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Dodgers' Chad Billingsley reportedly agrees to contract extension worth $35-$36 million [Updated]

Starting pitcher Chad Billingsley reached tentative agreement with the Dodgers on a three-year contract extension worth between $35 million and $36 million with a possible option for a fourth year, two people familiar with the talks said Monday.

Bills The Dodgers declined comment on the report from the sources, who spoke on the condition of anonymity because the deal had not yet been signed.

After the Dodgers practiced Monday before their exhibition game against the Angels at Dodger Stadium, Billingsley confirmed that he was in contract negotiations but the right-hander would not discuss any specific terms.

But Billingsley, the Dodgers' first-round draft pick in 2003 and now a member of their starting rotation, said he hoped to extend his career with the Dodgers.

"I started my career here in 2003 and love what this organization stands for," he said.

Billingsley, 26, and the Dodgers avoided a salary arbitration hearing in January when Billingsley signed a one-year, $6.275-million contract. The Ohio native, who was 12-11 with a 3.57 earned-run average last season, was eligible for arbitration for the second time. He was paid $3.85 million in 2010.

The extension, if finalized, would run at least through 2014 and have the effect of postponing Billingsley's entrance into free agency by two years.

The Dodgers open the season Thursday against the San Francisco Giants.

--Jim Peltz

Photo: The Dodgers' Chad Billingsley pitching against the Angels at Dodger Stadium last June 11. Credit: Gina Ferazzi / Los Angeles Times

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How much, if not all of this, is deferred. McCrap must be deferring this loot and will only pay Bills after the Mayan calendar world ending in 2012.

This is a terrible move by the organization. His second half "rebound" last year is still questionable as it came with absolutely nothing on the line. It is way too soon to express this kind of faith in him, IMO. I am among those who are not convinced his issues are "mechanical", if that mechanism lies somewhere outside his cranium and the center of his chest. This is a debatable move at best, but could also suggest that the Dodgers recognize that they have no real possibility of playing into October. Billingsley is a perfect Colletti Dodger-regular season horse who gives you five solid innings until the wheels fall off keeping the team "in contention" for the year, which is the Dodger's version of winning at all costs.

I also plan on contacting the Anti-Defamation League to report the ouster of Canters from the field level concourse. Have they no decency? At least leave us the Kibbitz Room, for crying out loud.

Good deal for Billingsley, questionable for the organization. Kershaw should have been the priority before Billingsley. This deal was done prematurely as there was plenty of current contract time left. Wonder how the McCourt deficit fund will subsidize this.

Nevertheless, the deal won't matter because Colletti still acquires players with poor on base percentages. What good is a team if they can't get on base and score runs. This team won't be competitive for a long time.

Excellent news!

I wonder how Jaime (and BHGLAAR - the Beverly Hills/Greater Los Angeles Association of Realtors) feel about thi$?

Dodger Fans this is a complete joke.The Pitcher with no heart was given 36 million. This is the guy in the playoffs that would not pitch inside or back up his fellow players after the Plilly pitchers used them as human targets. This is the guy that implodes after the third inning.This is the guy that had his final start against the Indians on Sunday and fell apart. Friday night against the Giants when its for real he will never get out of the first inning against them if he pitches like he did against the Indians.

The next question is where did Mc Cheap come up with all the dough. Why could we have not used some of this cash to sigh a real pitcher or maybe go out and sign a power bat to play left field instead of this cast of characters that Ned Colletti found in the bottom of dumpsters in MLB Parks around the country. This will never change until Mc Court and Colletti are gone for good.

As I qouted in the Jim Peltz article:

"I started my career here in 2003 and love what this organization stands for," he said.

So, he thinks McCourt is a standup guy and that the fans, who pay his bloated salary, can go to hell.

Billingleys still a head case if he thinks his extension proves the Dodgers are doing what it takes to be top notch organization. What gaul.

I just watched Jonathan 'Big Thighs' Broxton blow a save against a triple-A Angel line up. He is done. Stick a gigantic pitchfork into this cow. What does he have to do to convince the Dodgers. He is crying out loud that he is done. Does he need to rent the billboard down on Sunset with the words on it: I am Jonathan Broxton and I am done! Whatever his problem is, fat, mental, marriage, thighs - I do not care. I can no longer watch this guy. Please Lord, help me.

The money would have been better spent on hitting talent.

Wow....this organization is STUPID.

This is an excellent signing. The Dodgers have locked up a quality starter for a reasonable extension length and rate.

He'll pay a lot more dividends than what Flanders would have found us had we not kept him. Or do the ones complaining not remember the offseason we just went through? He's under 35, way too young for Flanders to sign if he wasn't already on the team.

>>> What gaul.

Billingsley's French? I thought he was from Ohio or someplace like that in the Midwest? Since when did he become French?

Unless, of course, you meant "gall", which is entirely another matter.

As for Billingsley, every team needs a number 3 starter.

Believing in Billingsly and Broxton is like buying MySpace stock.

If only the Dodgers were a leg wrestling team then we'd be set!

now, package him in a deal with Broxton and Loney and whatever scraps we have left-over in the farm system for ...ALBERT PUJOLS!

Am I dreaming??? YES!! Will it ever happen..NO, as long as McCourt is still owner.

I'm embarrassed by the lack of baseball knowledge around here. This is a great signing. Dude's 26 yrs old. This is the type of talent you need to lock up. With Bills and Kershaw at the top, I like where we're going. He's already had success, a lot of success, and his best years are yet to come. Now if we could just get Carlos Santana back...

Great Signing and i agree with TBone lets get Carlos Santana back

this is a terrific signing...The kid left so much money on the table..If people had sense they would understand this is a great signing...Sure he had a terrible season in 09 but do people not take into account it was an injury prone year....He dealt with a broken leg coming into the season and then also was dealing with hamstring issues..The guy is good and 26. He may not be an ace but he can be a solid #1 Type to excellent 2. I love this signing plus it is a short term contract. To criticize this signing is within your own right but lets get some sense.


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