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Dodgers to sign autographs to raise funds for tornado relief effort Sunday and Tuesday

Dodgers logo Several Dodgers players and coaches will sign autographs Sunday and Tuesday in an effort to raise funds for those in the southern United States who were hit by the recent wave of tornadoes.

Sunday the autographs will be offered as part of the Viva Los Dodgers Day celebration in Lot 6 beyond center field.

The Dodgers are encouraging a donation of $5. Those expected to sign include Manager Don Mattingly, and pitching coach Rick Honeycutt as well as Clayton Kershaw, Jonathan Broxton, Matt Guerrier, Lance Cormier, Marcus Thames, Tony Gwynn Jr. and Rod Barajas.

Tuesday autographs will be signed in what the Dodgers call autograph alley, the area leading directly to Lot G behind center field.

Cormier and his family live in Tuscaloosa, Ala., one of the hardest hit areas, and the Dodgers said he is spearheading the team's relief effort.

Also starting Saturday and continuing through the final three games of the homestand against the Cubs, fans can text "GIVE" to 80888 to make a donation to the relief efforts through the Salvation Army or call 1-800-SAL-ARMY.

-- Steve Dilbeck

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As soon as Steve Lyons started mocking the Padres in the pre-game show I knew we were finished. Why do they do that?

Now that Frank is a changed man, how much is he giving to the victims of the Alabama tornadoes? Or the man beaten up in his parking lot?

close friend and his girlfriend are in Alabama, she works as a patient's advocate primarily for children in Huntsville...they're ok, but their county is "obliterated"...his text day after was that she was encountering small children who suddenly not only didn't have a home, they also no longer have family....pray for your fellow Americans

I know that the donations from the autographs will look like a grain in the sand pile compared to the overall but congrats to the players for participating. Millions of people in the USA will always step up to the plate and donate money, time and the necessary items in time of a disaster, no matter where in the world.

@ Derek -$4,999 so he doesn't have to get approval & that way he doesn't have to use any personal money.
Hey Frank - once again your employees came up w/ a caring project. Guess you weren't out in front on that one!

No doubt this is part of McCourt's "sympathy campaign" so once he's thrown out of MLB on his ear he'll find sympathetic shoulders to cry on among the neighbors of his only house left who hate the commoners for what "we" did to him, when it was Booty what killed that beast.

Steve Lyons won't recognize that Broxton stinks. Kevin Kennedy had to tell him the other night that Broxton does stink. When he teams up Eric Collins, it's an embarrassment. Collins is not a major league broadcaster, but he works cheap. Disgusting. I put the game on "mute" when these two knuckleheads are on.
On another topic, I'm sure McCourt isn't even aware this autograph event is going on.
Hey Steve, can you tell us what actually went on in the right field Pavilion when Frank showed up and deigned to press the flesh and mingle with the great unwashed hoi palloi?


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