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McCourt gets $30-million loan from Fox

Frank-mccourt_350 Frank McCourt took a $30-million loan this week from Fox to meet the Dodgers' payroll obligations, according to three people briefed on the arrangement.

The arrangement is expected to cover the Dodgers' expenses into next month. Commissioner Bud Selig has yet to say whether he will approve a proposed television contract between Fox and the Dodgers, which McCourt has presented as a long-term solution to the team's financial troubles.

The loan marks the second time since the end of last season that Fox has provided money to the Dodgers' owner so he could cover expenses. The loan was furnished to McCourt personally rather than to the Dodgers, according to the people briefed on the deal.

Those people spoke on the condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to discuss it publicly.

Steve Sugerman, the spokesman for McCourt, declined to confirm the deal or discuss its terms.

"The team is meeting its financial obligations as it always has," Sugerman said, "and will continue to do so."

Major League Baseball had no comment, spokesman Pat Courtney said. A Fox spokesman did not return calls for comment.

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-- Bill Shaikin

Photo: Dodgers owner Frank McCourt talks to former All-Star pitcher Don Newcombe during Jackie Robinson Day at Dodger Stadium on Friday evening. Credit: Stephen Dunn / Getty Images

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"The team is meeting its financial obligations as it always has," Sugerman said, "and will continue to do so."

- 'TEAM' Fox...

This is the last straw! As a long time dodger fan how can MLB let this storied franchise continue to be run by McBankRupt ? Is a joke, so what the heck happens for June , July, Aug, and Sep to meet payrol? We obviously anit going to playoffs so no need to mention Oct!

ANOTHER bail out. Fox OWNS the Dodgers now. Wait until the paperwork comes out when McCourt declares a sale has already taken place. MLB will not be able to stake it out in court with Fox and the Dodgers will be owned again. Could this team's ownership turn into any more of a joke than it already is?

DANG IT McCourt !!

You've donn NOTHING but screw up the Dodgers !!!

LEAVE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I've been there---done that!

No comment at this time on this matter.

If Frank can't make payroll, Jamie would be in a better position to leverage Frank to sell the team. Why would attorney's for Jamie McCourt allow Frank to loan personal assets to the Dodgers? Indirectly she would be taking on debt.

Fox wants the cable rights, but for the sake of Dodgers fans, they need to stop mudding-up the waters and stay out of this mess they helped to create.

He had to borrow money just to meet payroll?? For only one month?? What happens after that? What's it gonna take for Selig to take the team away from McScum?

Bud Selig will you please take away this beloved storied franchise from this man!

Great. Fox keeps a dying ownership situation alive a little longer in order for those of us who have lived and died by the fortunes of the Dodgers since 1958 to suffer a little more. Bud Selig, in the interests of the game, take over this debauched franchise before it threatens the remaining credibility of Major League Baseball. And, it's great the loan was made to he can buy another Malibu beachfront property!

This guy is leveraged to the hilt, he's broke.

Please do LA a favor and sell the Dodgers, it's getting embarrassing.

Frank McCourt was going to miss a payroll without this loan. Amazing that this storied franchise is on the verge of bankruptcy. A little more chewing gum to plug up the gaping hole at the hull of this sinking ship.

With Fox lending frankie this much money, I get the feeling frankie`s bosom buddy, buddie, with a wink and a nod has probably given tacit approval to the big deal frankie and Fox have going on. This means buddie you know the bum, who engineered frankie into ownership of the Dodgers is not going to do his job and get rid of this rotten human being, and I am being charitable whenever I call frankie a human being,therefore we the fans of the Dodgers, whats left of us, will have to live with the mccourt dynasty.So I guess we can`t count our chickens before they are hatched. Dodger fans get ready for being even more depressed than you already are.

The two worst Dodger owners in history colluding with one another. YIKES!

Frank is such a scumbag. If Fox wasn't concerned about losing the Dodgers to the coming Time Warner Cable channel programmed on the backs of the Lakers, they would let this j-hole drown in his own debt. And Jamie sucks too.

