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Dodgers' search for offense continues in 10-1 loss to Braves

Sometimes the runs seem right there for the Dodgers, so maddeningly close. And yet a planet away.

The Dodgers' struggling offense returned Tuesday, scoring once again nearly the stuff of rumor.

The Dodgers were downed 10-1 by Atlanta, Braves right-hander Brandon Beachy winning his first game in seven career starts.

The Dodgers' lone run was driven in by rookie Jerry Sands, though on a groundout in the seventh.

By then, the Dodgers were down 2-0, right-hander Hiroki Kuorda having breezed through five innings but then giving up a solo home run to Martin Prado in the sixth and another to Freddie Freeman in the seventh.

The Dodgers finally scratched together a run in the bottom of the seventh after Juan Uribe singled off the glove of reliever Scott Linebrink. James Loney’s base hit sent Uribe to third.

That brought up Sands, appearing in just his second major-league game. Sands hit the ball hard down the third base line, but Chipper Jones -- who turns 39 next week -- made a nice diving stop. He threw out Sands, but Uribe scored.

The Dodgers loaded the bases after a single by A.J. Ellis and a walk to Jamey Carroll, but Casey Blake grounded out. The Dodgers are now zero for eight with the bases loaded.

None of it seemed to matter when the Dodgers' bullpen fell apart in the ninth.

The Braves made it a late blowout by adding eight more runs in the inning, five charged to reliever Kenley Jansen. The right-hander walked two and gave up three hits, including a two-run homer to Eric Hinske. Ramon Troncoso fared no better, immediately giving up a three-run homer to Dan Uggla and two more run-scoring singles.

-- Steve Dilbeck

Photo: Los Angeles Dodgers catcher A.J. Ellis (17) watches as Atlanta Braves center fielder Nate McLouth (13) greets first baseman Eric Hinske (20) after a 2 run home run in the 9th inning at Dodger Stadium April 19, 2011. Credit: Jayne Kamin-Oncea / US Presswire

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while the offense is rather "offensive," the bullpen is no shining-star either, as any time the key man is brox-the-TON, u've got "T"rouble (& that's spelled w/a capital "T")..........
butt Vincente' seems nearly ready, so his return to good health presumably will spur the demo-shun of either Troncoso or Jansen, while Jon Link (AAA) ought to be recalled, in place of the other.........
which still leaves Cormier, & w/out any lefty currently in the 'pen (w/Kuo having "issues"), perhaps give the much-maligned Elbert (yet another!!!) chance???.....
Troncoso seems a pitcher whose ship-has-sailed, as his once reliable "stuff" has vanished........
& while Jansen's rise to majors last year was truly remarkable, he quite obviously is in WAY over his head, as last year seems more-&-more like a fluke, as he clearly needs FAR more seasoning (i.e., @ AAA level)

It's time for Dodger baseball.

Why if I had a dime for every run this team is capable of scoring, I'd have... a dime.

Garbage team, garbage players.

It is becoming apparent that the only way to survive this season is to go to a Dodger game dressed in a full Giants uniform and get beaten into a coma by some of the fine Los Angeles residents.

"The Dodgers' struggling offense returned Tuesday"



I was struck by something else - no, not a line drive off the bat of some Brave batter vs another the dudgers nondescript relief pitchers - but close.

How 'bout that kenley jansen? Is he looking like the second coming of ramon troncoso...and corey wade... and- hey, how great would that Eric Stults feller look now in dudger blue?

Spot starter or bullpen fire 'starter' - all ES did was get people out, least more often & effectively than ken (11.42) and barb- er, tron (20.25).

Even despite having to pitch in the thin mountain air AAA Colorado Springs where he now toils for the Rockies, Stults 8.00 era translates better to MLB, where his dudger same was 4.84. Too, he'd be a celebrity here in LA - he can throw (strikes) with his LH! Nah, we don't need him/can't use that.

Here's some good news though: navarro & gimenez ought to be back any day now...

We need to get back Padilla, Kuo, and bring up Elbert.. Send down (or trade) Troncoso, Cormier and Jansen (the kid needs some time on the minors to work on his location and non-fastballs)..

And probably in a couple of weeks we could also bring Jimenez (switch hitter) for Thames as a pinch hitter (given that we don't need a RH left fielder anymore.. Jerry-Jerry).. Last night Thames had a runner on third with one out and went down with three identical curve-balls, unbelievable!!

Anyone else think that they should have put in a pinch runner for Loney, who was on second as the potential tying run in the bottom on the 7th with one out? I think a speedy pinch runner (Gwynn) would have easily scored on Ellis' ensuing hit. Not to mention that I was surprised that Loney didn't end up on second on his hit.

A tie at that juncture would have changed the complexion of the game, although with our bullpen I'm not sure that scoring four in that inning would have been enough...

It's a matter of physics, every time the Dodgers load the bases---they're spent.

Seeing as this can only change by overthrowing managment, this is delicious. If they're gonna lose, and we knew that already, they may as well do it by laying the largest gooseggs they can push out. Will the Dodger scoreboard run out of zeroes? So long as McCourt has Ned, the roster won't.

Numbers won't lie, and I hope I've accumulated these accurately.
I've banged on the hitters, and now its a look at the pitching. On a combined note, opponents have 16 HR in Dodger Stadium, we have 3 - only 10 games.

6 wins, 9 losses
4.20 ERA
16 HR in 105 innings, or 1 every 6-plus innings

2 wins, 1 loss
6.17 ERA
54 innings: 65 hits, 10 HR, 23 BB, only 37 K

4.87 ERA, only five worse in MLB
26 HR, dubiously leading the majors in at least 1 category

I know the reason why the Dodgers stink! It's because they stink!

Stick em with a fork, they're DONE !

I'd say that the the failure to take advantage of Linebrink changed the course of the game, unless Jansen would've came in anyway with the Dodgers leading.

You can complain about the 2 solo homers if you want, but the fact of the matter is, Kuroda had a decent outing. Everyone would be happier if the 2 runs were singles that came home on ground ball outs, but an earned-run is an earned-run, and 5 days ago everybody was worried about Kuroda. He came back last night and was not the story. The Dodgers' offense was the story. So, from the perspective of the starting rotation, that's good. I don't know if that means anything, I don't know if that helps anything, but there it is.


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