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McCourt satisfied with Dodger Stadium security despite 'tragic' beating of Giants fan

Frank-mcourt2_375 Dodgers owner Frank McCourt called it "tragic" that a San Francisco Giants fan was beaten and critically injured in the Dodger Stadium parking lot on opening day, but McCourt said he was satisfied that the Dodgers have done everything they can to make the stadium as safe as possible.

"You could have 2,000 policemen there, and it's just not going to change that random act of violence," McCourt said Saturday.

The injured fan, a paramedic from Santa Cruz, is reportedly in a medically induced coma. The Giants players all signed a team jersey for him, and club President Larry Baer is expected to deliver it to the hospital.

McCourt said he had not personally reached out to the injured fan.

"What we have done is that we have reviewed everything that has happened," McCourt said. "First of all, let me just say it's tragic. It's very, very unfair to take what was otherwise a fantastic day — everything from the weather to the result of the game to just the overall experience — and to have a few individuals mar that. It's a terrible thing.

"Any human being doing physical harm to another human being, words can't describe how awful that is.... I'm not making any excuses whatsoever. It shouldn't happen. I'm quite confident that all of our measures were in place.

"You could have 2,000 policemen there, and it’s just not going to change that random act of violence."

The suspects that attacked and beat the injured fan remain at large. However, according to the Los Angeles Police Department, 72 fans were arrested and another 48 were cited on opening day at Dodger Stadium.

"One arrest is too many as far as I’m concerned," McCourt said. "I've got zero tolerance for poor behavior. Let's keep in mind: It's opening day. There's 56,000 people. That’s a lot of people. The incidents we had relative to that were very few.

"That said, one is too many. What I'm very, very satisfied with is that the people in the organization work extremely hard to provide a safe environment for our fans. Any breach of that, they take personally. It is very upsetting to them, because their job is to make this the safest venue in sports. They work hard at it 24-7. They really, really take this stuff to heart. They work really hard to establish the environment that we have promised our fans we will create."

As he has in all of his recent public appearances, McCourt declined to explain how he plans to retain sole ownership of the Dodgers amid significant legal and financial obstacles. Lawyers representing him and his ex-wife, Jamie, are engaged in ongoing discussions to settle a divorce that has left ownership of the team uncertain.

"I'll comment on all that at the appropriate time," McCourt said.

McCourt spoke at the dedication of a youth baseball field at Martin Luther King Jr. Recreation Center in Los Angeles, a project on which the Dodgers partnered with the LA84 Foundation and the city's Department of Recreation and Parks. McCourt reveled in the smiles of the kids playing ball all around him.

"Best part of the job," he said.

He thought about it, then slightly amended his statement.

"Winning the world championship," he said. "Next to that, this would be about as much fun as you could have."

-- Bill Shaikin

Photo: Dodgers owner Frank McCourt watches pregame festivities during opening day. Credit: Allen J. Schaben / Los Angeles Times

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McCourt covers up the violence many comment on, usually by adding, "I'll never return".

It is his responsibility to insure this does not recur, by stopping sales of beer by the mid-7th inning, which leaves plenty of time to sober up a bit.

Hoist by his own petard, as Vinnie might say: He makes the Dodger Stadium experience less attractive, even tho he needs every fan's every dollar spent at the park to pay his lawyers and mulitple mortgages.

DON'T GO. Don't reward McCourt for his abominable lack of caring.

Frank McCourt needs to spend some time watching a game in the bleachers. Maybe Frank should wear a Giants hat or an Angels hat. He'd wouldn't be nearly as flippant about the need to deal with a totally out-of-control situation with drunk, violent fans out there. It is not acceptable.

With all due respect, Mr. McCourt is deluding himself. While it may be true that no number of police officers can dissuade a determined assailant, the violence and crude behavior at Dodger Stadium is the product of not of premeditation but of alcohol and a cavalier approach to security. Attacks such as yesterday’s are the perfect opposite of “random”: they recur reliably and in a predictable pattern.

