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Jamie McCourt demands Dodgers' financial data, blasts Frank's 'secret deal' with Fox

Frank McCourt has committed "flagrant breaches" of his duty to protect the financial interests of his ex-wife Jamie, in part by negotiating a "secret deal" with Fox that "would have endangered" the value of the Dodgers' broadcast contracts, attorneys for Jamie McCourt charged in a court filing on Tuesday.

Her attorneys asked that Frank be ordered to provide to Jamie extensive financial information regarding the Dodgers' business operations, including documents related to negotiations with television outlets and efforts to obtain additional financing for the cash-strapped franchise.

The court set a hearing for April 11.

In December, Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Scott Gordon threw out an agreement that would have granted Frank sole ownership of the Dodgers. Jamie claims that decision makes her half-owner of the team under California community property law and, as such, entitles her to full financial disclosure about the couple's assets pending resolution of the divorce proceedings.

"Frank has consistently and wholly failed to comply," her lawyers wrote.

Frank argues the court invalidated the agreement but deferred the determination of who owns the Dodgers. His representatives could not immediately be reached for comment Tuesday, but they have said Frank has complied with the law and would do nothing to diminish the value of the Dodgers.

"He is well aware of his responsibilities to the team, to the city and to his former wife," his spokesman Steve Sugerman said last week. "He takes these responsibilities seriously and is living up to them."

Sugerman's comment originally appeared in a Los Angeles Times report about Commissioner Bud Selig's decision to reject a proposal in which Fox would have lent Frank about $200 million, using the Dodgers' television rights as collateral.

Jamie and her advisors were "shocked" to read that report, according to the filing. Her lawyers called it "outrageous" that Frank had not disclosed the Fox discussions to Jamie and "equally outrageous" that she needed Selig to "protect the franchise's best interests given that California law imposes that very duty and obligation upon Frank, since he runs the Dodgers."

In the filing, her attorneys asked that the court order Frank to turn over all documents related to the Dodgers' broadcast rights negotiations, cash advances, loan applications, financing arrangements, debt payments and schedules, and audited financial results.

Her attorneys are also asking for documents related to payments from Major League Baseball. The financially troubled New York Mets last year received a $25-million loan from MLB, the New York Times and New York Daily News reported last week.

The filing includes a Feb. 16 letter from Sorrell Trope, an attorney for Frank, to Mike Kump, an attorney for Jamie. In the letter, Trope wrote that Frank is "fully committed to adhering to his … legal obligations."

Trope also wrote that Jamie's claims stem from the "flawed premises" that the Dodgers are community property and that she is half-owner.

In addition, Trope blasted Kump for sending copies of correspondence to MLB Executive Vice President Rob Manfred — Selig's point man on the Dodgers' affairs — and to the MLB's general counsel, Tom Ostertag.

"It is counterproductive and, frankly, inappropriate," Trope wrote. "Involving them appears calculated to harm the Dodgers and create a further spectacle that ultimately does not benefit any party to this action."

-- Bill Shaikin


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With this new hearing coming up, how many dolts will need to attend Dodger Stadium, pay for parking and buy concessions so that the new bills, that the lawyers will present to Jamie and Frank, can be paid?

as the noose tightens ...

Once again it is a sad time here in Dodger Town, it appears that Frank's plan may backfire with his relationship with FOX, they are now are under the sheets spooning him.
I am glad to see the Commissioner draw the line in the sand with FM, once again this carpet bagger should stay in the parking lot business for that fact he can work one of the booths at the Sunset entrance.
Keep the faith fellow Dodger Fans, the boys on the field need the fans to support them more than ever!
Play ball!

I'll support the team, but not put money in the slime ball owners pockets. I'll watch it on TV until McCourt is gone!

Anyone old enough to remember the 'Liar's Club' television game show? I'm certain Frank & Jaime (and their lawyers) are.

The show featured a contested object (like the dudgers for example). Well, each liar ( know) would give an ridiculous explanation. Only one person was actually telling the truth, so to win you had to determine which 'liar' it was telling the truth... sometimes on the show (also filmed here in LA) no one won, likewise.

Why can't these sleazebags just go away & let me have my Dodgers back. The McCraps: a complete disgrace.

and the sad, disheartening thing is that this is good news for protection of the telling what that guy is up to, has done, etc.

still, both need to go away...just go away

Frank and Jamie will bring the Mets down with them!

Even boneheads are able to buy baseball teams. What a country! I hope he's fleeced for all the money he doesn't have. The Dodgers would be in more stable hands if he sold the team to Charlie Sheen.

First time to read about a baseball team being featured in a divorce as part of the assets being divided up.

Do not buy Dodgers tickets in any form until the team is sold and the McCourts are far, far away. That's the only way to restore the team to its proper status as a class franchise. Empty stadiums speak volumes. Thank you, and enjoy your day.

OK, so if Sheen buys the team as suggested above, we've obviously bid adieu to Mannywood in the left field corner

So any suggestions for marketing names in that corner?

New pricing at Dodger Stadium this Spring has been announced:

Dodger dog: $50.00
with bun: $10.oo extra
new mustard packet: $2.50
used mustard packet: $1.50
large Coke: $20.00
large Coke--with a cup: $50.00
Box seats behind dugout: single game: $2500.00
Box seats, behind dugout--using an actual seat: $3500.00
Box seat, behind dugout-milk crate: $2501.00

New Promotion day has been announced:
Beach Ball Day has been replaced with Jamie McCourt Blow Up Doll Day. Never runs out of hot air.
latest new promotional day: Frank McCourt Boxer-Briefs Day.

Can't some of those bovine-stealing aliens you hear about that drop into Iowa cornfields in the middle of the night--can't they they just show up on the Hollywood Freeway one night and take these two incompetent idiots away from here for good?
Please? We beg of you. we'll throw in Paris Hilton and Charlie Sheen and Lindsay Lohan for amusement to you know, balance off the stupidity.

Welcome to California! A community property state.

Having been through divorce in the Golden State I can assure you he's digging a huge hole for himself with the court. Sans the agreement the court threw out, stubbornly not producing financial documents is a good way to generate revenue for your lawyers and fines from the court.

Sorry, Frank. You're not in Boston. It's a California divorce. Open the books.

Why can't these sleazebags just go away & let me have my Dodgers back.

Is it too late to "demand" a decent team this season?

In a perfect world both McCourts lose everything including all the houses that Jamie tried to keep out of the business in case things went bad.

I am not a Dodger fan but I do feel bad for the Dodger fans. I just want to see them lose it all and then it will be a better day for Dodger fans and baseball in general.

This is not a surprise after reading the Courts decision regarding the maneuvering between Fox Sports and dear Frank McCourt.
Go for it Jamie … in California it is share and share alike. One would assume that since the McCourt’s have been partners in Marriage then they would be partners in Business.
Yes Jamie kick A**!!!
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