kuroda works against the Padres on Saturday night in San Diego. Credit: Lenny Ignelzi / Associated Press

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I got to say it's nice to win, there's nothing like it. Especially in the fashion we won these two games. Like Barry Manilow's, "I made it through the rain." It seems like once we pulled the first one out the rest was easy. Thanks to Kuroda and Broxton. Oh Shucks, the who team was great.

The extreme partisanship of the San Diego establishment, not just the Padre fans but civic leaders, broadcasters on sports segments of the news and just about everyone else, makes San Diego a poor town for enjoying baseball. Particularly antagonistic toward the Dodgers, and not just in a sporting sense either, it is often a disgusting display of poor sportsmanship. Once the Padres are out of he running for a post-season spot any season, almost no baseball news gets into the local "sports" news round-up. It gives me the feeling that these are not just very local fans, but poor losers, too. Team rivalries are normal, abundant in the game, and fine. But what I find in San Diego is a mean-spirited anti-Dodger sentiment I have not found elsewhere. It may be a 'Padre Town', but is certainly not a baseball town.

As long as "16Blows" aka "1900" doesn't post here with a long winded, say nothing piece no one reads (no, I don't read it either, it just bugs me how far down the page I have to scroll to get past your "wisdom")

Party atmosphere for thousands of Dodger fans at Petco Park in spite of the rain. GREAT alternative to Dodger stadium and a LOT cheaper! Padre fans are down on Frank McCourt and Dodger Stadium just like Dodger fans. Otherwise very fun and very safe.

Nice game by Kuroda. I was impressed that Mattingly let him try and finish it off. JoJo would never have done that.
14 hits, several walks and an error for all of 4 runs - troubling, but expected from this lot.
Jonathan Broxton - the Don Stanhouse of the 2010s.

Me thinks he doth protest too much - for one doesn't care; truly a love/hate relationship fandom... mine as theirs dudgers.

: )

Like dudgers afield - first in the hearts some, second best their place the West and third wheel any hopes post season date...yeah, I got a million of em (same number excuses as the dudgers/fandom, ad nauseam.)

And let's not forget that Uribe went a combined 1 for 10 in both games. Is there actually a good reason for him to be playing instead of Carroll? Maybe someday Uribe will hit a home run? Someday? Maybe? Or is it just that you can't sit a multimillion dollar player - makes you look sort of silly.


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