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Vicente Padilla expected to return before the All-Star break

Vicente_450 This could have been worse. General Manager Ned Colletti said he “absolutely” expected Vicente Padilla to pitch again this season. In fact, he expressed confidence that Padilla would return from his surgery before the All-Star break.

Padilla is scheduled to undergo surgery Thursday to release a nerve that is entrapped by one of the deep muscles in his forearm.

Because problems with the nerve forced Padilla to be sidelined for almost two months last season, Colletti said the Dodgers were well aware that he was a health risk. When Padilla underwent a physical after re-signing this off-season, the nerve had “calmed down,” according to Colletti.

“This came back when he started to increase his velocity the other day,” Colletti said. “So rather than go through this all season long and wander back and forth, back and forth, this was the best course of action.”

With Padilla slated to be a reliever, his rehabilitation process presumably will not be as lengthy as it would be if he were a starter.

If not for Colletti, the situation likely would have been portrayed far differently in this space, as rookie manager Don Mattingly’s evasive responses earlier created confusion. In his morning briefing with reporters, Mattingly showed he had a long way to go before anyone started calling him Donnie Press Conference.

Sticking to the company line that a timetable for Padilla’s return would not be known until after the completion of the surgery, Mattingly made it seem as though Padilla might be lost for the season.

Asked if he had been told whether Padilla could possibly pitch this season, Mattingly said, “The timetable thing has not really come up. You know, I don’t really want to talk about timetables because I don’t really want to put up an artificial date or something in there. We talked about generalities that. ... Again, timetable. I just don’t want to put ... "

Told that based on what he said, reporters didn’t know if Padilla would ever pitch again, Mattingly replied, “I’ll tell you what. Vicente is scheduled for the surgery Thursday. In listening to" trainer Stan Conte, the Dodgers will have Padilla "here on Friday. So this isn’t a continued thing. We’re going to know more quickly. Sooner rather than later, we’re going to be able to talk about these things. I just don’t want to talk about it until I get medical information from Dr. [Neal] ElAttrache. I don’t really want to do his job or make a guess.”

The most Mattingly would say is that he was “hoping he’s going to return.”

-- Dylan Hernandez in Phoenix

Photo: Vicente Padilla. Credit: Robert Gauthier / Los Angeles Times

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"Vicente Padilla expected to return before the All-Star break"

- whew, that was close... I thought our cakewalk towards our first Championship in 23 years was in danger.

What a relief.

Fat, drunk and stupid is no way to go through life, son. Unfortunately its how you run the Dodgers.

Most telling line that Ned's an idiot:
"When Padilla underwent a physical after re-signing this off-season, the nerve had “calmed down,” according to Colletti."
Not healed. Not cured. Calmed down. Jeez, you think maybe throwing at velocity might change things? Ned doesn't.

Wait a minute, Steve. Just because Ned says it's so, doesn't make it so. I think Don was right in not promising anything; he's just not adept at delivering the message properly. Ned appears to be great at delivering a message even if it not based on any kind of fact. How can he "absolutely" know that Padilla will come back this year and "confidence" that it would be even before the all-star break when the doctors haven't even gone in there yet? I would put much more stock in Ned's comments if it came after the surgery. Not before. He's just guessing at this point. MRI's are tricky things. They don't show everything. Ned could just as easily be saying in a few weeks that the damage was worse than expected and we can't rely upon Padilla returning this year. Don is right, we don't know yet. What's more egregious to me is Ned's revelation that, after the Jasone Schmidt fiasco and Padilla's history last year, he would sign Padilla without getting a physical first. That's just plain irresponsible. Frank should really just fire this guy. I would never, ever let someone like Ned spend my money the way Ned has spent Frank's. This is really just a joke at this point. Next, we'll see Garland go down. That would be icing on the cake.

OOOOPS!!! My bad. I directed my last post to Steve, but now I see that it was Dylan Hernandez who made this post. Hey, whose blog is this anyway? LOL.

All Star break?
Didn't I say that, too?

Donnie is frustrated and confused and apparently proud of it. I say put Mattingly at first and let Loney manage the team.

The stellar management of McCrap & No Head Head: Padilla passed the physical because the nerve had "calmed down." Did they ever think it had "calmed down" because he wasn't throwing? Ned Colletti: goofball not baseball.

>>> Next, we'll see Garland go down.

Will you people stop saying things like this?!? I'm not hearing any of this. Everybody's fine. Everybody's good. Garland will not go down. Garland will not go down. Garland will not go down. Everybody's fine. Everybody's fine. Everybody's fine. What's that song about my favorite things? Where's Julie Andrews when you need her, anyway?

Ned is a fool. Once again signs a guy with an injury. Frank should fire Ned and then fire himself!

What, me worry?

Even if Padilla CAN come back, why would they WANT him?? He's a liability at best. This is how far this organization has sunk...


The quote marks in the next to last paragraph are confusing. Where does the Mattingly quote start and end?

Colletti strikes again! That cotton brain is a Giant through and through. The joker (Ned) and the thieve (McCourt) are destroying the Dodgers.


If he is having his ulna nerve relocated this procedure is not small time surgery. They have to take the nerve out of the canal and relocate the nerve under the muscle. To me he will not be ready to pitch this year until the world series. Unfortunately the dodgers will not be in the WS.

I expect to have my 52 Studebaker running soon.

Padilla will be back in time to see the Giants or the Padres in the World Series!Ned once again, shows he's working for the Giants,not the Dodgers. FOX And the McCourt are out to destroy the Dodger organization, forget the throw back uniforms,retire the proud Dodger name and call this team the L.A. Bottom Feeders.

I'm happy to read that Padilla will be back before the All*Star break. Of course we have to forget about the past involving Furcal & Kuo, whom we were told would be back in a short time and then had to wait much longer. Nonetheless let's hope Colletti is right about Padilla.

Ned seems to be putting out forest fires he starts, with words, hoping the day will end and he can go back to bed, hoping he'll wake up and all will miraculously be well, despite his inability to take care before he signs players with "quiet" injuries, despite the experience he should have gained from Jason Schmidt.

Ned's becoming the all-time George W Bush of LA general managers.

Is Frank watching this uneasily? Is Frank aware? Is Frank watching this unperturbed, too busy with the catastrophes of his own making? After all, unfortunately, it's his money.

Hmm. Could Ned be Jamie's secret agent?

Yeah, I will be back, too.


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