Identifying troublemakers is easy enough, but too often security or ushers are impossible to find (too busy elsewhere and understaffed?). Doubtless the two suspects were acting out during the game and could have been removed before the attack; if not, more and more active security patrols in the parking lot could have prevented it.

Where my 11-year-old son and I sit in the Infield Reserve section, offensive, misogynistic and occasionally violent behavior is the norm whether attendance is 56,000 or 26,000. I keep a sharp eye out for danger, but I’ve often asked myself whether that’s the best way to watch a ball game. I’ve called the Dodger hotline, called the front office and written Mr. McCourt directly (he didn’t respond), all the while waiting for improvements. They’ve not occurred and now I know why: “all our measures [are] in place.” Which means the saddest thing of all: it will, inevitably, happen again.

And people always wonder why they do not allow tailgate parties at Dodger games. It's idiot Dodger fans like these that mess it up for all the true baseball fans. Some people take this game way too serious.

I still think Northeastern sports fans and Raiders fans are worse than Dodgers fans. At least Dodgers fans only do this kind of stuff to Giants fans. Northeastern sports fans and Raiders fans do this kind of stuff to opposing teams fans of any team (even if it's a fan of a team that doesn't have any kind of rivalry with their team).

I cannot believe this guy! I hope the fan sues McCourt.

If you have enough police, this type of incident would not happen.

The Dodgers hire low level security staff. If they truly cared about fan safety they would spend some money on off duty police officers, which would maintain a higher level of security based on training and knowledge.

Frank McCourt is in way over his head, I cannot wait for this era to end!

Gee, of course he's satisfied. Dodger stadium is no longer a family friendly environment. Security is non existent.

Frank the Cuckold is satisfied eh?
gee .... that's great.

"McCourt satisfied with Dodger Stadium security despite 'tragic' beating of Giants fan"

- wow, just 'wow'...

"It's very, very unfair to take what was otherwise a fantastic day — everything from the weather to the result of the game to just the overall experience."

- i.e., other than that, Mrs. Lincoln, how did you enjoy the play?

McFrank wouldn't say **** if he had a mouthful.

A few years ago, while I was attending a Dodgers-Giants game at Dodger Stadium, a fan for one of the teams threw beer at a fan for the other team. Security guards, who apparently didn't see the incident, escorted the wrong person out of the seating area. This year's opening day attack only confirms, at least in my mind, that safety during Dodgers-Giants games has deteriorated since then.

Several years ago my family had a scary incident at Dodger Stadium. The security was laxed at the game and did not exist in the parking lot. A group of drunk young men were very threatening and the security did nothing. I wrote to the Dodger home office and they responded with a formula response indicating basically that they didn't care. We will never attend another game there.

I long for the good old days when it was a treat to go to the games, bring the family or a date and enjoy the game.
I long for the days when there was a mature usher in white shirt and tie and straw hat accompanied by a young mini-skirted usherette in each aisle. The ushers were unionized and totally professional.
I long for the affordable food and souvenirs, healthy atmosphere (despite the rest room problems) and well behaved crowds.

My last several trips to the park have been disasters and it will be a long time before I go again.
I have witnessed all out brawls between Raiders type fans and Giant fans that left me, a totally innocent bystander covered with two cups of thrown beers and being knocked over by a body flying though the air in the brawl while three young ushers in their Bwana Bob outfits stood watching, cheering and eating peanuts. This while trying to protect the kids I brought.
The next time, I was escorted out after a brawl over beach balls where a whole section gave testimony that I was not the person who did anything wrong.
Another time it was being harassed by a family behind me out of control with obnoxious kids out of there seats, hitting beach balls and a parent threatening me when I complained along with many others complaining to the rent a cops who were worthless.

