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Dodgers Web musings: Farewell to Garret Anderson, in the head of Matt Kemp, Rod Barajas feels at home

Garret Anderson officially retired Tuesday.

That might have been one year too late for most Dodgers fans, but the outfielder put together an impressive career.

Last season, Anderson’s only one with the Dodgers, he quickly seemed past his prime. To everyone, maybe, but Joe Torre and Anderson.

In 155 at-bats until released his release Aug. 10, he hit just .181 with a .271 slugging percentage. His best years were clearly behind him, though they were very good years (.293/.461 for his career).

Also on the Web:

--St. Petersburg Times’ Marc Topkin says Manny Ramirez is impressing the Rays with -- are you ready? -- his hustle.

--The Times’ Dylan Hernandez says catcher Rod Barajas grew up in Norwalk dreaming of being a Dodger.

--Sports Illustrated’s Joe Posnanski has a lengthy piece examining Duke Snider, questioning those who doubted his greatness.

--ESPN’s Jerry Crasnick tries -- with great effort -- to understand where Matt Kemp is headed.

--In the company of Frank McCourt: The New York Post writes that the Mets are desperately seeking a new loan. JPMorgan lent the Mets $430 million last year and MLB lent the team $25 million at the end of last year.

--True Blue L.A.’s Eric Stephen takes a look at reliever Ron Mahay, comparing him to Kenley Jansen in that he also made a late switch from position player to pitcher.

--Sports Illlustrated’s Jon Heyman writes that Don Mattingly is the right man at the right time to lead the Dodgers.

--Fox Sports’ Tracy Ringolsby writes that it isn’t only the Giants’ young pitchers who are coming of age, but now their hitters, too.’s Ken Gurnick writes that Jamey Carroll is well past getting down about not starting.

--Steve Dilbeck

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RE: Crasnick's ESPN article

"(Kemp's) seeming indifference over strikeouts riles the scouts, but he makes no apologies and has no plans to change to suit somebody else's idea of what a competitor should act like on the field."

- from a July 5, 1971 Sports Illustrated article:

"You've got to put things in perspective. Baseball is not first. The individual is first. A lot of people forget that. A ballplayer is under contract for his ability on the field, not as a human being." - former MLB player Alex Johnson.

"I've pretty much grown up to hide my emotions for the most part," Kemp said.

- my opine, the first part is a bit of a 'stretch' & the latter artless if he believes he is being clever...

"When I do something good, you're gonna see I'm happy."

- references chest thumps & sky points that burst forth aft the occasional home run once every 25+ at bats his career...

"But when something is going wrong, I'm not going to get crazy and slam my helmet or whatever it is that some people do."

- I wonder... is he referring to a certain teammate who does that and also passionately attacks bat racks?

"It's telling that when Kemp is asked about the challenge of handling criticism, he makes no mention of Alex Rodriguez, Jeter or anybody else in spikes."

- maybe he's never heard of those guys? (I mean, if his passion is basketball.)

I recall a former MLB player claiming that while growing up he "never watched baseball on tv. (February 15, 1999 Sports Illustrated article.)

"It's slow and boring. I'm not a fan. Never was.'' Yet, the same player said, "I know I'm no Hall of Famer but I'll never [be satisfied with] anything less."

His paradoxical case however (unlike Kemp, my opine) 'effortlessness' is never mistaken for 'a lack thereof'.

'That' player was Jeff Kent...


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