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Dodgers Web musings: Is the next lawsuit Frank McCourt vs. Bud Selig?

Mccourt_275 If it’s not one thing, it’s another …

The Times’ Bill Shaikin
writes that the protracted divorce of Frank and Jamie McCourt may be soon be over, but with one huge caveat.

It would require a new television deal with Fox, whick Shaikin said is "in the neighborhood of $3 billion over 20 years.’’ That would more than triple the Dodgers’ current television revenue.

The caveat, though, is that the new TV deal would have to be approved by Baseball Commissioner Bud Selig. Frank McCourt needs to the money to settle his divorce and service some serious debt.

Selig already turned down a $200-million loan from Fox to Frank McCourt, and can’t be thrilled about a huge chunk of the Dodgers’ income going to a divorce settlement as opposed to the team.

If Selig does not approve the deal, however, Shaikin said those in baseball circles expect Frank McCourt to sue.

As Shaikin noted, we could be close to discovering just had badly Selig wants Frank gone.

Side note: Not that anyone misses them as owners, but Fox would have been so much better off financially if they’d just kept the team.

Also on the Web:

-- The Times’ Dylan Hernandez said the Dodgers aren’t concerned about the early home runs given up by closer Jonathan Broxton.

-- A trio of The Times writers examines the reaction to the Giants’ fan being beaten on opening day, from both Los Angeles and San Francisco.

-- LA Observed’s Phil Wallace thinks the concern for fan safety at Dodger Stadium is a bit overblown.

-- Fox Sports’ Jon Paul Morosi said fans have to take their share of the responsibility for acting respectfully at sporting events.

-- The San Francisco Examiner’s Mike Aldax said in the wake of the Giants fan’s beating more police may be used at AT&T Park when the Dodgers arrive for a three-game series Monday.

-- The Beverly Hills Courier said the Dodgers are currently dealing with one lawsuit from a fan injured at Dodger Stadium.

-- Riverside Press-Enterprise columnist Gregg Patton said Broxton entering a game still makes for nervous time.

-- Daily News columnist Tom Hoffarth has a question-and-answer piece with Bobby Valentine, now an ESPN commentator, where he discusses the McCourts and his time with the Dodgers and Angels.

-- Long-Beach Press-Telegran’s Joe Haakenson said catcher Rod Barajas continues to be ecstatic about playing for his hometown team.

--’s Ken Gurnick talks to last season’s No.1 pick, Zach Lee, who will start the season at Class A Great Lakes Loons.

-- Minor league rosters are now set. Here they are for triple-A Albuquerque Isotopes, double-A Chattanooga Lookouts, Class A Rancho Cucamonga Quakes and the Loons.

-- Mike Scioscia’s Tragic Illness’ Mike Petriello examines the Albuquerque roster and notes all 13 members of the pitching staff have some major-league experience.

-- ESPN/LA’s Tony Jackson said it may be early, but the eight-game road trip the Dodgers embark upon Tuesday is still a big test.

-- ESPN/LA’s Jon Weisman writes the Dodgers’ bullpen is off to a rocky start, but still figures to be one of baseball’s best.

-- True Blue LA’s Eric Stephen reviews the Dodgers' opening weekend.

-- Sons of Steve Garvey’s anonymous Steve Sax gives a detailed look at the good and bad of Dodger Stadium from a fan’s perspective.

-- Register blogger Howard Cole wonders if injured Jon Garland returning to start on April 10 wouldn’t be pushing it.

-- Steve Dilbeck

Photo: Frank McCourt. Credit: Allen J. Schaben / Los Angeles Times

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It's time now for 'Attack the Messenger' (or at least his takes)

Today's comeuppance we deliver to Phil Wallace of LA Observed. Phil made these 'observations' regarding Dodger Stadium fan safety:

"I believe that these concerns are somewhat overblown."

- find a way to convey that to Mr. Stow (or those he might have left behind)...

"Maybe I'm naïve, but I've never felt unsafe at Dodger Stadium."

- Phil previously worked for the Tampa Bay Devil Rays (that explains it) where the greatest fear is rainy weather - and everybody knows 'it never rains in California, but boy don't they warn ya'...

"The perception of a problem is much greater than the actual problem".

- isn't it always until perception becomes reality and meets up with YOU?

C'mon Phil, you're reportedly an LA native... we are all diminished if even one be.

Why would FOX pay $3 billion for the broadcast rights when they could re-purchase the team for far less???

Bud Selig should tell FOX to hold off negotiations until ownership is settled/determined. This is already a mess and FOX doesn't need to make it any worse.

Why hasn’t Jamie’s attorney’s asked the courts to halt all negotiations of TV rights until ownership is determined?

Bud Selig & FOX are up to no good...Wait & see...


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