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Dodgers web musings: Can you believe in Dodger Stadium without believing in Frank McCourt? [Updated]

Frank-mccourt-stadium_350 OK, that’s not exactly what Times columnist Chris Erskine is asking, but he does make a case that the stadium itself deserves an open mind.

And with security expected to be at an all-time high in the coming weeks, Erskine figures it will be one of the safest places to hang.

Besides, he notes, Frank McCourt has good reason to get his house in order, because "there's too much money to be made at Dodger Stadium not to clean it up."

Also on the web:

-- Davey Lopes, meet The Times' T.J. Simers. Another love affair blossoms as Simers writes: "When I told him I expected more out of him than just time spent with Matt Kemp, he really got peeved."

-- The Times’ Dylan Hernandez examines the Dodgers’ failure to hold on to a 3-0 lead Tuesday against Tim Lincecum and the Giants.

-- A must-read from Joe McDonnell at Fox Sports as he shares how he and Padres Chief Executive Jeff Moorad survived different life-threatening bouts of flesh-eating bacteria.

-- Does Sons of Steve Garvey know about this? Steve Garvey is scheduled to appear at the Hall of Fame Classic on ... Father’s Day.

-- LA Weekly’s Gene Maddaus (via Kevin Roderick) wonders whom to vote for in Frank McCourt being sued by his previous law firm to basically prove they’re not incompetent. Writes Maddaus: "But the evidence suggests that Bingham's lawyers really are incompetent."

Maddaus thinks Jamie McCourt would have won even without the messy post-nup.

-- ESPN/LA's Tony Jackson writes that Tuesday was hardly the first time Chad Billingsley has struggled with a lead.

[Update:'s Mark Newman on an emotional Joe Torre paying tribute to his mother at Ellis Island ceremony.]


Chris Erskine: Don't give up on the ballpark, Dodgers fans

T.J. Simers: Davey Lopes is in Matt Kemp's corner, but can he help others?

-- Steve Dilbeck

Photo: Dodgers owner Frank McCourt takes in pregame ceremonies before the season opener against the Giants on March 31. Credit: Allen J. Schaben / Los Angeles Times

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Every ticket purchased prolongs the current ownership, as hard as it is to stay away, do it for the good of the team!

Frank McCourt has good reason to get his house in order, because "there's too much money to be made at Dodger Stadium not to clean it up."

Anyone who thinks Frank McCourt is a man of reason is delusional. McCourt didn't choose to get his house in order...the LAPD seized control of stadium security and put their own rules into play. Unable to explain his negligence and reckless behavior...McCourt has gone into hiding....or "on the lam" as some would call it.

Chris Erskine has no credibility as a sports columnist, as far as I am concerned. He's better off amongst the window treatments and throw pillows of the Saturday Home section, his first, and what should be, his only "home." God only knows what he's doing in the sports section. He turned me off with his very first column a couple of years ago when he showed no knowledge of the umpires in MLB, describing them as overweight and not athletic. He has since showed not a whit of knowledge of sports, but for some reason he still appears weekly. I stopped reading him a long time ago when his stupid observations became unbearably bad reading.
A statement like "there's too much money to be made at Dodger Stadium not to clean it up," shows his lack of knowledge of his subject, Frank McCourt. In fact, the only think Frank and I may agree on is that Chris Erskine isn't worth our time. Frank has let the Stadium go to seed and has been negligent in providing adequate security because he doesn't have the money to fix it. When he had the money, he spent it on himself.
Maybe Chris could bring Frank some paint chips so the "owner" can pick a new color scheme for the balance of the restrooms he hasn't bothered to upgrade yet. Or maybe give him some kitchen pointers so fans don't have to wait two innings for an overpriced Dodger Dog.
Chris Erskine. What a laugh.

The only good news is that the asking price for the Dodgers is getting lower and lower, which means the McCourts' marital/business settlement will be prolonged (more money for lawyers) and worth less and less. God is good.

Mccourt or beer isn't the problem....It's the gangster mob mentality that seems to be OK with the adults. Instead of standing up for what is right, they laugh. Low-life garbage.


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