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Dodgers can't hold the lead again, fall 4-3 to Giants


Maybe formulas are best left to chemistry labs or babies or auto racing.

In baseball, it can get so tricky.

The Dodgers’ formula for success is supposed to be to somehow scrape together a few runs and then let their starting pitcher bring the game home.

Ah, but the best-laid formulas of mice and men …

For the second consecutive night, the Dodgers took the lead against the Giants. Tuesday it was Chad Billingsley who couldn’t hold the lead. Wednesday it was Ted Lilly’s turn.

The Dodgers rallied to take a 3-2 lead in the sixth inning, only for Lilly to give up a pair of solo home runs in the bottom half, the Giants holding on for the 4-3 victory.

It brought a frustrating conclusion to the Dodgers’ eight-game road trip, the loss dropping them to 3-5 on the trip.

The Giants were leading 2-0 with left-hander Jonathan Sanchez seemingly in control, when Rod Barajas tied it with a two-run homer in the fourth inning. Barajas now has four RBIs on the season, all coming off his team-high three home runs.

The Dodgers took a 3-2 lead in the sixth on a Marcus Thames walk and an Aaron Miles liner that got past the less-than-fleet Pat Burrell in left field and went for a run-scoring double.

And then Lilly could not close the deal. Pablo Sandoval and Mike Fontenot each hit solo homers in the bottom of the sixth inning. For Fontenot, who was only in the game when sore-wristed Mark DeRosa was a late scratch, it was only the second home run off a left-hander in his five-year career.

Brian Wilson, again, came on in the ninth to retire the Dodgers in order and record the save.

The Giants didn’t even help the Dodgers’ cause. In a break with recent tradition, the Giants did not commit an error against Los Angeles.

There has been one fairly reliable aspect to their games -- they’ve been close. Of the Dodgers’ seven games against the Giants this season, four have been decided by one run (2-2).

-- Steve Dilbeck

Photo: Dodgers starting pitcher Ted Lilly works against the Giants on Wednesday night at AT&T Park in San Francisco. Credit: Thearon W. Henderson / Getty Images

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LA fans remember: The worst day for a Giants fan, and we've had many. is still better than your happiest day. It's a NorCal thing that you'll never understand

I got an idea, once we take the lead we should take our starting pitcher out. LOL

Dear NoCal,

The snot in your Frisco personality cannot be blamed on the snot running down your nostrils from your frigid Frisco sun. Rather, it's the snot from your screaming inferiority complex that compels you to have to keep telling yourself, and others, you must be their superior, or you would have to kill yourself for the reality of the miserable existence you successfully keep from facing.

That, too, is a NoCal thing you will never know the grace to admit. It's obvious to the rest of us, down in Sunny California, whenever we hear the whine of foghorns like you, that we kiss the Earth where we live and realize that there but for the ego of denial of the bad choice of location, go we, too.

NoCal, that's just dumb.

I remember way back when, a columnist for the SF Chronicle and Examiner would always throw jibes at us from SoCal. His name was Herb Caen.
He would say how SF was known as a sophisticated city compared to LA. It was all in good fun and I liked the town when we visited there.
But, no more. It started to lose sophistication in the late sixties.
'Kremlin by the Sea" is a more appropriate name for SF, now.

I take my pleasures where I can find them in this young season, as I wait to see whether this team will jell.

So I like that Barajas homered and threw out a runner.

I like that Thames singled and walked, and scored all the way from first without needing an oxygen tank.

I like that Miles managed three hits.

I like that Guerrier is continuing to do what he was signed to do.

I like that Mattingly sat Loney.

I like that Lilly plunked Posey twice, as was required, to match Lincecum's twice hitting Uribe. The lefty starters on this team know how to play baseball. Recall that Kershaw hit a Giant last year who needed to be hit, even though it meant he was tossed from the game. Contrast these two with Billingsley.

Why was Lilly batting with an insurance run on third base in the top of the 6th? So he could stay in and promptly give the lead back in the very next inning? I noticed Bochy went straight to the bullpen after the Giants had the lead and I seem to remember NOT seeing Sanchez batting with runner(s) in scoring position after they got the lead back. Mattingly was schooled by Bochy last night, and he managed like a rookie manager. But hey, this is the "new" Dodgers, and it's just one game right?

I noted a discrepancy in reportage this morning. There is something wrong with one of your box scores.

Namely, said indicates the SF Giants played an error-free baseball game last night. Anyone who follows baseball knows that this is patently ridiculous as well impossible... it simply NEVER happens.

I even double-checked to make sure - yup, 'Aubrey the Giant' (other known aliases Huff The Ham-Handed, The Bay City Butcher and The Golden Gate Tripper) was listed in the starting lineup.

Something else was also amiss as it were. The play-by-play game account too casts aspersions - three balls were hit at Huff - the recap shows he caught two of them... need I say more?

There's nothing wrong with the formula, Steve. The formula is tried and true. The problem is this: Kershaw is learning to play the role of Koufax fairly well. But Billingsley has not figured out how to play the role of Drysdale. Lilly doesn't fit the role of Osteen. A does not equal B.

The only flaw in BlueinAZ's argument is that the Dodgers of the 1960s had a lot of team spirit and played winning baseball. The pitching and defense thing can only work when the players play hard and as a team. These guys don't do that. They're complacent and too cool for that.

Outside of of losing this game, I agree with "silver linings" mentioned by kjp. But we did lose this game. This edition will continue to lose games, because they're not very good.
Lilly is a so-so pitcher, at best. Always has been. He'll continue to pitch this way through the next three years of that stupid contract.
Loney is on a Martin-like downward spiral. He'll get right once he's been traded away, just like Martin has.
Did you see what Brian Wilson did to the Dodgers in the 9th inning? That's what a closer does. That's not what Broxton does.
This team isn't any good.

Nobody expects this team to win on a consistant basis do they?


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