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Giants fans want to make it a banner day over Dodger Stadium on opening day

Unfurl your banners, flood the streets, cry to the heavens!

The Giants are coming, the Giants are coming!

Oh, wait, it’s Giants fans who want to unfurl the banners. Over Dodger Stadium. On opening day.

It’s true, those poor, championship-deprived Giants fans are so beside themselves after winning their first World Series since moving to San Francisco 52 years earlier, they want to flaunt their achievement in Los Angeles.

Because, you know, it may not happen again for another half-century.

There are at least two efforts underway to rent a plane to fly a banner over Dodger Stadium the first three games of the season when the Dodgers host the Giants.

 One is a website trying to raise $8,000 to fly a banner to read:

"Giants 2010 Champs: BEAT LA."

Those sad little Frisco Giants fans. Their L.A.  envy is again getting the best of them. They can’t be happy catching lightning in a bottle and winning their title. Nope, it is meaningless unless they can attempt to rub it in against the Dodgers. So happy to give their fog-shrouded lives meaning.

The story was first posted locally Monday on the Informer blog at LA Weekly by Simone Wilson.  On Tuesday, Wilson followed with a post dismayed that all the reaction came from Giants fans. Almost like, you know, Dodgers fans actually have a world beyond living to beat the orange and black.

The site that trying to raise the $8,000 -- now at 58%  of its goal! -- plans to fly the banner an hour prior to each of the first three games and boasts:

"One concept, one idea, that would shock the sports world while leaving Southern California feeling empty inside. Now is the time."

Yeah, that will just tear at our little souls. So empty. It’s a wonder we can take another sun-basked  breath.

Then there is apparently a solo effort announced on Twitter @hankola, who also plans to fly a pro-Giants banner over Dodger Stadium with a yet undecided proclamation. This guy apparently lives in Long Beach. And he makes reference to a third effort.

Just so those pilots don’t crash into each other. It’s going to be crowded over Dodger Stadium.

Sounds like a party. Hopefully it doesn’t inspire any additional adversity at the stadium between opposing fans.

Hey, the Giants won the World Series. Good for them. Awesome pitching staff. Down in Los Angeles, the truth does not hurt. If the Dodgers field another weak team this season, hope you expose them again.

And maybe even fly a banner over your own park. Right, where’s the fun in that?

-- Steve Dilbeck

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How 'bout a banner that asks the McCourts to sell? Or in less flattering words, tell them to leave town. Or in the spirit of Tiger Woods, an ad for personal drivers asking Jamie to text 123456 for info....

Can I charge the planes a $15 fly over fee in lieu of a parking fee?

Who cares?
These are obviously the same people after they just beat Texas that were chanting BEAT L.A. Even their own players realize their fans haven't got two brain cells to rub together. Must be awful to be champions and STILL have a huge inferiority complex towards L.A.


Yes we are the Champions. Yes We are flaunting it on your home turf. I've lived around Dodger fans up here in the Bay Area and endured your heckling at our beautiful ballpark for years. This is a fitting response to fly our colors over that atrocity you all call a stadium.

Envy? Hahaha. Last time i checked the giants arent declining payroll and raising ticket prices. They're not the team that finished in 3rd and had their closer blowing games like it was the thing to do. Last time i checked the dogs werent throwing a parade! Last time i checked they werent doing a world champion throphy tour! It must really suck bums fans. Your rival's are defending world champions, your owner is raising your ticket prices while spending less on your team! I love how Frank McCourt is playing all of you for suckers!

2010 World series champions San francisco.Giants! 22 years and counting dodgers fans!

Call it payback for defiling the Willie Mays statue after your 2008 NL west champpionship...


"It’s going to be crowded over Dodger Stadium."

- alas, not so within - to wit, if boos disguised as empty seats be mute testimony, tacit tears too shall fall upon deaf ears: World Champion GIANTS take Game 1.

It's what takes place on the field that counts not what's up in the air.

hahaha...those simple Bay Area insecure.

Don't we have enough crap in our sky? Im happy I have new reason to hate you losers from the bay! Can't wait for March 31st....go Dodgers!!

I hope Giant fans are not foolish enough to actually visit Dodger stadium wearing Giant caps and shirts. That would be ugly. Dodger fans would not take kindly to such behavior. Not that I would do anything, but there is no shortage of drunks at Dodger stadium.

One more thought to all the Giants fans - save your money. There's nothing you can do to embarrass this franchise any more than its owner and GM already have.

