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Four days later, where is the Dodgers' response to Giants fan being attacked?

The Dodgers took three-of-four from the World Series champion Giants during opening weekend, and it wasn’t the big story. It wasn’t even close.

That happened opening night, when a couple of thugs beat up a Giants fan and left him fighting for his life. The San Francisco Chronicle said the victim, Bryan Stow, who is in a medically induced coma, has had a portion of his skull removed to reduce swelling.

That this was a despicable, senseless act is pretty much a universal reaction.

Beyond that, though, the Dodgers have struggled mightily in their response. They’ve said little to nothing. Taken no action. Probably are misguidedly listening to some lawyer worried about an inevitable lawsuit.

Which is incredibly stupid. This is a time when Frank McCourt needs to step forward and not hide in the shadow of words and carefully written statements. Needs to be at the forefront. Needs to demonstrate he’s concerned, not just talk about it.

And you just don’t express concern and then proclaim how satisfied you are with Dodger Stadium security in the same breath.

"You could have 2,000 policemen there, and it's just not going to change that random act of violence," McCourt said.

Wrote Paul Oberjuerge: "Now there is a man out of touch. ... Frank doesn’t even grasp the depth of the problem."

McCourt has been rightfully pounded in the media for his financial maneuverings and so has taken to going into hiding from the media. The only time he talks is at charitable endeavors.

Which allows others to shape public opinion. And they’re not making him look good.

Los Angeles County Supervisor Mike Antonovich is the guy offering a $10,000 reward? The Dodgers aren’t the ones jumping forward here? A fund is being set up in the victim’s hometown to cover medical expenses? The Dodgers haven’t leapt at this first?

[Updated 12:35 p.m. April 5: Monday evening the Dodgers announced they had offered a $25,000 reward. In addition to the $10,000 each offered by the Giants and Antonovich, plus $5,000 offered from Stow's American Medical Response, the total reward is now at $50,000.]

Some lawyer probably whispered that would imply guilt and not bode well in a lawsuit. Damn the lawsuit. It’s the right thing to do. It would show leadership and true concern.

McCourt stands to lose a lot more income down the road by losing nervous fans if he doesn’t seriously recognize and address this incident and the overall problem.

A joint statement by the Dodgers, Giants, et al, was fine but painfully obvious. A video in the eighth inning of Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa sitting with Giants and Dodgers fans asking they all get along, just swell.

That’s not going to solve the problem, or help Stow. The moment calls for action. A time to be proactive. It’s OK to say we want to do more and will.

Oberjuerge noted an English soccer match was once a dangerous place to be, but a comprehensive approach addressing the problem has largely made it disappear. If there are lessons to be learned, learn them.

A man is clinging to life. The Dodgers are looking impotent, rudderless, befuddled. It’s a time for more than words. A city and a sports community await.

-- Steve Dilbeck

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The best response would be for frankie to walk around the giant stadium parking lot after a Dodger,giant game in SF. Donning a Dodger jacket!!!!!

This same thing happened to me and my friend Tom woodward about 15 years ago inside Dodger stadium, on our way out, we got jumped by 2 fans from the other team, my friend, tom was left unconcious and i suffered a broken shoulder. Dodgers security refused to do anything about it and I was forced to drive with a broken shoulder myself and my semi- concious friend to the hospital. We tried to sue The Dodgers, but the liablity release on the ticket stub according to the lawyer we hired, released them of all liability. I am a proud Dodgers fan, it is sad to see this happen to any fan of any team.

Frank better be concerned about these "thugs", they just might find him alone
and beat him for what he's doing to the this once proud LA Team!

dodgers and the raiders are in the same group now. What a shame...

Man shut up. Since when are the Dodgers responsible for the actions of kids outside the Ballpark. If some kids lit the hillside on fire on their way out would that be their fault as well? Please just shut up and stop lending credence to an act of stupidity.