Please - a new owner and go back in time to the 60's or 70's

As a Giants fan who moved to Southern California, I've been looking forward to going to see my team for quite some time. To support my Dodger fan co-workers and friends, however, I have declined attending any games because of McCourt's poor handling of the ballclub. While I hate the Dodgers, any Giant fan will always be grateful to the O'Malley's for helping prevent my team's move to both Toronto and Tampa Bay.

Because my team won the World Series, I decided to to bit the bullet and attend Opening Day this year. We paid a good chunk of change to sit in field level seats, but refused to pay $33 for "preferred parking," as that is an ABSURD amount of money to charge anyone to park. During the game, I was told that I would have to pay an additional $5.50 for a cup of ice to go along with the $5.50 bottle of water I purchased. Insane and unnecessary. Also, no recycle bins.

The game ushers were quite kind to us, and we accepted the good natured ribbing by fans. It's a rivalry, and I know the San Francisco end of it. I have no complaints on this end, although I was not showered with beer and peanuts, which seems to be a common complaint by other Giant fans who sat in other sections.

What I did not expect, however, was to return to an auto in a poorly lit area while I listened to Dodger fans shout that they were HUNTING Giant fans. I was spat upon, and that maze that is that parking lot made it difficult to find our auto so we could find some safety. With no police officers or security in a poorly lit parking area - you know, the $15 part - McCourt should realize that this is a DANGER, especially to fans of an opposing rival. Even Candlestick Park had much much better lighting, and I never had problems with auto vandalism despite the very poor neighborhood that sat across the fence. I could even find my car in the bloody fog, sitting out close to the bleachers.

Frank McCourt is shame to Los Angeles baseball, and I say this as someone who DESPISES the Dodgers. He should not be allowed to rape a storied California franchise, and then turn around and close his eyes as fans of his own team complain of how dangerous it is to come to the game. Moreover, this clown should put up a reward to help find the perps. Instead, it's been the Giants who have been trying to support their own.

I hate the Dodgers, but I love my state. GTFO, McCourt.

Bill, we're all doing our best to keep the peace at the park. Also, I was misquoted. I didn't say I have zero tolerance for poor behavior, I said I have zero tolerance for poor people. Let's get that straight, ok? I'm sorry the Giants fan was injured, it's a terrible tragedy. But that shouldn't stop people from coming out, paying a reasonable rate for parking, enjoying their expensive ticket and buying food, beer, candy, cotton candy, hot dogs, Doyer Dogs, sushi, and assorted delights. A fun time at the park includes visits to our many gift shops, and buying official, MLB licensed Dodgers gear. Mini season ticket packages available too. Don't be a zero, be a hero! See you at the ballpark!

I don't blame McCourt for this, even though he allowed his organization to cater to the filthy gangbangers who comprise a large part of game attendees. The organization is not concerned that thousands of white people have turned in their season tickets and will never set foot in the stadium again - they make up the money for that by raising concession/parking charges.
Stevie Wonder can see that it's the mexification destroying society, up to and including what was once called America's Pastime.

Time for a class action lawsuit by season ticket holders for lack of adequate security and a safe enviroment in both Dodger Stadium and it's surrounding parking lots.

Here’s the really insane part to all this. At six of their upcoming “Throwback” games this season, the Dodgers are offering half price food INCLUDING HALF PRICE ALCOHOL. Pick your jaws up off the floor in disbelief. Just do a search on these three words, “dodgers throwback alcohol”. How much of a brain do you have to have to see that, based on history, if anything happens that is alcohol-related at these games, there should be CRIMINAL charges brought against McCourt for reckless endangerment. Half-price alcohol? What could possibly go wrong???

It sickened me to learn that a baseball fan who happened to be Giants fan was severely beatend at the ballpark while leaving the game. Baseball is suppposed to a sport where fans can cheer their respective team without fearing for their life during or after the game. I pray that the injured fan recovers 100%. Too much alcohol and testosterone leads to violence in anywhere.

