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Jay Gibbons, Juan Uribe add to Dodgers' health concerns


The list of health concerns surrounding the Dodgers in spring training grew longer Monday with Manager Don Mattingly disclosing that infielder Juan Uribe and outfielder Jay Gibbons are struggling with ailments.

In addition, third baseman Casey Blake was scheduled to get an MRI on Monday after he suffered an apparent muscle strain behind his right ribcage on Saturday.

Blake is listed as day-to-day but "they want to make sure . . . that it’s not something longer term," Mattingly told reporters at the club's Camelback Ranch facility.

Uribe, acquired by the Dodgers from the San Francisco Giants in the offseason, has complained of general tightness in his body but can still play, Mattingly said.

Uribe left the Dodgers' split-squad game against the Chicago Cubs in Las Vegas on Sunday after playing three innings and batting twice. The Dodgers acquired Uribe in part so he could occasionally play third base when Blake is resting.

Uribe "seemed OK but . . . with Casey having a little thing going on, the last thing I need is for Juan to have any issues," Mattingly said. "I’m more concerned with him feeling better before we extend him. We’ll try to extend everybody to seven [innings] tomorrow; I don’t know if Juan will get there."

Gibbons, meanwhile, "will miss the next couple of days" because "he's having trouble with the eyes, with his depth perception" and is going to get "extended testing," Mattingly said.

Gibbons, 34, who's competing for the team's left-fielder's job, is having problems getting his contact lenses to stay in his eyes "and he's having trouble with the glasses" he wears, Mattingly said, noting that Gibbons also had laser eye surgery several years ago.

He tried wearing just one contact Sunday and "that helped," Mattingly said, "but we need to get that resolved with him. If you don’t have your depth perception right on, trying to hit a breaking ball just doesn’t work.”

Meanwhile, the Dodgers optioned right-handed pitcher Carlos Monasterios to minor-league camp along with left-handed pitcher Wilkin De La Rosa.

Monasterios, 24, appeared in 32 games for the Dodgers last season -- including 13 he started -- and was 3-5 with a 4.38 earned-run average.

"His stuff's been getting better," Mattingly said, but "there’s a lot of little things that we want Monty to keep working on" such as his fielding, control and "basically handling himself out on the mound."

--Jim Peltz in Phoenix

Photo: Outfielder Jay Gibbons before the Dodgers' game against the San Diego Padres last Thursday at Camelback Ranch. Credit: Christopher Hanewinckel/US Presswire

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"Uribe ... has complained of general tightness in his body ... "

Amazing. My goodness I hope I'm wrong but this could be some strange season.

News just keeps on getting better and better in Dodger camp--could be in for a looooong and cruel summer my fellow Dodger amigos. :(

This is what happens when Colletti signs old people who can't get on base. Not exactly expecting the Dodgers to lead the league in OBP, runs and run deferential.

Maybe they should all have their eyes examined.

Then again, maybe Ned needs to have his head examined.

Can we just get out of Spring Training without someone landing on the DL?

That's what you get for poaching World Champions. Have fun with another wasted season, LA.

I heard Gibbons had Lasik in the off-season. You say he had eye surgery "several years ago". Can you clear this up Steve?

There needs to be a statue of Ned Colletti at the entrance to Dodger Stadium...holding a torch in one hand...and proclaiming..."Give us your poor, your tired, your injured masses longing to be Dodgers."

Blue Hunter - if you want Juan Uribe and all the other ex-Gnats back, including Colletti, you're more than welcome to them all.

It wouldn't be much, but it'd be a start.

I love how these heartless, gutless losers -- after quitting midway through the season last year -- came to camp in such great shape.

What a bunch of worthless clowns.

Gibbons going blind is about the best thing that could happen, now Gwynn can start and hit 2nd giving us speed at the top. Paul breaks with the club gets a last chance to prove his worth on the bench. I like Thames starting 40gms this year and hitting 10hr against the RHP and bringing Paul in as defensive replacement after 7inn. And in may when Gwynn starts hitting@.200 like he does every year Sands comes up and shows what he can do. This team can still be good in spite of Coletti and his apparent dugout puppet, Donnie Baseball head.

DL will soon be named after Dodger Losses

These guys get paid millions of dollars and they can't even stay in shape during the winter?

well, if you need me for a couple of innings, I think I can manage it.....what's that? you gonna need more than a couple?....well, OK, I'll do whatever I can to help the Dodgers.

What's that? They didn't say that exactly? Oh, OK.

I think Uribe is suffering from "general fatness." Man, does he look like the heaviest 2B in baseball or what? Gibbons could be a tough luck story, but I agree, it could open the door for Gwynn and resolve the #2 hole as well. Not sure I heard of getting lasik eye surgery and still wearing glasses for distance?

Cure for "general body tightness" -- go to the next hole in your belt.

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