The root of the tragic violence at Dodger Stadium lies within the Dodger's organization. They have had sufficient warning and time to develop an effective system to control criminal behavior that has permeated Dodger Stadium and threatens fan safety. Instead, Frank McCourt and the Dodgers are eroding fan safety and enjoyment at the ballpark for monetary gain. Recently announced promotions include half price alcoholic beverages and a new partnership with a Tequila company. Frank McCourt has avoided scrutiny of these dangerous business practices by providing gratuities to the Mayor and the LAPD through the Police Protective League with over $1,000,000 in free Dodger tickets in 2010 alone. There is an urgent need for a comprehensive investigation into Dodger practices by an independent agency such as the ABC or Attorney General who is already investigating the Dodgers for other questionable business practices.
Fans must cooperate for sure but the solution is to reign in the reckless business practices of Frank McCourt who has created an environment promoting alcohol driven unruliness inside and outside of Dodger Stadium. Left unchecked the community will suffer immeasurably.

I believe, regardless, that a lawsuit is inevitable. So, he/organization should have responded immediately.

Typical of McCourt. Security at the stadium has not been the same since the O'Malley's left. Fox started the trend to cut back on security and McCourt has gladly followed right along. No way is he going to let anyone from the organization do or say anything that will remotely blame the Dodgers.

Those public service announcements before the game on how to be a good fan and the "dial from your seat" security plan are a joke. How about NOT selling beer to obviously intoxicated "fans"? Are beer sales still banned in the pavilions and top deck? Thugs are going to be thugs, but if too much liquor is added to the mix, people are going to get hurt. I am not against having a beer or two at a game, I just think that the Dodgers have a responsibility to ensure fan safety by ensuring that drunk fans don't get drunker! McCourt won't restrict sales on ANYTHING...he needs the money.

Security personnel cannot bear the blame for this shameful incident. They can only cover so much ground. The Dodger management, headed by McCourt, need to quit burying their heads in the sand and realize that "Blue Heaven on Earth" is turning into the Coliseum during the Raiders heyday.


You've got a huge, dark parking lot that's not lit enough and doesn't have nearly enough security.

The security is minimal considering there are 50k people there probably 500 of them drunken criminals. They need at to AT LEAST double the security in the stands and triple it in the outside of the stadium.

The Cardinal Mahony of Dodger Stadium. Very sick!

I hope the victim will recover from the preventable horrific violent crimes committed against him that McCourt denies is preventable at all in his statements.

I also hope those criminals will be found ASAP and they're additional victim, the traumatized 10-year old boy will be found before they harm him more than they already have.

I will NEVER support the dodgers club, stadium or even mention them as a California team ever. Complete selfishness and greed is what this time is all about. Utterly disgusting that they still exist.

Think the pd should also issue some sort of an Amber Alert since those violent criminals have a 10-year old boy with them too. That boy is now missing because the those violent criminals have that little boy with them.
What are they gonna do next?

Such a pathetic response from McCourt. The man is a flat out jerk.

The very silence about which Dilbeck writes here is indicative of how catastrophically far the Dodgers have fallen. This used to be a class organization. But nowadays the underachieving product on the field is a natural extension of a front office that has earned every syllable of the vitriol thrown its way.

One has to wonder what Vin Scully must be thinking when he sees the way his beloved Dodgers have performed recently as a baseball team and as a corporate citizen. As a man who has exhibited nothing but class and consistency since before many of us were alive--who was representative of all the team stood for--he has to be sickened by how far the once-mighty Dodgers have fallen.

Great article!

McCourt is a disgrace. Not only as an owner, but as a human being.

I fully agree with your comments. Frank McCourt has the opportunity and responsibility as the owner to set the tone for fans and condemn the actions. At this point it is already too late. He should have immediately done it and sent a message that this isn't what the Dodgers or their fans are about.
The fans want to know they support a "good" team, not just on the field, but also in doing the right thing. Frank McCourt is once again, not taking the lead.
Personally, I think the Dodgers should offer a deeper reward for whoever turns in the culprit. i.e. Offer the opportunity to take Batting Practice at Dodger Stadium with the team and meet the team as a reward for doing what's right. Suddenly, the witnesses would come out of the woodwork.

Kudos to this blog and all the support the Dodgers fans have shown the victim and his family. The spirit of baseball is alive and well. I wrote about the incident that gives a different take on this.

When is the league going to take action against this incompetent owner?

