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Vicente Padilla to undergo surgery

And then there were five.

Vicente Padilla will undergo surgery on his pitching arm on Thursday to release a nerve that is entrapped by one of the deep muscles in his forearm.

The Dodgers have not set a timetable for his return.

The opening-day starter last season, Padilla was re-signed to add depth to the pitching staff. He was expected to begin the season as a long reliever and viewed as a potential starter or closer.

Padilla gave the Dodgers six established starters, compared with the four they had when they started last season. Barring another injury, the club will head into the season with a rotation consisting of Clayton Kershaw, Chad Billingsley, Ted Lilly, Hiroki Kuroda and Jon Garland.

The Dodgers were aware that Padilla was a serious medical risk, as he was limited to 16 starts last season because of arm and neck problems. His contract reflected that, as he will earn a base salary of $2 million. The deal is incentives-heavy, as he can earn an additional $8 million in bonuses as a starter or an extra $6.8 million as a reliever.

Padilla missed two months early last season because of related nerve problems in his arm.

-- Dylan Hernandez in Phoenix

Photo: Vicente Padilla. Credit: Morry Gash / Associated Press

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Didn't Ned make Padilla take a physical exam?


The first week of spring training?

Who is running this organization, Bozo the Clown?

Jason Schmidt on a smaller scale. Doesn't Ned ever learn. Only a fool keeps making the same mistake over and over

As long as franky and neddy are running this poor excuse for a baseball team you are going to get nothing but this type of signing. An article in a rival newspaper ranks the dodgers fourth,behind the Yanks, RedSox and Mets, in income.(MLB rank)at 247 million a year. it goes on to say that franky is averse to long term contracts WE SHOULD BE AVERSE TO AN OWNER WHO INSULTS US......This guy does not have to put a good product on the field. We continue to buy a pig in a poke. If you ever wish to get a player of Pujols ability, it is time to practice tough love. Not only on the mccourt clan but on ourselves. franky loves money so much that if you force the issue and quit the team, he will have to buy a great ballplayer when he becomes available. And if the attendance dwindles, maybe buddy boy will get off his duff and do something for LA. If you continue to support this ball club with the three million a year to which franky has become accustomed, you are telling him it is all-right to be COMPRTITIVE....The only way to get him out or to spend money is to deprive him of it.

PS it should have said or read competitive. sorry

How is is guys like Schmidt, Andruw and Padilla can pass physicals? Conte has never impressed me as knowing his butt from a hole in the ground, and there's absolutely no excuse for Ned to even have approached these kinds of guys.

I know Frank doesn't run this team anything like a big market club should be run, but he's not totally devoid of spending money either. You have to figure if Frank was absolutely dirt cheap that we'd be seeing the Pauls and Mitchells and all the other prospects because they're as cheap as you can get. You take the several worthless vets that Ned hires every freaking year at $1-$2 mil apiece and that's a lot of money wasted right there. Don't you think that Frank would've have better off with rookies playing at $400K PLUS being from our farm we'd have probably blindly supported them? Not to mention the $200 million Ned wasted on crappy FAs. The short answer is that Ned's a complete idiot. He "learned" from Sabean that all you do is bring in washed up vets and that's how you build a ballclub. In 5 years he hasn't learned one damn thing on his own. And THAT'S why this club is where its at today and repeats the same mistakes over and over again.

Don't believe me? Take a look. How can you have Gibbons, Thames, Gwynn and Paul and figure that Paul is your 4th best option?

Frank brings shame to the franchise. Ned brings embarrassment.

2 mill dollars wow get over it he....he is worth the risk...If he gets injured then the dodgers have bullpen options...You make Ned seem like he can stare into his crystal ball and see the future...Its only 2 mill and as a swingman if he gets healthy that is a steal.

The only thing more pathetic than the dodgers is their fans. You have an owner crapping on you and you still buy tickets. Oh by the way, Mr. Koufax has deserted the dodgers, he was last seen offering pitching advise to the New York Mets at their spring training camp.

ned was prepared to pay padilla up to $10 million this year? and up to $8.8 million as a reliever? glad that will never happen. those are insane numbers for a mediocre pitcher. and even $2 million for an injury risk is ridiculous. tack on the medical costs, rehab, therapy and you've got another ned special; wasting money, that's the dodger way.

Note to Joe Diehl, Koufax hasn't 'abandoned' the Dodgers. He still lives in Vero Beach. Look at a map. Mets camp in Port St Lucie is the closest one to him. He's been touring the camps of his friends for many years, offering advice when asked. He grew up with Fred Wilpon. They've known each other for over 60 years. This is nothing new for him. It's not like he's on the Dodgers payroll. Yadda yaddda yo.

He'll be in Glendale watching the pitchers. Don't know how he likes the ex-Yankee Dodger manager, or the ex-Giant Dodger GM. He spent his Dodger career crushing them both. Can't imagine what he makes of McCourt.

Hope he doesn't buy a tcket.

Padilla can be a heck of a pitcher when he is on and healthy. It's a good thing Ned got ample pitchers, but the problem is there 'has beens.' I still look for the Dodgers to make some noise. It was terrible the way they gave up last year with all the money they make.

Hey.... Why do I feel ripped off with that opening line??? Seems to me I said something just like that a couple of days ago....

Sorry guy... thought it was you re-using that great line I came up with the other day... turns out it was Dylan....


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