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Radio personality Tom Leykis adds $50,000 to reward for information on Dodger Stadium beating suspects


Longtime radio host Tom Leykis said Thursday he was pledging $50,000 toward the reward for information on the suspects who attacked a San Francisco Giants fan in a Dodger Stadium parking lot last week.

Leykis' pledge increases the reward fund to at least $150,000, including $50,000 offered by the Los Angeles City Council and $25,000 by the Dodgers. Bryan Stow, the fan whose skull was fractured in the beating, remains in critical condition at Los Angeles County-USC Medical Center.

In a telephone interview, Leykis called the incident "heartbreaking" and said he was "shocked" that the Dodgers offered $25,000, given that court papers filed in the divorce of Frank and Jamie McCourt showed the couple took $108 million in personal distributions from Dodgers revenues from 2004 to 2009.

"I want to offer double what the Dodgers are offering," Leykis said.

Leykis, who lives in Hollywood, said he has not attended a game at Dodger Stadium since the 2009 National League championship series, when he said he was "harassed by two drunks for eight innings, yelling obscenities about me and my show." He said security officials responded when he called them but "did absolutely nothing."

Frank McCourt, the Dodgers' owner, initially described the attack on Stow as a "random act of violence" but said he was "quite confident that all of our security measures were in place." The Dodgers on Wednesday hired former Los Angeles Police Chief William J. Bratton to devise what the team called a "security blueprint" for the stadium and surrounding parking lots.

Leykis' radio show has been off the air since 2009. He is currently producing shows for Internet radio broadcasts.

"I have nothing to publicize. I'm not on the radio," he said. "I really care about the Dodgers and Dodger Stadium. They are so important to Los Angeles, and to our civic identity. They have been allowed to deteriorate. It's outrageous.

"My motivation for doing this is that I think I'm speaking for a lot of Dodger fans who see a disconnect between Frank McCourt and Los Angeles."

-- Bill Shaikin

Photo: Dodgers fan Eric Amend holds a sign expressing his thoughts during a prayer vigil for Bryan Stow outside the USC Medical Center on Wednesday. Credit: Mariah Tauger / Associated Press.

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Thank you Tom, way to step up...

i agree with Tom. McCourts can spend into the Hundreds of millions on there own selfish desires, but they cant shell out more than 25k, to help out this this man, who was a guest in their biggest house. i hate the Dodger thugs who give the rest of fans a bad name, and i hate the McCourts for being selfish owners.

Frank McCourt was so cheap, he threw in a can't miss prospect so he wouldn't have to pay Casey Blake's salary.


Bravo Tom Leykis! The McCourts have allowed Dodger Stadium to deteriorate into the biggest dive bar in town! No security, no decorum. At games now - the only competition is in the stands where drunken men (and women) compete for attention. The McCourts dont care because they are too busy counting beer money.

Tom: You are a jackass... You're losing the PR battle and you're making yourself look even more uncaring.

Sorry: but the last Dodgers came I went to there were rowdy fans mixed in with the family crowd - Security didn't care either and that was OUR last game as a family.

Tom: Get out of the luxury box and sit with the fans to see how the real fans see the game; then address the issue...

Other thing I WOULD like to see: is Dodgers parking doing license plate read scans... I've got nothing to hide. If LAX can do it why can't the Dodgers parking lot ; would have likely helped trace down the dumb ignorant brutes who attacked Stow.

Oh crum; half asleep typing. meant to insult Frank McCourt; Not tom... mods you can remove both my threads .... YEAH Tom; BOO Frank... last time I comment with one hours sleep :)

Think about that:

"Degenerate" radio host Tom Leykis.

"High Society" Frank McCourt.

Who has class, and who's the degenerate?

Mccourt is a joke. Get him out of LA.

Thank you for saying what all of us have been feeling Tom ... and glad that you have the platform to say it!!!! I REFUSE to give The Dodgers any of my hard-earned $$ until the McCourt's are gone.

Sure there were always isolated incidents at The Ravine, even when The O'Malley's owned them, but nothing like what has been seen the past few years.

