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Dodgers Web musings: If Robert Redford plays Branch Rickey, who gets to be Jackie Robinson?

Yep, that Robert Redford, he of the Wonderboy bat and Kim Basinger as his femme fatale.

The Times' Steven Zeitchik reports that Redford is set to play legendary former Dodgers executive Branch Rickey in a new film to be directed by Brian Helgeland, who penned the film "L.A. Confidential" based on James Ellroy's crime classic novel. The film also starred Basinger. Any excuse to mention Basinger again is a good one for me.

This new, still-untitled film will feature the relationship between Jackie Robinson and Rickey. Robinson broke baseball’s color barrier in 1947.

Now, who to play Robinson? If only Denzel Washington were younger. Any ideas?

Also on the Web:

-- A vigil was held Wednesday night for Bryan Stow, the Giants fan brutally beaten in the Dodger Stadium parking lot after last week's season opener.

KTTV/Fox has a report:

-- The Times' editorial page maintains that fans can start the turnaround in crowd behavior at Dodger Stadium.

-- The Times' Dylan Hernandez looks at Chad Billingsley's rough day in Denver.

-- Hernandez also looks at Casey Blake's return and says Manager Don Mattingly may play him some at first and sit James Loney against some tough left-handers.

-- New security adviser Willliam Bratton talks to KNBC/4 on his plans for Dodger Stadium:

-- ESPN/LA's Tony Jackson talks to Tony Gwynn Jr. about his return to San Diego on Friday to play the Padres.

-- LA Dodger Talk's Mark Timmons said the media has an agenda -- if only I could figure out what mine is -- and accuses it of plotting Frank McCourt's demise.

-- Steve Dilbeck

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RE: -- The Times' editorial page maintains that fans can start the turnaround in crowd behavior at Dodger Stadium.

Thank you LA Times editorial staff for letting fans know what to do if we find ourselves or someone else being savagely beaten at Dodger Stadium...."text 323-Dodgers...and security will be dispatched to deal with it." Great solution. Pure genius.

Tell the truth for once, LA Slimes. The "fans" who put Brian Stow in a coma were Third World illegal alien gangbangers

Redford playing Branch Rickey is like Denzel playing Rhett Butler. Is Redford going to put on humongous pounds like DeNiro did for LaMotta? Looking at the photo, I only see Redford with glasses.
I believe this movie is not about the trails and tribulations of Jackie Robinson but as a comeback vehicle for Redford.
The focus of the critics won't be towards Robinson but to the acting ability of Redford.

Bear with me while I shoot quips from the hip...

"If Robert Redford plays Branch Rickey, who gets to be Jackie Robinson?"

- of necessity, someone to help carry the B-list actor the JR character is to be paired with. Someone liberal enough himself to not be lost & drowned out result the overflow bleeding hearts would surely flood from bosoms.

In a word, an actor as ill-prepared for what lie ahead as Jackie was, a thespian with an unmatched ability to ignore the public's outcry... obama.

Naw, come to think of it, he can't play baseball either.

Politics aside - be some every industry - might require two actors play the part a young & old Robinson. Or maybe just one if the 'right' one is chosen.

Strictly based on visage, Levar Burton is an actor could probably pull off Robinson looks-wise with some makeup wizardry, even at his 50 - something status of late. Burton played another pioneer of sorts the movie - 'One In A Million: The Ron LeFlore Story' about the former Detroit Tigers player who overcame his set of circumstances.

"Any ideas?"

- back to politics, 'ideas' be non sequitur; Democrats don't want people to do that for themselves either.

In this day & age, nor sure how many post baby-boomer folks even recognize the name Jackie Robinson or what he suffered & accomplished... all the more reason to make the film.

Crap owners = crap security, Mccourt out of LA NOW!!!!!

plotting frank's demise? the media doesn't have to help frank, he's done a fine job all by himself.

I'll stop laughing and get back up off the floor but gimme me a minute, willya?

how 'bout Rob Brown playing role of Jackie......
Brown did fairly fine acting job in "Express" re: Ernie Davis, who was "first" African American Heisman Trophy Winner

Robert Redford = Branch Rickey?
I wish I got to experience that!

There are probably any number of unknown, athletic and able young African American actors who could play Jackie. Who knew who LaVar Burton was before "Roots?" What's wrong with Redford playing Rickey? I'm glad none of you are casting directors, directors or producers.
Looks like Mark Timmons drank the Kool Aid proffered by McCourt. The man obviously has no soul. Maybe that's why he thinks we should keep Frank as owner.

I vote for Spike Lee as Jack-ee

Amen, Maria!

the media plotting frank's demise? maybe, but i think frank is plotting it out just fine all by himself.

We all know Redford is a great actor, but he'd have to put on a few pounds to play Rickey. As for Jackie Robinson, I think he was about 5-11 and 190...a strong, solid guy. I have three candidates: I don't know how athletic they are, but how about Morris Chestnut, Omar Epps or Taye Diggs? Chestnut, who is one of the main characters on the TV show "V", looks like he's about 6-0 and 190. Epps is about 5-10, but he's not very big. He does have some experience playing a baseball character, though, having replaced Wesley Snipes as Willie Mays Hayes in "Major League II" Diggs is also about 5-10, but is also kinda small.

Jamie Foxx.

If he can play "Ray," winning an Oscar for it, he can play ball.

Jackie should be played by Rob Brown. He did a great job in The Express playing Ernie Davis. Given the number of famous black atheletes, Rob can make a career by just doing that.

Well, as long as they've mis-cast one role you might as well do the other...

I'm thinking Andre the Giant or Jackie Chan.

Great article!

Soul of the Game already covered this topic as well as anyone can, with better performances than anyone should expect of a new version. Unless this film turns out to be an all time great, something tells me it's going to fall completely flat.


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