A variety of questions for you fellow Dodger fans reading this as well as for the LA Times' writers---and Frank McCourt, too:
Why has McCourt and Dodger management NOT reached out to the Giant fan who was beaten on opening day?
WHY didn't writer Bill Shaikin---or SOMEBODY at the LA Times---ASK McCourt the above question?
Why is there NO security to be found in the Dodger Stadium parking lot AFTER games?
If the above question is wrong (I haven't seen any security) then WHERE EXACTLY is the security located AFTER games at Dodger Stadium (like many of you I would like to know just in case!!!)?
How much security is on the premises BEFORE---DURING---and AFTER each Dodger game?
Why hasn't the LA Times ASKED Dodger management the above questions?
Finally, WHY do you folks reading this STILL frequent Dodger Stadium if an unprovoked threat of violence can be found there around ANY corner at ANY time to threaten and harm your person, property, loved ones and friends---in the stands or parking lot? Be honest---we have all seen it in person there at one time or another.
I have better things to do and feel I am smarter than to pay top dollar to enter a baseball stadium to possibly watch a fan---maybe me---get their head bashed in. How about you?
I have had it. Boycott Dodger Stadium until MLB makes some positive changes---it will be worth the wait.

I suppose that it's either a little ironic or a little MOronic that the Giants gave a jersey, an item displaying to the world that its wearer is a Giants fan, to a person who if he hadn't been wearing Giants - related apparel might not have been assaulted.

Hey Frank why don't you hire the 2000 police officers first. And then see if it prevents that random act of violence.

Like other here have said, if your "security" had done their job during the game then maybe those two creatures would have been removed from YOUR property before they committed the CRIME.

But why invest in safety when you can invest in houses, haircuts, and Russian psychics.

They should do away with the Viva Los Dodgers joke!

I was there on opening day, watching all the knuckleheads nodding off in the stands. There was noticably less LAPD presence this year. As was previously stated, Frank is trying to make money to pay for lawyers and a lavish lifestyle instead of paying for security. Even the souvenier cups for soda have been cheap since he bought the team. I remember I would get a soda and the cup was big, heavy plastic with a heavy straw that would last me all season at work. Now, the cups are thin, cheap plastic when they do have them. Anyone remember, the 1st 3 days of the season, there would be a bunch of 1/2 price merchandise? What happened? My prayers are with the Giant's fan. The barbarians that are allowed in public is disgraceful. Hey you thugs, go grab your spray cans, go do what you do, and let us show the world that Dodger fans are not pigs like you.

I cannot believe the Dodgers "McCourt have not offered a reward for the arrest of the suspects of the beating...

It seems that every facet of the team has disintegrated under the McCourt regime. The atmosphere at Dodger Stadium is down right scary in some sections. McCourt needs to sell the team to someone, anyone who will return this franchise to its former prestige.

so I notice, the stands yesterday at a Saturday Giants/Dodgers game were half full. used to be, even when one of them wasn't the world champs. it would be sold out. I WAS a dodger fan and I felt threatened walking out after a game. Never again.

You would think that Frank McDodger love killer would have an answer to the parking lot mess after games considering that parking lots was his biggest money maker. I remember last year there was a car filled with thugs trying to cut and bully their way through the exit line instead of patiently waiting like everyone else. My car had been stuck in this exit traffic for over 20 minutes so I wasn't about to let these thugs cut in front of me. Bad of the guys flashed a gun at me while another got out of their car and threatened to kill me. Luckily the line picked up and I was able to drive off but not before they managed to chuck an empty beer bottle at my rear window.

I am disgusted and embarrassed by McCourt's reaction. What a completely insensitive jerk!

So, 1 out of every 500 attendees was either arrested or cited by police? Classy Dodger fans.

Let us pray for Bryan Stow, the injured Giant fan.... I do wish that Mr. McCourt would up the reward and also personally visit Bryan and his family members at the USC / County hospital. The Dodgers should offer to pay all non-covered expenses of Bryan's treatment and rehabilitation as well as lost wages.

