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Dodgers reassign Dee Gordon, option John Lindsey and Trayvon Robinson to the minors

Some day Dee Gordon and Trayvon Robinson may break camp firmly in the Dodgers’ immediate plans.

Not this spring, though. Not for this coming season.

Gordon and Robinson were among six Dodgers on Monday who had to pack their bags and head over to the minor league clubhouse.

If they were looking for sympathy, however, they were in the wrong group. John Lindsey, the first baseman who tore up triple-A pitching last season to finally earn a September call up after 16 years in the minor leagues, was also optioned back to the minor league camp.

Right-hander Javy Guerra, outfielder Jamie Hoffman, Lindsey and Robinson were all optioned to the minor leagues. Damaso Espino and Gordon, who are not on the 40-man roster, were simply reassigned to the minors.

Gordon is considered one of the Dodgers’ top prospects and their shortstop of the future. The speedy Gordon, who turns 23 next month, played all of last season at double-A Chattanooga, where he hit .277 and stole 53 bases.

Robinson, 23, was also at Chattanooga last season. The outfielder hit .300 and stole 38 bases. Signed when he was 17, this will be his seventh year in the organization. Guerra, 25, was a reliever at Chattanooga, where he had a 2.33 earned-run average but a 1.70 WHIP.

Lindsey was a late-season, feel-good story for the Dodgers. After laboring all those years in the minors, he became an instant hit in their September clubhouse, both for his story and his infectious personality.

Hoffman, 26, could be running out of time. He was taken by the Yankees in the Rule 5 Draft last year, but returned before the season began. At triple-A Albuquerque, he hit .310 with a .431 slugging percentage.

Espino, 27, is a light-hitting catcher from Panama.

--Steve Dilbeck

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Damn, not Damaso Espino.

Time to organize....and clean house.

Is Mattingley on a one year contract? Win now with the hope that the old timers will be better than fusing in young talent.
Where do Colletti and Donnie think they are going with these injury prone old timers?
Recently, Jim Edmonds said he had a tough first year but he turned out to be a good player for the Angels.
This up/down, up/down is no way to develop future players. I would rather see a 'could be' instead of a has been that never was.
If this is called rebuilding by fusing in youngsters, then the signing of all the geezers should be called tearing down.
Piazza was the last high profile player, sans Manny, that the Dodgers have had. Ethier, Kemp and Loney surely don't fit in that category. Kershaw might, but he has a ways to go.
What player on the Dodgers would fans in other cities be willing to pay to see play or pitch? That's high profile.
It's a shame that a city as big as LA can have nationally recognized teams like the Lakers, USC football and UCLA basketball and have a joke with a MLB team.

six years in the minors and starting the abnormal or normal is this? I realize the big-timers don't, like Strasburg or Kershaw, but for the position players, wonder what's the norm. There's got to be a sample for all players, for players entering organizations when they're 17, or when they're 18, maybe 19, any age.

On the surface, not being of good knowledge on this one, it doesn't sound good. Hope it is better than it sounds.

Should be in the majors all year at 23 if you're going to be good. Maybe not a star yet, but good enough to be playing a lot. I don't see it in any of these guys. And they need to be playing Sands every inning. It won't *hurt* him!!!

It does seem like a major shakeup is needed. I wouldn't have said so before thsi Spring...they were Division Champions two years ago. But they were bad on offense last year, and look worse now.

Welcome to Dodger baseball!

After reading the Dodgers cut Roman Colon...I thought they had fired Colletti.


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