I was also at the NLCS in 2009 and even I felt harassed, not only by Philly fans, but Dodger fans as well.

I have to agree that the $25k is really sad. For the Dodger organization to let the city council offer up more dough is an embarassment. On a side note-Leykis deserved to get beraded about his show.

I have had many disagreements about what Tom Leykis has said in the past about other topics. But this I agree with him 100%! This is further proof that Frank McCourt doesn't get the history of this great organization.

The real fans who don't beat up other team's fans get it. They have stepped up more than McCourt has. Any Dodger great who has worn the uniform is embarrassed by this "owner."

Far be it for any Dodger fans to admit it, or even anyone in the media, but there have been serious fan behavioral problems at Dodger games before the McCourts took over the team in 2004.

For example, SF Giants fan Mark Antenocruz was killed in the Dodger Stadium parking lot in 2003.

The infestation of Raiders/Lakers/Doyer thugs and assorted criminals causing mayhem, starting fights, and destroying property (cars) at the ballpark has been around for a long long time.

This is NOT a new phenomenon.

well said tom,,,,well said

Why didn't Frank take some money out of the Dodger Dream Foundation to pay for this? He paid his friend 400,000 out of money fans had donated to the charity, why couldn't he pull some cash out for this reward?!?!

If you go to Dodger Stadium and pay the prices this guy charges all you are doing is helping him keep the Dodgers!

He has destroyed this team, we will not see these results for a few more years though, the monir league system has been depleted by him trading prospects to save cash, he also has cut the scouting budget, which is also going to kill us down the road!

I am so sick of this whole situation!

Pure and simple: McCourt has got to go!
Then, and only then, will there be a chance for the Dodgers to regain all that has been lost.

Thanks Tom. You and I have not always seen eye-to-eye but I'm with you 100% on this one. Glad you're still doing Internet stuff.. your program and discussion it prompted is sorely missed.


I hope the girl who they said was driving thinks about the 150,000!!
She should worry too as if the guys who did it become afraid of her talking she could be in danger.
She needs to get them before they possibly get her

No matter what you thought of Tom's show at KLSX. This was a classy thing to do. Thanks Mr. Leykis and let's hope these scumbags are caught soon. Oh and Frank McCourt is an embarrasment and needs to go!

What do Dodger Fans, Raider fans and USC fans have in common? Dirty, disgusting downtown Los Angeles.

Where are all the LA Latino community leaders on this issue? I haven't heard anyone speak up to denounce this criminal act.

Makes me happy I'm an Angels fan. No gangbanger fans.

Makes me happy I'm an Angels fan. No gangbanger fans.

Another year of the PR Nightmare that is McCourt.

today, mlb execs are meeting with Frank McCourt's representatives about their new plan to try to keep McCourt in ownership. MLB has a rebuffed McCourt's requests to ease owner liquidity requirements several times. It seems as though MLB has the power to force a sale unless they bend the rules for him.

If I were someone with the means and desire to buy the Dodgers, I would immediately throw a $1 Million behind this cause as a show of how I intended run the team right. Show MLB that they do not have to cave in to McCourt and show fans that there's hope. Prospective owners (as detailed by Mark Cuban when he tried purchasing the Rangers) spend millions in legal and accounting costs just to put together a sound offer. I think this would be money well spent and would be greatly appreciated by the fans.

All that said. People, go to Angels games. They're great, relaxed, packed with families, and contrary to everyone here who thinks that the answer is to stop selling beer, the first thing that the owner did was LOWER beer prices. Its about culture and management, not availability of beer.

Thanks for stepping up Tom....hope it's contagious.

Uh....who's Tom Leykis?

