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Dodgers cancel half-price alcohol promotion

Ghgjw2ke The Dodgers have cancelled plans to sell half-price alcohol at six games this season, their latest response to the parking lot attack that critically injured a San Francisco Giants fan on opening day.

The Dodgers had scheduled six weekday afternoon games this season in which food and drink, including alcohol, would be sold for half-price. Los Angeles Police Chief Charlie Beck asked last week that the team reconsider its alcohol policies, and county Supervisor Mike Antonovich on Tuesday urged the Dodgers to rescind the half-price promotion.

In a news release issued at 5 p.m. Wednesday, the day before the Dodgers return home, the team said that half-price alcohol was "no longer part" of the half-price food and drink promotion. The Dodgers did not say why, and the the news release made no mention of the opening-day beating of Giants fan Bryan Stow or the public uproar that apparently prompted the cancellation of the promotion.

The Dodgers also said that Beck would join owner Frank McCourt and former Los Angeles Police Chief Bill Bratton at a stadium news conference Thursday to "discuss additional security measures at Dodger Stadium." The Dodgers have retained Bratton as a security consultant, but Beck said last week he alone would determine how to upgrade stadium security and would bill the Dodgers for the cost. The Dodgers have agreed to pay.


County supervisor wants to scrap alcohol promotion at Dodgers games

LAPD bringing anti-gang skills to Dodger Stadium

 -- Bill Shaikin

Photo: Dodger fans wait in long lines for food at at Dodger Stadium on July 31,2001. Credit: Lori Shepler / Los Angeles Times

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They better give me a refund for the tickets I bought for one of those dates; otherwise, they're in breach of contract and guilty of false advertising. What an absolute joke: The fact that two idiots can spoil the National Pastime for the many -- I'm DONE going to Dodgers' games!

So it took the police chief and the board of supervisors to stop this ill-advised "promotion" that should never have happened in the first place. Why am I not surprised?

And the Dodger front office -- i.e., Frank McCourt -- has not only declined to say why it was stopped, but he never mentioned Bryan Stow. McScum: classless, spineless creep.

It doesn't seem necessary to say why it was canceled.


This is the Dodgers' response to your question about whether refunds would be available:

"This promotion was created to pay tribute to our Brooklyn roots and provide half-price concessions to the fans in order to save money at the ballpark. Even without half-price alcoholic beverages, we expect to deliver on that promise for every fan who purchased a ticket to those games."

This was the right thing to do, unfortunately a few ruin it for many. Frank should also offer refunds to anyone who would like money back!

Another activity that needs to be cancelled is Sunday being dedicated to certain race, you invite hoodlums, what do you expect?

Many teams have cheap concession promotions, but they all have steered clear of reduced-price alcohol due to some bad history of misbehavior at cheap beer nights at MLB games. It's pretty astonishing the Dodgers included alcohol and they're better off, liability-wise, that they decided against it in the end. Even without that opening day incident, they were asking for trouble. Not only at the stadium, but putting inebriated drivers behind the wheel during commuter rush hour after weekday day games. I applaud the Dodgers for taking this step. Buy beer at the grocery store and have it after the game, I'm sure it's cheaper than what you'd get at the ballpark even at half-price, and less watered down.

Note to K. That's Mr. and Mrs. McScum.

in the spirit of saving money i just skip the $12 beers then. rather than selling me 2 on-sale $6 beers they'll sell me 2 $3 sodas. depending on how one does the accounting, that's a $6 or $18 loss for the team.

Oh too familiar...

Make the ticket holders pay more to make up for the troubles that are caused by the freeloading drunkers that hang out in the parking lot.

Increase the taxes on the payers more to justify the crimes that are committed by those who are illegal here in the first place.

Good job LA! Way to sweep the problems under the rug.

The beer isn't the problem, McCourt is the problem. When people recognize this and boycott the stadium, then it will change.

Perhaps the dudgers can replace the cancelled half-price alcohol promotion with a half-price talent promotion same, in tribute the assembled afield...

In keeping with the spirit of half off, the roster is half off also what with Miles, Thames, Gwynn, Cormier, Lilly, MacDougal...

Que? Ayeee, no Doyer cerveza?

Bummers eh

Good, maybe that will help keep some of the booze-fueled bullies away. But the cops may want to pat down fans just in case somebody tries to sneak a six-pack into Dodger Stadium. If you're going to stop the boozers in their tracks, you unfortunately have to take all the necessary steps.

And to swf: Uh, no, it's now ex-Mr. and Mrs. McScum. ;)

So the Giants' Tim Lincecum is contributing $25,000.00 to Mr. Stow's medical fund. Why aren't we hearing anything from the Dodgers, either the organization or the players?

Wa Wahhhh Wahhhhhh! This security is a HUGE waste of money. Tailgating is allowed everywhere else. I must drink and smoke before I go into the game, its a must. Keyword: BEFORE. $12? Yeeeh No thanks! Buy the time we leave buzz is gone. Answer= No Beer Sales inside. Like PAC10. Before this latest incident rentacops hassling before games & no security after any games. How are the doyer sales going Mclovin? Because i won't buy tickets any time soon with all this bacon and sausage.

We had an almost identical attack on my son after the Laker Warrior game on April 6th in Oakland. Warrior Security is trying to cover up the fact their security guy witnessed the attack but did NOTHING!

Three Drunk/High Warrior fans followed us out after the game.. One guy confronted my son and another coward came up from behind and sucker punched him and broke his jaw... Then he ran away!

Security was a joke!


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