This just makes me sad. I have loved the Dodgers my whole life. And to see this happen to them and MLB doing nothing makes me angry at not only at Frank McCourt but for MLB and Bud Selig to allow this. I'm done with the Dodgers and MLB until they do the right thing and jettison Frank McCourt. This is an embarrassment.

This dbag should have to sell off some mansions to meet expenses. Worst owner in sports by a mile.

Boycott the Dodgers. Don't watch them on TV and don't go to the games. It is the only way to get rid of the current owners and to get rid of Fox.

Please, please, someone tell me, what on Earth is it going to take to make this bozo leave LA? Pitchforks and torches?

Good f'n grief!!!

Help us Eli Broad!! Save us Peter O'Malley!!

RE: meeting financial obligations as it always has

Do correct me if I'm wrong, but the Dodgers are not known as borrowers. Not until frank showed up. "Always has" is not correct.

This is pathetic...Please SOMEONE save us from this guy!!!

I'm not much of a Dodger fan, but damn, I feel bad for them at this point. McCourt is like some kind of new age Donald Sterling. At least the Clippers never had a storied history to be completely driven into the ground. What is going on with the Dodgers has become absolutely tragic. Good luck with getting a new owner sooner rather than later Dodger fans.

Fox + Dodgers = GO ANGELS!


oh i spelled some words wrong, frank you are under .500 as a owner what hurts more? ohhh, that stings!

Who is Fox? Is Fox a person, Bank or other business?

this is so sad the Selig and baseball allow this storied franchise to operate in such a sordid fashion. if they have clauses in all player's contracts to act in the best interest of baseball..........why do they allow this franchise to be run into the ground with barely money for baseball; no money from concessions as the crowds are half the amount announced; and no financial support for the general manager to support the team on the field. the elected officials need to exert pressure on the commissioner's office.

Boycott the Dodgers. Don't watch them on TV and don't go to the games.

My jersey is staying in the back of the closet until new ownership is in control of my team. Get out of My Town, Frank.

Fox loans money to a team owner, to buoy a future billion dollar deal? How long before there's an investigation of MLB? Fox isn't a bank or investment firm, so how does McCourt rate a bailout? If the Dodgers tank, could Fox end up owning the team again? Weird soap opera on the Fox network.

Does this fool actually think that he will continue to own this franchise when everyone in this city hates him? Dude...get a clue...get while the getting is good. Why doesn't he just borrow money from his two sons? They get paid $400,000.00 per year on the Dodger payroll for doing is in grad school at Stanford, the other works full-time for Goldman Sachs. These people are unbelieveable.

Attendance is already down 3,000 seats a game. The way the Dodgers are playing (under a rookie manager's lead), and Loney and Uribe are hitting, we can expect more empty seats. I love the Dodgers as much as anyone, but I refuse to patronize Dodger stadium until FOX and McCourt, two scum bags if there ever was one, or two, or whatever, are out of Dodger stadium. FOX is an evil corporation! McCourt stinks!

Your dad was right about you, Frank. You ARE a loser!

The only solution is to stay away from this disaster. If nobody goes to games, he'll have to sell, whether he wants to or not.

Donald Sterling would be an improvement over this guy.

Know that the gangsters,the scared fans and the protesting fans will be staying away from Dodger Stadium,this will leave McCourt with less money. SELL SELL SELL!!!

God help us! If we ever do get a owner, how much of Frank's crap will they be buying in to? We could be screwed for several more years.

The shenanigan's of Fox, Selig, MLB owners and the McCourts need to be investigated by the FBI.

Someone (Bud Selig) needs to go to prison.

The Emperor's New Clothes.

I went to my first Dodger game in 1962. I saw Koufax, Drysdale, Wills and Sweet lou Johnson. Then in the 70`s we could gEt a ticket behind the plate for $6.00. You could take a date to a game and with parking, and a hot dog it was very resonable. It is a sad thing to watch this great franchise be destroyed by Selig, McCourt and those lowlifes. Whatever you thought about George Stienbrenner, to this day the yankees go out and get the best players. It does not always end up into a championship season but you are always in the hunt. I do not want to spend $500.00 to take my family to a game to watch Rod Barajas play.