As a lifelong Giants fan I am encouraged to see that there are many of you Dodger fans who are as disgusted as we are at the totally unnecessary and tragic violence that has ruined what used to be a great rivalry. This is not however an isolated incident. The current count of giants fans who have actually Died at the hands of Dodger fans is 4(that I know about) and very well could be 5. I think that I am even more troubled that there were many who just stood there and did nothing to help this poor soul as he was being beaten. This guy, an innocent who is a paramedic and a father may never hold his kids again not only due to the beating but in large part because no one stopped it. I have since made friends with a Dodger fan and we are standing together in solidarity to end this senseless violence. Maybe if we stop with the name calling and "coexist" we can actually bring our kids back to MLB games! Who of you has the courage to join us?

nailed it, steve

If they are not responsible "for the actions of their fans", then why is there security, and police at ALL games? OF COURSE THEY ARE RESPONSIBLE! MLB needs to hold them MORE responsible! MLB did NOTHING when the fan was shot & killed back in 2004, and it appears MLB, & The Dodgers are again going to NOTHING in Mr. Stow's case. When will this stop? And we're not talking about random fights, at Oakland football games, (where there is adequate security), but rather fans being killed and nearly killed at baseball game, in LA.

i am a giants fan who resides in socal and have attended games at dodger stadium since the late 80s, but have not been back since 2007 as a result of being spat upon and having a full bottle dropped on my head, from someone in the reserve seats.

the ushers did nothing....and security only responded after 30 minutes of everyone in my area (including dodger fans) pleading with them

what happened on thursday night was not an isolated incident and is indicative of the deterioration of the fan base at the stadium

this could be taken care of by increased security before games, making sure that no one is drinking in the parking lot, increased security inside the stadium and better lighting in the parking lot

however, none of this will happen until the league forces the current ownership to sell the team to someone who cares about the game and the dodgers as a franchise

i am calling on all giants fans to boycott future games until changes are made...and some video of the mayor of la chatting it up with fans...aint gonna cut it.

lighting the hillside on fire would be an isolated event. Search Youtube for Dodgers Stadium grassfire. Don't bother, there will be no results.

Now search "Dodgers Stadium fights" on youtube and see what happens. There hasn't been any grassfires at Dodgers Stadium that i know of but fights, throwing things at visiting fans and threatening them is common place. Once a pattern has been established it becomes negligent to do nothing about it.

It's called precedence. And it's been set.

Hey did you notice how great the weather was on Opening Day? Wow, what a great game.

Unless you happened to get your head bashed in.

You're right Steve a better response by the Dodgers is needed but also the culprit must be found and arrested. Those who know anything about it should speak up or they're just as guilty. His head hitting against something could've been an accident and the person who caused it would be better off speaking up. Whatever,
steps have to be taken to prevent this type of thing from happening again and most of all they have to give the victim the best of care. I can't wait for him to recover hoping he can remember what happen and who was responsible.

I got one response from the Dodgers that said "we're looking into it, GO BLUE" following a letter I wrote denouncing this act of violence and the Dodgers lack of a positive response regarding Mr. Stow. How insensitive can an professional organization be? I am appalled at how smug and actionless the LA Dodgers have been with regard to this issue. The Dodgers are now the biggest embarrassment in major League Baseball!

McScum has said next to nothing about this because he's been hiding from the media since divorce proceedings began. Most of the communication that comes out of his office is in the form of "official" prepared statements that are read by his spokesperson, Josh Rawich.

McScum has probably also been told by one or more of his lawyers to keep quiet because of the threat of a lawsuit, which has to be a foregone conclusion, whether the victim lives or dies.

I agree with those here who have said that it's time for MLB to force McScum out. I love the Dodger/Giant rivalry, but this has gone waaaaay too far.

When the Lakers win the title at Staples Center in June Frank McCourt needs to walk the surronding streets immediately afterward in a Celtics' jersey or Giants' jersey to better grasp first hand LA sport event violence.
Call it product research.

The Dodgers should be suspended until the two thugs are caught. Perhaps that might motivate the fan base to act like human beings since the team management are acting like cowards.

How sad it is that the paramedic found himself needing the paramedics.

@ Walt Kovacs: you say: "I am calling on all giants fans to boycott future games until changes are made...and some video of the mayor of la chatting it up with fans...aint gonna cut it"

I agree, and I hope Dodger fans boycott future games too until real and meaningful changes are made. I agree, the mayor of la chatting it up with fans...aint gonna cut it, nor does a telephone call. Words without actions are meaningless empty gestures.

