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Dodgers have another power problem, surrendering four home runs among 19 hits in fourth straight loss

Dodgers1_350If chicks still dig the long ball, they should come to a Dodgers game. Nobody gives up more home runs than the Dodgers.

A team that is supposed to be built around pitching, the Dodgers have shown an alarming early propensity for giving up home runs. Lots and lots of home runs.

They gave up four more Friday night, naturally falling badly in the process, this time 11-2 to the Cardinals before what was announced as a crowd of 36,282.

It marked the Dodgers’ fourth consecutive loss. If the losing streak or the diminishing crowds weren’t cause enough for concern, then there’s this -- the loss dropped the Dodgers 5½ games behind the Rockies in the National League West standings.

That’s a fairly serious deficit 14 games into the season, which speaks less to the Dodgers’ middling 6-8 record and more to the Rockies'  blazing 11-2 start and seven-game winning streak.

Of course, if the Dodgers are hoping to get on a run themselves, they’re going to have to do something about surrendering constant home runs.

They’ve given up 21 home runs on the season, equaled only by the 2-10 Boston Red Sox.

Lance Berkman hit two home runs off Jon Garland, and there was nothing cheap about either. Albert Pujols then added home runs off relievers Kenley Jansen and Blake Hawksworth. Safe to say, Pujols is over that slow start.

It was a night of firsts for Garland. Friday marked the first time he had ever pitched coming off the disabled list. Then in the second inning, he was called for the first balk of his career. The first in 2,030 2/3 innings.

Garland looked like he was just coming off the DL, giving up five runs on nine hits in four-plus innings.

The Cardinals, who had 16 hits in their victory over the Dodgers Thursday, upped the total to 19 hits Friday.


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-- Steve Dilbeck

Photo: Dodgers starting pitcher Jon Garland waits to return to the mound as Cardinals right fielder Lance Berkman rounds third base after hitting a home run in the fourth inning Friday night at Dodger Stadium. Credit: Mark J. Terrill / Associated Press

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Has a team ever finished dead last in ever possible statistical category? '62 Mets? '03 Tigers?

I think we have a record-setting team before us...for all the wrong reasons.

Albert Pujols wants to thank the Dodgers. After four games in LA his batting average should be decent.

Cardinals are hitting .417 (35-for-84) last two nights.


It could've been worse - garland wanted to be activated last Sunday to pitch vs the Padres (and you thought the 4 earned runs & 2 hrs ely allowed in 5 innings to the pop-gun Padres offense was bad.)

That's why I'm such an optimist (cue Monty Python) - 'Always look on the bright side of life... always look on the light side of life'...

this is genuinely perhaps the worst Dodgers team in my 45-years as a fan. And I can't wait to see how truly bad they will get.

In a month or so I expect the fire sale sign to go up and players are going to be traded. There is no help coming up and no way to trade for enough pieces to fix this utter disaster of a team. I hope Kemp finds a place to play where he can bloom into the player he has shown is within.

This is likely my last year being around to follow these guys and sad to say I am not going out following a winner. What Fox started McCourtCo finished in grand Imelda Marcos fashion. Love least it's funny to watch even if I feel badly for the players as they are all doing the best they can.

Magic number for the Dodgers is now 67**

**wins needed for .500 season

They are what they are.

Garland was supposed to be a good #5 starter?

It's fustrateing. Not only the Dodgers getting whipped but the telecasts.
If someone in the know could clue me in on the reason for the telecast to begin at the start of an inning with the batter already having a count on him. Or why Vinny starts to give some on camera info and is cut off by two more commercials.
Is it Prime Ticket or MediaCom that constantly is the culprit? I suspect it is the local MediaCom because in the majority of cases, one of the commercials is usually of a local Inland Empure car dealership.
I really was irked last night when Vinny, on camera, started with "On this day, Jackie Robinson" and then the dreaded commercials.

"diminishing crowds"... the only encouraging trend that I see... hurt the Dodgers where it hurts the most, in their wallet. Stay away from the games! That will eventually bring in a new owner and maybe a winning attitude and strategy. Unfortunately, this is a long term process.

Well, you see the difference; the Cards spend the $$ to keep a Pujols, bring in Holliday & Berkman - how good would either Matt or Lance would have looked in the OF instead of the LF by committee with Thames, Paul, Gwynn & Gibbons!

Instead, they decide it's wise to pay 2 over the hill SPs 33 million over 3 years & 5 mil over 1 season & 36 for 3 years to Billingsley, who has still yet to show he is deserving of such a contract!

Since McDork kept on Dread, despite him losing 170 Million on ManSham, Pierre, Jones, Tomko & Schmit, for which he got nothing in return re: picks &/or players,or in the Standings, we get what we get - an overpaid back up team!

Funny, this article mentions Garland's pathetic outing. WHAT ABOUT THAT JOKE OF A RELIEF STAFF!?!?!

all of this, too, on "jackie-robinson-day"!!!
gawd, whata travesty!!!!

Gwynn,Garland, Kuroda, Lilly, Thames, SECURITY et al, ALL DONE ON THE CHEAP, AKA frankie and jamey. You think frankie, neddie and jamey would ever pay what the Red Sox just paid Adrian Gonzalez. If you do you are loco. James Loney will develop just you wait and see! IN A PIGS EYE. NOT IN THIS LIFETIME. Why are people still going to the Dodger games? It is an inferior product with a cynical owner who admits to just wanting to be competitive, while living in his lavish life style.

Not looking too good so far pitching....

Dodgers are in deep mud. I don't like what I'm seeing. Basically you have the following pluses:
- Clayton Kershaw (Destined to be an All Star)
- Matt Kemp (Playing like an All Star)
- Jamey Carroll (just a great all around player to have on the team)
-Andre Either (nice batting average, but doesn't seem like himself)

After that there really isn't anything to get excited about. So many questions:
- Uribe might come around
-Loney, where are you?
-Biils, Kuroda, Lilly - can you all keep the Dodgers in the game?
-Blake, how do we get the most out of him?
-Shortstop is hurting and will continue to
-Left field...huh?
-Rob Barajas...nice catcher if everything else wasn't so sub par
-Bullpen.....well, at this point they really matter

I'm mostly upset with ownership. It just sucks knowing McCourt's are in charge. Until that changes I doubt much changes on the field

garbage team

Those of you who may go to a game, please start chanting "Sell, sell, sell." I'd do it if I was there, but I'm not spending the money.
I have a hard time watching the lemmings standing up and chanting "Go Dodgers" when we don't have a chance. Enjoy singing "Take Me Out to the Ball Game," because the Dodgers will certainly be behind by 3-4 runs by then.
"Sell, sell, sell." Simple little chant. Says a lot.

It wouldn't be so bad if the Dodgers could counter attack but as it is now these two teams look like a total mismatch. Just hopping Kershaw can adjust the situation more in our favor.

Is anyone surprised?


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