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Dodgers' McCourt to meet with MLB execs

Mccourt_275 Dodgers owner Frank McCourt and a delegation of club executives are expected to meet with representatives of the baseball commissioner's office in New York on Wednesday in the wake of Commissioner Bud Selig's decision to appoint a monitor to run the team. The result of the meeting could determine whether McCourt proceeds with legal action against Selig.

Selig is not expected to attend the meeting. Selig has refused to meet with McCourt, in part out of concern that any of his remarks might be used against him in a potential lawsuit.

"I am traveling to New York to meet with executives at Major League Baseball tomorrow to discuss a number of matters," McCourt said in a statement, "including practical concerns regarding the monitor and the details of the Fox [television] agreement.

"The agreement reached by the Dodgers and Fox for a new media rights deal provides financial stability for the ballclub for years to come. The media rights package is fully negotiated, and it is one of the most favorable ever reached by a baseball team."

MLB spokesman Pat Courtney declined to comment.

Selig last week announced he would appoint a monitor "to oversee all aspects of the business and day-to-day operations of the club." Tom Schieffer, the former Texas Rangers president selected as the trustee on Monday, has been granted approval rights for any club expenditure over $5,000.

McCourt wants to know exactly what Schieffer has been asked to do, and how Selig envisions the Dodgers will be run during Schieffer's tenure. In addition to discussing how the Fox deal -- a deal that has been sitting on Selig's desk for close to a month -- would stabilize the Dodgers financially, McCourt would like Selig to consider the plans of new Vice Chairman Steve Soboroff in improving the fan experience at Dodger Stadium and in revitalizing the team's bonds within the community.

-- Bill Shaikin

Photo: Frank McCourt. Credit: Lucy Nicholson / Reuters

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Please God dont listen to ANYTHING that McCourt says. Stay the course Selig!

Please just say NO! Tell this guy to pack ... and get ready to be replaced!


What is McCourt going to say? Steve Soboroff LIED about the Fox deal saying it was $3 billon and now we find out it's a 13 year deal for 1.6 billion thanks to the great reporting of this newspaper. Bud don't listen to this FRAUD. Let the Texan come in and put the team in order.

If you give in Bud , at least make one stipulation -- that NONE yes Frank NONE of the Fox money goes to houses, cars, dinners, hotels,divorce lawyers, post-divorce lawyers & lawsuits -- it can only go to player contracts, player development, or Stadium renovations (maybe the two top decks) like parking lot improvements.
PS - Frank you continue to be the only owner in LA that makes Donald Sterling look good!

Too little too late, go buzz off and steal someone else's money.

McCourt........Pound Sand while you're there buddy.

bud wont meet with mc cort- enough said 28 owners don't want this guy around.
schieffer did not take the job until he talked to the other owners or their reps to make sure they are all on board. he does not want to look stupid - he has mlb in his corner. mc cort and sobby boy are done. sobby can kiss all our butts on his way out of his 1 week job

Kick Frank out..I remember Garvey, Lopes, Russell, Cey, Baker, Smith and Monday with Yeager behind the plate...Rick Rhoden, Bob Welch (after 79) and Burt Hooton Pitching...when the owner cared about winning and the fans happiness...that doesn't exist anymore

"The agreement reached by the Dodgers and Fox for a new media rights deal provides financial stability for the ballclub for years to come. The media rights package is fully negotiated, and it is one of the most favorable ever reached by a baseball team."
This Fox deal is a lowball offer for a storied franchise like the Dodgers and the 2nd biggest market in the country.

This money would just go to pay off his ex-wife and all the massive debt load.

And any real owner would start up his own network like YES and NESN. If the Dodgers did that, we'd be swimming in dough.


Really? Soboroff is going to help bond the team w/ the community? After incendiary comments like these:

That seems as delusional as Frank himself!

I have to agree with formerCeltAd - McCourt makes Donald Sterling look like he cares.

Don't give in Bud!! You have earned my respect for what you have done with this situation but if you give in to this prick I will lose all respect for you! Don't you see that we don't want him here!!

Stay the course and help us get rid of this douchebag!!

Hey Frankie, don't forget to take the keys to the office. You won't be leaving the meeting with Bud with them.