I hope Dodger fans can see how their own safety is at risk too by continuing to contribute to this organization that seems to care more about their pocket books than any fan's safety. The proof is in the pudding.

Surely Dodger fans care about their safety too. Speak out with your voices, feet and wallets. And what about kids' safety "take me out to the ball game?"

Just another reason not to attend games - much safer, cheaper (no money to whatshisname/whatshername), better view than I can afford & a night of Vin Scully. Frank - you are making Donald T. look better & better everyday!!!

I would love to see the two organizations REALLY make a differnce and invite Bryan Stow's family to opening ceremony and denounce the violence and ask ALL the fans to donate to the Trust. What a nice helping hand the MLB organization could do.

Iodger fans will always be welcome at AT&T, but Giants fans who live in So Cal are probably safer just staying away from the stadium, which is sad. We just want to cheer our team, especially after waiting a zillion billion years for them to finally win the WS.

I wish a fast and healthful recovery for Mr. Stow. As someone who lives in So Cal, I am ashamed and feel betrayed that this has happened. When the game is over, we all live in the same state, no? Also, screw you and your dark parking lot, McCourt.

What really needs to happen is these thugs need to be found and sent to jail. For a long, long time. It is sickening that this could happen. For rooting for the other team. The victim wasn't egging them on, wasn't yelling the truth at them (that the Dodgers suck), and what's more, the Dodgers WON that night!? What's the f-ing point? These losers need to spend the rest of their lives in a 6x6 foot cell.

But rest assured, Dodgers fans. While you may be heckled, you are safe at AT&T park. Security is everywhere, and Giants fans are a tolerant, nice group of people. Come watch the Giants shelack the Dodgers next week with peace of mind.

If those that did this are reading, you are the worst scum on Earth and don't deserve to breathe the same air as the rest of us. Do the world a favor and commit suicide. Now.

Giants fan here.

You dodger fans are some funny people. Now, keep in mind that I'm generalizing. The problem with this situation not only lies with McCourt but it also lies with you and your fans. You guys need a scapegoat so you are blaming him. The problem is with the dodgers organization and ITS FANS for continuing to allow this type of behavior for however many years. I've gone to Dodgers stadium since 2001 (when I moved down here for college) and I've almost been jumped 3 times by the ese's and I've heard many many stories of other giants fans either being jumped or things thrown at them WITH their young kid. Here's the question, Dodgers fans, WHAT do you do when you see this type of behavior when your fellow dodger fans do this to us or other opposing fans? I havent seen f*n squat from you guys and now you guys are crying wolf and pointing the finger at McCourt?! Please, save the tears. Countless times I've seen this and you guys dont do anything about it. It's quite sad. I hate you guys as much as you hate me due to our rivalary but to allow someone to get jumped or have a person throw candy/popcorn at a 4 year old kid?! No offense but other than the Phillies you guys are something. I've many Dodger friends who wont take their own kids to dodger games because of these "ese's" and "homies" who come to your stadium and trash it up.

Before you blame someone for not doing something, how about you blame yourself for not doing anything. You are just as guilty by watching someone get beat down or if you are the one beating someone down.

Oh, I know what you guys are going to say. "Every teams fans have a bunch of bad apples." Very true. I see it at every park. But there's something called consistency and this type of "accepted" behavior at your park is very consistent.

Steve, when someone takes "subsequent remedial measures" to diminish a danger, this is not an admission of legal liability.

A well established doctrine in the law, the purpose of which is to get people to do the right thing, one that is in society's interest, without acknowledging blame for an event that already took place.

Thus there is no liability-related reason to hesitate to improve stadium-area security.


Hasn't been the same since the O'Malley's left. The McCourt's are court jesters.

Blame the media for instigating this Dodgers/Giants rivalry every year. They always mention the fights whenever they preview their games.

Hey Dilbeck when are you and the rest of the media going to start accepting some of the responsibility for the part you all play in this. For years you folks write at length about the rivalry as though it was something to be proud of. Prior to the first game, you and the rest of the press couldn't say enough about how Giant fans were going to fly banners over Dodger Stadium. Ever get a chance to listen to the Giant play-by-play announcers? They can't seem to get enough vindictive swipes at the Dodgers and their fans. You guys light the fires and then walk away and point at the consequences. Nor are the problems limited to Dodger Stadium. I'm a Dodger fan that lives in the Bay Area. I've been spat at, had my cap stolen, had beer and food thrown at me and when I complained to the ushers they basically said the fans were just having fun. I no longer attend games at AT&T. So you now want us to listen to you all and behave - we will if you will.