As for the police, I would suggest some "sting" operations. Get like ten LAPD officers to pose as Giants fans, wearing Giants jerseys and hats, cheering for the Giants, etc., then walk slowly out, while others watch from a few feet away, and pounce on anybody who attacks them. Are they man enough to do it?

As for Mr. McCourt, I have noticed a dramatic improvement of Dodger stadium in the time since he became the owner. I applaud him and his staff for this. I'm a disabled person and it is SOOOO much better for me now with my mobility scooter. Used to be, there was a virtual hostility for disabled people, but now I feel VERY welcome, and I will not stop coming to Dodger games. Gotta have my Dodger Dog baby!!!! And oh, by the way, Go Dodgers!!!!

I don't condone such excessive violence, but it wasn't THAT long ago Giant fans were throwing things at Dodgers players, in the outfield in particular.
9 volt batteries, for example, could blind a person if it hit them in the eye.
And what team was it that dumped beer on our players? All of these assualts happened more than once. Add that Juan Marichal clobbered Dodgers catcher John Roseboro over the head with a bat during a game... Dodgers
did not respond in kind against Marichal or any other Giants player to this day.

I didn't go to any games last year, I'm not going to any games this year as long as FMC is in the Owner's Box I'm not going again. His cavalier attitude and cost cutting measures are responsible for stupid things like this, get a clue and get out of town-

I am a life long Giants fan- I go to many games every year and have since I can remember. I live within blocks of the park and can attest to the safety of our stadium. I have walked home several times after games and have never feared for my saftey.

I have seen poor behavior over the years from all sides. The Giants/Dodgers is a love hate relationship/rivalry. The owners LOVE that it fills the stadiums up every time we play each other..cha ching. I cannot say what happens in your stadium as I have never been there but at our stadium there is a noticable amount of security/police at those partiular games. over the years it has gotten a bit more intense. Our stadium takes measures to create a less hostile enviroment- not allowing people who do not have a standing or bleacher ticket to loiter in that particular area. cutting beer of at the 7th inning and so forth.

Now Greg below did mention some things that have happend. Yes they are awful, but thowing a battery and getting your head bashed in are hardly comparable. I can see you are a loyal fan but lets get real here Greg.
Of course we have some idiots up here too.... I am curious whose stadium has more reports of crime?

I can recognize that those particular incendents are not the WHOLE fan base- we cannot take each action and assume each person is that way. I can say however I will not support games that involve the dodgers until Mcourt steps up to the plate and takes some responsibility for his buiness. Frank McCourt is just as big of thug as the lowlifes who injured our fan for wearing a jersey....

norcal socal hardly seems to matter at this point.

donate if you have a dollar to spare.

The Dodgers are in so much DEBT as it is!! This FRANK guy is a JOKE!!

Some powerful heart-felt letters here. I find Martin's letter to be especially eloquent. I think any intelligent person can piece together the evidence and see that this tragedy, like a thousand tragedies before it, isn't some "random" thing, but could have been prevented. Clearly there were major, and I emphasize major, problems at the stadium long before this vicious assault. Clearly the Dodgers organization made little serious effort to address those problems. Why didn't the organization make the effort? Because ownership didn't make it a priority. Why didn't ownership make it a priority? Because they knew it would cost money to buy excellent, highly professional, well-trained security rather than a bunch of $9.16 an hour people, and also, because ownership didn't have a true sense of stadium conditions. Why didn't it have a true sense of conditions? Because getting such a sense would have required serious, gritty, sweaty labor outside the confines of the ivory tower. Go read histories of any number of disastrous "accidents" and you'll find very similar patterns. In sum, the assault on the Giants fan is NOT a "random act of violence" but the logical (and terrible) outgrowth of a systemic, long-term, festering problem. I hope the family of the Giants fan gets some really good lawyers who call lots of witnesses who can tell stories like the letter writers here, and who call witnesses from parks where conditions are safe (to show it CAN be done), and, of course, who haul this preening lightweight in front of a jury, and grills him til the courtroom smokes.


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