You mean a "delegation of FORMER club executives" don't you? Ask him what he did with all the money and make sure that the IRS is present at this meeting as well.

Please Mr Selig, do not listen anything McBroke has to say! I think its blatantly obvious(if not,your monitor Mr Schieffer will soon find out whn he opens the books) that these people had no business whatsover owning/managing the Dodgers...... We desperately need new(qualified) ownership who is going to manage the team the way its supposed to be managed. Notice that we are "12th" in the league in player payroll!! We are the Los Angeles Dodgers playing in the 2nd largest market in the country, we're not the Wichita Falls Spudders!!!

Improving the fan experience and revitalizing the team's bonds with the community? That's rich...I guess he is now trying to break the bonds he has with all of the gang bangers? Gangster rap music no longer will rule the day at Dodger Stadium, sorry Frank, you had your shot.


We can only hope that McCourt doesn't figure out a way to weasel his slimy self back into control of the Dodgers...The Dodgers are my one true love and this slime ball has done nothing but stolen from LA and true Dodger fans.

Do NOT listen MLB!! If you truly care about The Dodgers and its fans - show McCourt the door as soon as he arrives! No one wants him in L.A! No one wants him in California and NO DODGER FAN want him near our Team!!


Come on Franco, you bought the house with a low down payment, the house gain some equity and you sucked it right out for your daily curly top haircuts and you wife to Cougar it up with the bodyguard. Wonder how much he got paid.??? Then as the ship starts to sink you run to Fox for a bailout. Speaking of Bailouts, Frances just belly up sell the team take your loss and start paahking Cahz again back in Beantown. Your charade and farce has come to a end. You never had the Mark Cuban type money to back the team, it was all smoke and mirrors with Bud exposing you for what you are, and thats a man playing with someone elses money not your own. I cannot wait for this to go away and to see the Dodgers become that proud franchise it has always been. This is a embarrassment to Dodger fans as you have drag us through the mud.

This guy believes he has rights over the Dodgers assets $$$$$$$.... Well u aint getting none get it get out !!!

So the next owner is gonna spend$800 million for the team and then sign a deal for between $1.6 and $3 billion??? Umm. Yeah Frank, don't let Bud screw you out your money. Never liked the O'Malley's, never like FOX, could not care less about McCourt. But I hate Bud. He is a good for nothing trickster

Bud Selig put up no funds to run the Dodgers. Frank McCourt has put up and, perhaps, lost a fortune on the Dodgers. It makes no sense for someone else to run the Dodgers, no doubt causing Frank additional losses. Now, Frank may lose his own money but that's the price of ownership. So, why should someone else that stands to lose nothing financially run the Dodgers? That's absurd!

Folks- I am NOT WORRIED..remember this move is in the BEST INTEREST IN MLB!This EMPTY SUIT...Mc Crack will leave the same way he arrived..with NOTHING. This pathetic LOSER simply needs a REALITY CHECK...and LOTS of MEDICATION!

I really fail to see what McCourt has done that's been so bad.

- Bernie

Loser! Your days in MLB are numbered.
Frank the Dodger shuttle can drop you off at LAX, and while your in the big apple take a subway back to bean town and stay there!

I echo the pound sand comment!


I loath Mccourt. What a douchebag....

If McFraud back in charge the franchise is screwd!

The call to the bullpen has been made, but Frank won't hand the ball over.

This guy paid about $200 million in parking lot property, and worked out a loan for the rest of the $200 million-plus for the team. Sure, he ownes them, but the rest of the owners have a say-so in what he does, like it or not. And they don't like that he is making BILLION dollar deals and spending like crazy when he has put in so little to begin with, turns over the players and staff regularly, and is still relatively new. I think they regret letting him into their MLB/VIP club.

So Clyde Torkel has been on the job and already has the plan? Wow, and to think Jamie was on board since the beginning, plus their kids, and what did they come up with?

Maybe that Russian dude will send some bad karma vibes toward NY Wednesday. He can put the bill for it on our friend Dilbeck's ownership group tab. (kidding steve ... put it on Garvey's group :) )

The fact Selig will not be there means MLB execs who will be there will be acting according to script, and not to discuss Frank's resurrection as owner in charge. He may come to say Look here, i've got the remedy for my, er, the Dodgers' money problems, so just let me back in and you guys butt out and everything will be fine!

