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Frank McCourt mum on Dodgers' ownership situation

Mccourt1_150 Frank McCourt met with reporters on Friday for the first time since training camp opened, but he declined to comment on the Dodgers' unsettled ownership situation.

McCourt had not seen the Dodgers play this spring until Friday's charity game to benefit the victims of the Jan. 8 Tucson shootings. He specifically declined to explain how he could be so confident that he would retain sole ownership of the team amid significant legal and financial hurdles.

"I'm not going to get into any details at all," he said. "To me, it would be hugely disrespectful for us to shift gears today when we’re here ... to play a baseball game and raise funds in the memory of the victims and for the families and the community. To start talking about my personal situation would be very much the wrong thing to do today."

McCourt said he would address the ownership situation at a later date.

Attorneys for McCourt and his ex-wife, Jamie, are engaged in settlement discussions aimed at resolving a divorce that has left ownership of the Dodgers in dispute. In the absence of a settlement, a court would determine whether the team should be considered community property, but that decision almost certainly would not come before the end of this season.

It is uncertain how McCourt could finance a divorce settlement and manage the Dodgers' stiff debt as well. McCourt has said he does not want to sell a share of the team, and Commissioner Bud Selig rejected a proposal in which Fox would have loaned McCourt about $200 million.


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-- Bill Shaikin, reporting from Tucson, Ariz.

Photo: Frank McCourt. Credit: Brian van der Brug / Los Angeles Times

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Since when did that scum McCourt start caring about right and wrong?

Frank you are really pathetic.

"Hugely disrespectful... to talk about personal issues" Frank? Are you serious? We as Dodger fans are have your "personal" issues impact us on a daily basis. I'm sure some of those people had the same question as Dodger fans, not just "victims".

Thanks to you and your better half those words have become synonymous with each other Dodger Fans and Victims.

Victims of your greed... sell the team, or FANS don't buy tickets!!!!

Only Frank McCourt would appear at a charity event while being investigated by the California Attorney General for fleecing another charity. Despicable.

Go away frank. just go away.

Sell, Sell, Sell

Think of the glorious future ahead, Frank: No controvesies; no fan club organized around hating you; no headache wondering where you're gonna get the caiche to pay the bills you can't afford; no more fighting the battleax over her money; just calm and peace while you're rolling in a whole lotta millions after you pay the lawyers. Once you sell this team and get out of Dodge(r), your miserable existence will begin afresh, free and clear. Heaven! GRAB IT!

Be frank, and tell Frank, to go away, if you ever meet him. He smells like Boston beans.

what a shame. cant even sell out opening day. tickets still available on hopefully that is enough to make frank realize we are all sick of him and his crooked accounting. sell the team and go back to boston before you lose everything!!!

Typical McCourt. He picks the only game in spring training where he couldn't be booed, and then uses it to decline comment on ownership. We can see right through you, Frankie boy. Your showing up is an insult to the memory of Christina Green, her family, and the others who were killed or injured that day. Have you no decency?

How to Ruin a Baseball Team. Bud Selig allowed Frank McCheap to purchase the Los Angeles Dodgers. The first thing McCheap does is go to the Dodger enemy (the Giants) and hire a General Manager (Old Ned). In turn, the General Manager ( a Dodger hater) has made one bad trade after another; getting rid of fine young players, like Lucas May, Mcdonald, Brett Wallach, Andrew Lambo, Kyle Smit, and Carlos Santana. All they have to show for these wonderful trades is Ted Lily.Years ago they skillfully got rid of Franklin Gutierrez now a star player for Seattle. During his tenure with the Dodgers he has managed to help his old team win the World Series last year. When are the powers that be going to wake up and save a big market team like the Dodgers and quit pandering to the likes of McCheap and Selig.

what a joke this franchise has become ...

the punch line is, "McCourt's"!


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