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Dodgers Web Musings: Dodgers, Giants ask for cooler heads as series opens in San Francisco

Ljiov2nc It’s the cloud that hovers over the Dodgers organization now, that opening-day beating of a Giants fan that has left him in a medically induced coma and battling for his life.

It’s not just a local story, or a state story, or, after a lengthy article in the New York Times, even a national one. The world is watching.

Now the Dodgers head to San Francisco, where they open a three-game series Monday night at AT&T Park. And honestly, everyone is probably a tad nervous.

Knowing emotions are running high, the Giants will have extra security. As written by the San Jose Mercury News’ Dan Brown, both organizations have asked for fans to keep cooler heads.

At the Giants’ home opener Friday, there was a moment of reflection for the beating victim, Bryan Stow. Followed by a "beat L.A." chant. Just before the Giants played the Cardinals.

Tom Fitzgerald of the San Francisco Chronicle
examines the history of violence between fans of the two teams. Jorge Costa, the Giants' senior vice president of ballpark operations, told him he’s concerned about threats of retaliation posted on social network sites.

It all makes you nervous, uneasy. And hoping for the best, that at this time clearer minds prevail.

Also on the Web:

-- Sons of Steve Garvey’s anonymous "Steve Sax" writes that in the wake of the Stow incident, it’s time for the Dodgers to cancel plans for the half-price beer promotion for their six midweek day games at Dodger Stadium.

-- Hall of Fame baseball writer Ross Newhan  writes that explaining increased violence is a complicated topic. But he says stability breeds civility, and stability has been lacking with the Dodgers since Peter O’Malley sold the team.

-- Dodger Dugout’s Robert Timm
looks at the fan violence at Dodgers home games from a personal view, and compares it with his visit Saturday to a game at Petco Park.

-- The Times’ Dylan Hernandez looks at the Dodgers’ faltering offense after their 7-2 loss to the Padres on Sunday.

-- The Times’ T.J. Simers tries to tackle the seemingly impossible -- what it’s like to be married to Tommy Lasorda for 61 years.

-- The Orange County Register’s Howard Cole is concerned that Don Mattingly is a little too in love with the bunt.

-- Mike Petriello of Mike Scioscia’s Tragic Illness writes that Sunday's game looked awfully familiar.

-- True Blue L.A.’s Eric Stephen
notes that slumps are not exactly new to Juan Uribe.

-- Riverside Press-Enterprise columnist Gregg Patton says Tony Gwynn Jr. was the perfect hero for the Dodgers sweep on Saturday.

-- Former Register columnist Steve Bisheff writes his last blog.

-- Steve Dilbeck

Photo: Laurie Condren collects donations at AT&T Park for Bryan Stow, who was attacked at Dodger Stadium on opening day. Credit: Jed Jacobson / Getty Images

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if every dodger fan had their way frank mccourt would be sitting in those stands wearing dodger blue.... might be the only way we could get a new owner jk

Donnie has the even keel demeanor down to a science doesn't he?

Wish we could believe we're on pace for 90 wins. Just another example of numbers saying what you want them to say. For example, win tonight and we're on pace for 97.

Do hope that heads match our bats - cool and cooler.

Go Dodgers, beat the giants. Get Kershaw some run support. (hey donnie, that means don't play the tub of goo batting a-buck-11)

Why is no one asking the most important question to the Parking Lot Attendant's "beefed-up" security plan? How long will it be implemented?
For the rest of the year, or only until the media glare wears off on this ugly incident?? My fear is it'll be the latter...

I'm going to the game but not in my Dodgers gear...

Bryan is not a gang,... he doesn't have "homies" act that way.
No cowardly losers "parading" in Giant's Orange & Black!!!... (with Gold, now !)
Just plain old American past-time FANS!!! GO GIANTS!!! BEAT L A !!!

That was a nice article by SF Chronicle's Tom FitzGerald. Not all that I expected. I thought I would read about incidents that took place when the teams were in New York. But nonetheless a very well written and to the point article. Thanks for sharing Steve.

Beat L.A ? No i dont think so ... Dont get BEAT up in L.A


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