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Dodgers Web musings: It's a running start


An aggressive looking Dodgers has the Web wondering:

-- The Times' Dylan Hernandez said after two games that Matt Kemp looks like a different player.

-- Hernandez also pegs the Dodgers' opening-day payroll at $95 million (with another $15 million in deferred payments), a significant increase from last year’s $85-million starting figure.

-- ESPN/LA’s Tony Jackson said new base-running coach Davey Lopes' fingerprints are all over the Dodgers, maybe more than Don Mattingly’s.

--’s Ken Gurnick also credits Lopes for the Dodgers’ early success on the bases.

-- Gurnick also writes that despite the progress of Casey Blake with his sore back, the Dodgers don’t want to rush his return.

-- The Orange County Register’s Mark Whicker says the buzz is missing from this year’s Dodgers.

-- Baseball Savvy’s Howard Cole has a new Dodgers blog up for the Orange County Register. The more the merrier. It's oddly named Dodgers Blog. Where have I heard that highly original name before?

-- ESPN/LA’s Jon Weisman visits with ex-Dodger Orel Hershiser.

-- The Daily Breeze’s Joe Haakenson said Mattingly appreciates a good rivalry but is disappointed that some fans take it too far.

-- True Blue LA’s Chad Moriyama takes a look at the early defense of Marcus Thames.


Matt Kemp-powered Dodgers defeat the Giants, 4-3

Dodgers' opening-day payroll increases

-- Steve Dilbeck

Photo: Dodgers center fielder Matt Kemp is safe at second with a stolen base against the Giants in the season opener Thursday. Credit: Christina House / For The Times

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Again the myth of teh evil, cheap McCourt runs up against the facts. Payroll is up, not down.

Look, McCourt is hard to like. This team has some holes and requires some real good breaks to compete. But the hatred thrown down on Frankie by some Dodger fans baffles me. He's done better here than Fox and Peter O'Malley. Look, Walter was a genius, but under Peter the team got progressively weaker and the stadium just got older. Under Fox it was a holding pattern. McCourt has spent money on Dodger Stadium, and produced to teams that were in the NLCS.

I don't want to be best friends with the guy, and I would prefer an owner with a better balance sheet and more class. Yeah. But I am not going to buy the Dodgers, so I can't bitch. And he IS spending a fair amount of change on salaries. I'm guessing 3rd place this year, with possibility to get lucky. And I'll be rooting for them. Fans who want to boycott? Weak.

Just saw this cute t-shirt at a local hospital ER:

I went to a Dodger game and all I got was this lousy brain hemorrhage, broken orbital socket and a punctured lung.

So now we got frankie`s pr guy writing in o n the blogs.

Send in the clowns? Don't bother... they're here.

* RE: the 'early' defense of Thames... you pronounce his name 'the mess', right?

Wrong... 'left' (or any field).

Until I saw him 'operating' last night, I'd believed Dr. Strangeglove retired decades ago... he's baaaaack.

* And on an (even) lighter note - Hector Gimenez had his first official at bat as an dudger last night. The 28 year old springtime 'phenom's' virgin ab with la blended some light comedy with black (and orange) tragedy.

Aft air conditioning the park with two swings Yazstremski would have been proud of but down 0-2 the count, Gimenez morphed into 'Jose Jimenez' as he dribbled one 72 inches recumbent toward a perpendicular Giant pitcher who treated it as if he were trying pick up an defiant mackerel... the Giants stepped back to chuckle & so now find themselves like Hector, down 0-2.

No need the dudgers hold bobblehead nights at Chavez (if ever wa$ a point celebrating the players haunt a sub .500 team) - if McFrank can line up Larry the Cable Guy to trio with Steiner & Monday in augment Thames and Hector 'Jim', well... now THAT'S entertainment.


And that was before I navigated the parking lot toward my car and came upon two guys dressed as dudger valets did 'embrace' me..

Are we supposed to get excited that the club still has a mid-market level player salary? Deferred, thy name is Frank.

Re: 'significant increase'

Well, for a midlevel market it would be. For the No. 2 market in America, its far below any reasonable bar that can be set even if you eliminate the Yankees' usual out-of-whack number. I'd say $95M is about $40M to $50M below where it should be, and that would be a sizable amount of talent from a GM and owner who know what they are doing.

Nope, not a myth on McCourt. Not by a longshot.

He knows parking lots, give him that credit. I mean heck, look at the deal he's got with the Dodgers lots leasing.


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