I'm thinking this is a good year to get into minor league baseball. I'll be back when the sale has been completed. (except I will check in on Vin. I can't miss the opportunities we have left to enjoy the master)



I find the McCourts disgusting- and let's never forget Selig's role in allowing them to take hold of this franchise in the first place. But this is starting to feel like a witchhunt, like people have been waiting for something to pin on the McCourts, and by golly, now they have it! They're almost making it seem like McCourt is guilty-by-inaction, when this kind of thing happens from time to time in our society, tragically. Search for and punish the guilty, but can we please stop acting like Dodger Stadium is a scene from Mad Max already? I wonder how many ballgames these people repeating the "just don't feel safe anymore at Dodger Stadium anymore" mantra actually go to in the first place. I've been to over a dozen in the past 3 years, and I've had a great time.

While many might have hated Leykis often crass and brutally honest radio talk show, the guy has really shown that you don't have to own a sports franchise to be a WORLD CLASS individual.

Maybe Tom can buy the team and restore it greatness, once Frank McCort has run it into the ground due to his greed and arrogance.

Keep up the good work and outstanding civic pride Mr. Leykis. As for Frank McCort, he can go to h*ell while counting his blood money!


Please buy the Dodgers! You obviously care!

Went from the Brooklyn Trolley Dodgers to the Los Angeles "insert law/immigration agency here" Dodgers. A joke of an owner with terrible gang banger fans.

LA is the represent, the color is the gang and the Dodger I've already covered.

Go away Frank. Just go away.

GO TOM! Please come back dad, there are a lot of guys who need you! One of them was McCourt... can u say "PRE-NUP"

Tom Leykis - You are the greatest. Thanks for upping the ante and showing up the McCourts.

There is another $25K for legal defense fund, after reward, turn-in.......

Blow me up Tom!! And take me out with a bong hit! Tom is the man. Frank and Jamie McCourt can kiss my a$$, and go back to Boston you losers!

Thanks Tom, for speaking out.

Frank McCourt doesnt give a crap about anyone BUT himself. His lame $25K reward shows it, UP THE ANTE FRANK.

I read that my beloved Oakland Raiders, which dont have issues like this at Network Associates, have donated items for the Bryan Stows charity auction.
Its not the team that are gang bangers, its the person who wears the teams jersey.

Am curious how Frank McCourt is going to respond to Mr Leykis.

Take me out Kobe style, with a thank you jesus.

Tom Leykis is a mean spirited blowhard. But if he can double the reward amount of the Dodgers, that shows where where McCourt and his organization are at.

A big shout out to Tom Leykis!!!! Tom lets us all know how important the Dodgers and Dodger Stadium is to the community. We can not let lost the Dodgers and the Stadium to Gangs, gang bangers, thugs and hoodlums. While McCourt is certainly deserving of some very very constructive critism, we as a whole have to and need to put pressure on our City Leaders and the City Mayor to address the gang problems in Los Angeles and it's surrounding communities. I'm only hearing that is a Dodger problem. We can not let oue elected officials bury this. We need to keep the their feet to the fire. I'm sick and tired of political correctness!!!! This type of crap should never happen again.

Way to step up Tom...Thanks.

MJ, you really should educate yourself. Look up the video on YouTube. There were just as many thug UCLA fans in that last brawl as there were USC fans. You're a fool if you think UCLA doesn't have its fair share of thugs for fans.

Only reason we have a few more...we have a better team.


One thing you have in common with Frank & Jamie is that you are not natives to Southern California. You, like them came here and made LA your home.

Unlike them, you have class. I knew it all along, but you showed it to everyone by doubling the reward offered by these carpetbaggers.

Thanks for trying to bring some class back to LA and The Dodgers.

As a public service, it would be wonderful if the Times would print an old fashioned WANTED POSTER, specifically a 1/2 page with the Police drawing of the two men who beat the Giants Fan along with a phone number for people to contact and a guarantee of anonymity for using that phone number and a big reminder of the $150,000 reward. If it is suitable for posting, I would bet we see it all over town. Good visibility for the Times and would reach even non readers.

That's what I call class! Something the McCourts obviously do not have. Thanks Tom! As for the McCourts - you both sicken me.

I know I'm late with my comments, but Right On Tom! Brian is one of our own (AMR) we gotta get these bad guys. How do they live with themselves, or more yet, how do thier families live with them?What if he was your son?? Miss you out there on the air waves, Tom!


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