At which the execs will have to inform him, You have made a mess few owners have seen. You're hated in your town, you've lost 10,000 season ticket holders in 2 years, your security deficiency made all of baseball look bad with the fan in the hospital, whose family is expected to sue you and MLB for your error, your divorce is unsustainable for you as owner---if you give Jamie her half of the tv package money, you've then got half as much as you say you'll have from it to run the team. You have no credit, you have to borrow again in May to make payroll, you are a basket case, and we are not moving out of hq on Stadium Way, we are going over the books to find out how much funds you commingled with the Dodgers, withdrew over $100 million as your own spending money, and are going to run out again before Fox can give you another cent, you have no collateral except the team, Fox would essentially be buying the team to be repaid its debt, OR you may as well sell them the team, and without our approval you can't do either.

Once we unravel the books, we will decide who the owner of the Dodgers will be, not you. You may be in bankruptcy court, or IRS court. We can't depend you won't be. Imagine the sitting owner of a team going to jail because he took money from the team and didn't declare it as income?!

I would imagine Frank will leave very angry and unhappy and unsure what to do except plan for a lawsuit to stretch out the proceedings until the big Fox money is paid to whoever the owner might be, tho MLB would argue it will not be what another owner who owes nothing to Fox would get instead.

I can't see, after the takeover, how this meeting could work for Frank. Praise the tao.

Mr Selig,

Kick this crook out! We don't want him any more.
He has ruined our beloved team.
I will not go to a game until he is gone!
Don't listen to his lies. He is a grifter! Slimy, thief.

I am voting with my money. I will not support McBroke. I would rather go watch Rancho Cucamonga Quakes then McBroke or McDivorce.

Pretty nice post. I just came across your blog and wanted to say that I’ve really liked reading your posts. Anyway I’ll be subscribing to your blog and I hope you post again soon!

Could there be a Realistic reason for being 12'th in The League in Payroll for The Dodgers ?
Maybe they saw that The Giants made alot of Adjustments mid season last year and it yielded a World Championship ?
Keeping enough money set aside for mid season aquisitions couldn't be a good idea... Could it ?
or.... Maybe they were keeping in mind that they would need to start Negotiations with Ethier and Kemp about new Contracts... Hmmmm,
Could this again not be a good reason to hold some money back until these Contracts are finalized ?
This may be The Biggest Witch Hunt I have seen in my 53 years ?
If The Financial Investigation turns up solid evidence of improper financial activities that is different but I say lets at least wait and see what information comes out before we jump to conclusions ?

What is wrong with all of you? Have you not consistently read when Frankie tells the media that we love him..high five him..pat him on the back? You all must be Giants fans to hate Mc Douche so much!

The most telling tale about our esteemed leader came about two years back. I was at Santa Anita..and one of the famed Dodger Stadium vendors walked past me. I yelled at him him.."You're in the wrong park" and he turned, smiled and said, "The horses here smell alot better than the a**hole who owns the team."

Frank- move to Hidden Hills...its perfect for people who live in the fantasy land of reality tv

"Not Sobor and way off" can start improving the experience at Dodger Stadium by showing Frank the door--and follow him out toot sweet.
There. I just enhanced the Dodger Stadium experience and it cost the fans nothing.
Someone please clean the Dodger house and get these morons out of there.

I get the impression that Bud Selig doesn't really care what McCourt has to say or for that matter what McCourt's plans for the Dodgers really are. Selig at this point appears to have made up his mind that McCourt could have a billion dollars worth of gold bullion to shore up the Dodger finances and it still wouldn't make a difference. He wants him gone. As long as McCourt is around he stands a giant billboard pointing out just how big a mistake Selig made in bringing him into the club to begin with. If in fact, thats what it was. Selig doesn't want to rectify the mistake... he wants to bury it. He won't talk to the guy because he's afraid what he says might be used in court against him!!!! If he is so right, what is he so worried about??? Is it really in the best interest of baseball to oust McCourt or in the best interest of the Selig legacy????


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