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Sorry, I'm just too sore to write today

And now we hearken back to those thrilling days of yesteryear, when men were men. As long as, you know, they were feeling OK.

Juan Uribe missed Monday’s game with what was described as "general tightness."

Now doesn’t that bring back some swell memories?

In 1987, Dodgers outfielder Mike Marshall sat out a September game with what was called "general soreness." The reaction was not one of Mommy wanting to tuck him into bed with a warm glass of milk.

Fair or not, Marshall’s reputation as a player who refused to play hurt was forever cemented in the Dodgers’ Hall of Infamy. Have boo-boo, will not travel.

Missing a spring game is not the same as one in September, even if that Dodgers team was headed for a second consecutive 73-89 finish. (Of course, the next year, they won it all! Take that, all you naysayers.)

Still, general tightness sounds remarkably like what most of us feel when it’s been too long since our last trip to the gym. And Uribe’s less-than-svelte frame doesn’t exactly lend itself to bounding confidence that he’s in remarkable shape.

This is not the 1950s when players might have spent the offseason hawking Studebakers at Billy Bob’s used-car lot. Players are expected to report in February in good physical condition -- having been working out, using some fraction of those millions they’re paid on a personal trainer.

Don Mattingly, already manager of the "Over 30 Club," understandably did not want to push it with Uribe and sat him Monday. He’d already lost third baseman Casey Blake to a back/ribcage injury for an unknown period.

It should be pointed out Uribe has never exactly resembled a marathoner, and if he looks uncomfortably rounded, that’s pretty much the way he looked last season when he hit 24 home runs and had 85 RBI while helping to lead the Giants to a World Series title.

And Uribe is back in the lineup Tuesday. Maybe he has a really good masseuse. Now to do something about that .211 spring batting average.

-- Steve Dilbeck

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Considering all the snake oil McCourt's surprising anyone associated with the Dodgers has ANY aches or pains.

73-89 - an aspiration this team may only be able to dream of.

My back feels worse just reading about it...

I'm sure Midol would take care of any cramps these guy may have...

A gutless, heartless, worthless team.

No wonder Matt the Chump Kemp is the leader of it.

I know spring training doesn't count, but the Dodgers have won only 5 games. No team in either league has won less.
Is anybody worried about this? I know spring training games don't count...

Hey, the guy was prolly just hung over, BFD. It's spring training fer goodness sakes, who cares as long as he is able to play when the season starts. And given the injuries and already fragile player grouping, better to not let the guy go out there and get beaned.

The "old guys" used to use the same excuse. Back then the reason given was, according as I recall Jim Bouton's Ball Four, called "flu-like symptoms". That was code for either still drunk or just hung over.

So, meh, must be a slow news day it seems. Of course maybe Uribe needs a good "full release" massage. Then again, who doesn't??? ;)

This team stinks worse than Redondo Beach King Harbor!

I take great offense to your comparing my gently used Studebakers to those 2011 new fangled lemons wearing Dodger gear!

Wonder if Mattingly's gonna spend a little time on the day off with a heart-to-heart with Ned.

As in, "Ned. Seriously."

It's General Soreness to you, Steve :)


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