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Dodgers Web musings: Despite estrangement, L.A.'s love for the Dodgers runs deep [Video]

Catching up on the Web on a dreary Sunday morning:

--The best relationships survive the rockiest of times, and The Times’ Scott Gold and Reed Johnson write that Los Angeles’ love affair with the Dodgers runs too deep for fans to ultimately abandon the team.

--Manager Don Mattingly admits to The Times’ Dylan Hernandez that he probably should not have sent Matt Guerrier back out for the Dodgers’ fateful eighth inning Saturday .

--The Times’ Kevin Baxter looks at chapel service offered throughout baseball ballparks.

--Forbes’ Mike Ozanian writes that Frank McCourt has built up so much debt that there is only about $300 million in equity left in the $800-million franchise.

--In a video, "NBC Nightly News" looks at the plight of the Dodgers, with comment from L.A. Observed’s Kevin Roderick.

--Business Insider contributor Buzz Bissinger, of "Friday Night Lights" fame, takes a harsh look at Frank McCourt’s ownership (warning: adult language).

--The Hollywood Reporter looks at 10 Hollywood players who could buy the Dodgers.

--Despite the expected denials, ESPN’s Buster Olney says he keeps hearing that the one existing owner most likely to trade his MLB team to take the Dodgers is the Brewers’ Mark Attanasio (insider status required).

--ESPN/L.A.’s Tony Jackson sees encouraging signs from the Dodgers’ bullpen.

--In a video, Sports Illustrated’s Jon Heyman discusses MLB taking over the Dodgers.

-- Ross Newhan, the former Times Hall of Fame baseball reporter, writes a piece for ESPN/L.A. detailing how the McCourt ownership was in trouble from the start.

--ESPN/L.A.’s Jon Weisman and the Orange County Register’s Howard Cole look at the hot, if frustrating for Dodgers fans, start of Russell Martin for the Yankees.

-- Steve Dilbeck

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read gold and johnson's piece - nice timeline review I suppose... they get my approval since they interviewed my favorite Dodger ever, Ron Cey...and despite my stated bias, his comments do carry weight to what has transpired.

did not read tony jackson piece...let's get one thing straight - we don't have a bull in our pen; until proven otherwise, wusses we do have...guess that makes us have a wusspen

I do hope some bulls emerge. (or you can substitute the first vowel of the alphabet there).

beat the fish

Where's my daily Soboroff comment? Was looking forward to that for a laugh....

Tony Jackson is drinking the cool-aid. Even when Kuo comes back we don't have a situational lefty which ; even if the pen was loaded with can't miss studs(which it isn't), would put them at a disadvantage. A pen without a sit.lefty is like a car without turn signals. You may sneak through traffic alot but the chances of getting crushed by oncoming traffic are significantly higher. And as far as R. Martin goes there was never any doubt he was talented just that he couldn't do it here. Anyone in our lineup would be doing better hitting in the Yankee lineup with half of their games at the bandbox that is Yankee stadium. I think it is more telling of his personal deficiciencies that he has done what he has done the last few weeks and he never came close to doing it the last few years. Glad for him and glad we don't have to deal with him, just wish we'd got rid of him sooner when we could have got something for him, like maybe a lefty for the pen.

derek's right

clyde torkel does seem to be laying low


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