Thank you, Steve. My friend Bryan appreciates it.

My concern: Why hasn't anybody in SoCal written about the throng of Dodger fans who surrounded the beating as they walked to their cars? I'm pretty familiar with the demographics that made their way out of the stadium on Thursday night. Apparently NOBODY bothered to try to stop the kicking of my friend Bryan's skull when he was down. Apparently nobody tried to catch the guys as they made their way to a vehicle with a female driver and baby inside? Would it be a stretch for me to say that there may have been actual CHEERING going on?

Jason Steffan

Giants Fan Here,
Thank you for this article. I can hear the sadness and disgust.

I will not be attending any of the Giants/dodger games until MCCourt steps up. I love my boys but will not promote such disgraceful behavior from an organization- Our team stepped up before the dodgers??? WHAT IS THAT?!?! I wonder would MCCourt allow any of his family to walk the parking lot after the games? Would Frank himself? tisk tisk Frank...

As I have stated in another comment on another thread, I live by the ballpark here in SF and have never felt it unsafe to walk home or out to the parking lot. It sounds like a zoo at your stadium and how sad and unfortunate for your fans and your team! I can see this rivalry that has continued on well past New York days for both and will continue on and on. I just hope the thugs of both cities do nothing more.

we now have a fan who is in need of help. Donate

My sign on our home opener will read Shame On You Frank.

This situation needs to be addressed by Frank McCourt, the owner of the team, NOW. He needs to be a team leader to nip this kind of stuff in the bud!! Sadly, I don' think he will do anything significant.

It's always easy to blame Frank for everything, and indeed he does deserve some blame. But it's time we fans start looking at ourselves. Frank's options have come down to: 1. Allow Dodger Stadium to become more and more unsafe 2. Turn it into a police state. That's it. The only way we can find a middle option is if the fans start taking responsibility for themselves and help remove all of that hostilty that has grown at Chavez Ravine. The occasional attack is bound to happen sooner or later (short of that police state), after all this is LA, but there's no reason so many fans must feel so uneasy about being in "Blue Heaven on Earth."

Jolo is racist,calling latinos eses.I hope this poor guy recovers and they catch this hooligans

Yes, they can take a stronger stance against this kind of senseless hooligan behavior. No team should put up with it. The newspaper is not doing Dodger fans any favors by painting us all as aggressors when it is obvious it is a small minority that is to blame and it happens all over the country and the world. Then again, why have balanced reporting when you can sensationalize any story? What's next, Dodger fans caused the earthquake near Japan?

Blame the media? Sure, why not? There are other solid rivalries out there in baseball, but this one seems to end in dead or comatose Giant fans every few years.

Let's not blame writers or broadcasters for reliving old tales of a storied rivalry. Some of us take in that information, admiring the rich history between ballclubs, without thoughts of knifing another fan. Whatever happened to personal responsibility?

Dodger Fans need to stand up as well. When a couple of Cowards decide to beat some guy nearly to death, it calls upon others to act - call security, call the police, stand up as witnesses, turn in the guys that ruin the reputation of all Dodger Fans, and Californians. Chavez Ravine will have the reputation as a Landmark that it deserves to be. - Sean

Blame the media? Sure, why not? There are other solid rivalries out there in baseball, but this one seems to end in dead or comatose Giant fans every few years.

Let's not blame writers or broadcasters for reliving old tales of a storied rivalry. Some of us take in that information, admiring the rich history between ballclubs, without thoughts of knifing another fan. Whatever happened to personal responsibility?

How about the Cubs vs White Sox rivalry that they promote in Chicago every year? Southside vs Northsiders. There were people getting stabbed and killed in this rivalry. Only because this dodgers incident made the news it becomes an isolated incident? Open your eyes!
How about when they reminisce about the rivalries by showing the fights that starts with the players Dodgers vs Giants. Remember that clip that they keep showing. I never knew that happened until they showed it every year to promote the next Dodger / Giants telecast.

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