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Dodgers Question of the Day: Who plays in left field?

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"Play" is the wrong word. "Botch" is more apropos.

Gwynn/Thames is the correct pick, though when Gwynn is in there, he should be in CF.

Put me in coach! alanw19

put ANDRE in left, KEMP back in right (where he belongs), and Gwynn Jr in CENTER. sheesh, I can't keep giving you these free lessons...

good call, vtadave!

"Who Plays in left field?"

- no, Who's on first...

Agent Ned, we have full faith that you will make the choice most beneficial to the Giants. Perhaps a last minute call-up of Egenio Velez is in order.

Keep up the good work, Agent Ned.

No, Hu now plays for the Mets.

It's irrelevant who Donnie Dumball takes from McCrap's pile of bargain bin tripe & puts in left field. McCrap's Disgraced Dodgers are going nowhere fast & I won't be along for the ride. I won't spend a dime on McCrap's crap any longer.

Is the real question "Who plays in left field?" or "Who's the stiff they put out in left field?"

Sorry Tony Gwynn can't hit his weight and we need offense from LF. Go with Thames and X Paul.

No contest - Jerry Sands

They all stink, so it doesn't matter which one is out there. In fact the Dodgers are headed for 4th or 5th in the West until we can get a new owner that cares about winning games rather than spending money on him or her self. He won't get a nickel of my hard earned money.

JERRY F###### SANDS!!!!!! Really, what will Thames, Gwynn, and the rest of the nobodys brings to the table? Come on NED!

The only thing I got against Tony Gwynn Jr. is his lack of consistent power.

As I've said before, the Dodgers' starting outfield should be Ethier in left, Gwynn in center and Kemp in right. However, I think it's probably gonna be the platoon of Thames/Gibbons/Gwynn in left. The key here is Gwynn. If he hits a little (by little I mean .260), he should be in there every center, with Kemp moving to right and Ethier to left.


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