Whoever called McCrook a "bozo" is right. That is exactly who he looks like and that is what he is--a clown. He is also a deluded narcissist. He insists that Dodger fans don't care about his divorce proceedings or how the team is run, only about championships and getting to the playoffs. Bozo doesn't think that the team's operations and winning are related?

He surrounds himself with people who tell him what he wants to hear, people who spin garbage to the public, thinking that fans will always flock through the turnstiles as they have loyally done for many decades. Remember Frank and Jamie McCrooks' grandiose claim of having four million in attendance per year? They didn't care about winning, only about keeping their pockets lined. That is what they thought about when they envisioned four million fans a year.
They lied from Day One as owners.

Frank McCrook insists that fans come up to him and say what a good job he's done in getting the team to the playoffs since he took over. His spokespeople insist that he is someone who is liked by others. Meanwhile, he has driven off scores of quality people from the organization.

I thought I couldn't detest the McCrooks' behavior any more than I did. But Bryan Stow's tragedy took it to another level. It could very well be that Frank McCrook's greed, incompetence, and plundering of the team's resources result in the death of a human being. Yes, it was two lowlifes who beat Bryan Stow, but McCrook's operations directly led to the circumstances that created the beating--skimping on security and selling as much highly profitable beer to unruly thugs as they could.

Remember how McCrook wouldn't take on Casey Blake's remaining $2 million in salary and it cost the team the prized Carlos Santana (whom they desperately could use right now)? That pales next to someone losing his life. These operations are criminal.

Sadly, just to save about $1 million in security, McCrook cut corners that led to those circumstances. Now, the Times says that having the LAPD at the games could amount to about $1 million McCrook will have to pay. If he had not cut corners in the first place, Stow could be walking around today, back at work and spending time with his family, where he belongs. In the end, McCrook ends up having to pay the $1 million anyway.

Well, at least fans are finally seeing the light and due to McCourt's pooping on tradition and cheaping out on payroll (while raising all other costs), and due to the stadium being a haven for thugs, no one's going to the games anymore. Half empty park for the Cardinals on the 2nd homestand? I love it! Let's get this botox'd phony out of town. The only worry is crypt keeper Bud will get paid off by McCourt/Fox and not do the right thing and oust this fraud. I urge all Dodger fans to voice their disdain for McCourt and NOT give him a penny of your money. I will not until he's gone.

For fans of the Dodgers, but not McCourt, check out Funny commentary on the most embarrassing owner in sports. If you can call it owning, when he hasn't put any of his own money into the Dodgers from Day 1.

Frank McCourt - the best thing ever to happen to the Dodgers.

It's McCourt's team NOT yours. You are fans NOT owners.

Move on to more important things in life.

And exactly how many times has McCourt taken the Dodgers to the post season and how many times did that happen since 1988 and the McCourt era?

Dodger fans are belligerent drunks.
Lets review... he built a winning team (bec. idiots- he needs the money and you folks going to the stadium into October)
He listened to you and paid for folks like Jason Schmidt, Andruw Jones, and Manny. All horrible contracts and he knew better but listened to you fools.

Then you complained when he let LoDuca and Gagne go. Bad moves you said. Heart of the franchise etc... both tainted with steroids. Both fell off when testing kicked in.

Now if only he had the $40mil he wasted on manny bec of you dimwits he might have found another REAL bat for the last year and going into this year.

In short- eat crow you all know nothing.

Bud Selig please step up to the plate and take action! This situation is grim and McCourt is in the corner with no signs of turning things around any time soon.
Batter Up!

30 Million. Another mansion for McCourt.

Boycott McCourt! Write the commissioner!

The Office of the Commissioner of Baseball
Allan H. (Bud) Selig, Commissioner
Address: 245 Park Avenue, 31st Floor
City: New York, State: NY Zip Code: 10167

The team is meeting its financial obligations as it always has," Sugerman said, "and will continue to do so."

'Always has' as in paying the kids to do nothing, buying a new house then paying the lawers?


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