With the money he received from Fox maybe Frank can put a dome on the stadium and thereby foil their efforts.

This is actually pretty funny, Steve. Just another notch in the belt of the best rivalry in baseball (I'm sick of the Sawks and the Yanks). It'd be better if they flew it over every NL West stadium, though.

Too funny. Only Giant fans would think like that. Its called orange-french vanilla step child syndrome. If they can afford the parking fees and it helps with their recovery let them come and flood Dodger stadium with their banners.

News flash Giant fans, it took a miracle from the big man himself to get you guys a championship. From all the posts it is appearent that Giant fans believe that the Dodgers are cutting payroll and the Giants spend freely, but here is the reality. The Dodgers 2011 payroll has increased from any point in 2010 and as I recall your playoff mvp was picked off the scrap pile last year along with all of your other playoff heroes. Good luck riding Rowand, Huff and Tejada back to the playoffs and we will see you from our rear view mirror.

Snap back to reality Giant fans!!!!!

'Gotta be one of the dumbest pieces I've seen in Times' Sports. I'm not a Giants fan, but the Dodgers did nothing to impress anyone last season, except maybe demonstrate the galactic selfishness of their owners. At least the Giants earned the right to flaunt something.

The Giant Fans are so nice, if you go to one of their games there's allways someone willing to push in your stool at the bar. These people aren't just fans they are hands on.

Need some cheese to go with that whine?

When they play San Diego, are they going to fly a "Thank You" banner? After all it was the Padres choking away their division lead that let the Giants get to the playoffs.

Speaking of choke jobs. Giant fans surely remember blowing that 5-0 lead in the 7th inning. 3 innings away from being Champions. So close, but no. You lost the game and the series.

Eight years and 52 years later, San Francisco can finally celebrate. Enjoy the moment. With your track record, it will be 2062 before you enjoy another one.

Who care!

The Dodgers could take a page from the same book and on opening day in Frisco, fly 5 planes over Pac Bell Park, each towing a Dodgers WS banner. Although they should use vintage planes.

Grow up and deal with it man, seriously. So us Giants fans want to celebrate a long awaited championship and try to get under the skin of our biggest rival, big deal. That's what rivalries are all about, being able to stick it to that rival whenever possible. And don't stick your nose in the air and pretend that Dodger fans didn't rub the lack of a championship in San Francisco in our collective faces for years and years. You guys did it to us for decades, now it's our turn. Stop acting like a two year old and take it all in stride. I, along with many other Giants fans, did just that for years. So it shouldn't be too difficult for you to accomplish. Or keep acting like a baby. Either way is fine because it won't change the fact that my Giants finally won a World Series in San Francisco. Cheers.

Fine, the plane could be greeted en masse with a one-finger salute. What a spectacle that will be, and the only one that would be remembered. Go ahead, Frisco fan, knock yourself out. Blow your money on a $20,000 banner. What a buncha children we're up against in this rivalry. I had no idea Giants were so little.

They just better not hang one inside the Stadium. If i can't bring in a sign damning McCourt, Dodger security oughtta make Frisco fans eat it RAH!

Note to Giant Dave who typed: "I've lived around Dodger fans up here in the Bay Area and endured your heckling at our beautiful ballpark for years." IT'S TRUE Dodger fans, i've seen it in person. Stick it to McCourt, DON'T go beyond the opening series, which we all should realize will be packed, and FLOOD Frisco for the 9 Dodger games. CROWD EM OUT. Buy them tickets NOW, before you succumb to spending money that goes right to McCourt. When WE chant there, it drowns THEM out. And it infuriates them. Witness their whining. The Dodgers may (!) suck, but Dodger FANS rock Frisco's little world.

And btw it's not GIANTS SUCK. It's FRISCO SUCKS. Makes their eyes cross. Fragile egos easily crack, doncha know.

And don't forget to wear your thickest Dodger blue. It's freezing up there in Siberia.

The comments here from Giants fans do nothing to dispel the idea that they do not quite understand the concept of sportsmanship vs. obnoxiousness. Did the Red Sox, after years of frustration, pay to fly a banner over Yankee Stadium rubbing their noses in it? No. And that rivalry is as, or more so, heated as this one.

I live in SF and like the city, and have friends who are Giants fans who I congratulated when their team won the WS (as hard as it was to do). And yet in general Giants fans worlds seems to revolve as much as what LA does and what the Dodgers do or don't do than what their own team and city does. Sorry, if that's not an inferiority complex I don't know what is. (And that is not the same as criticizing the state of their team itself, as a commenter here seems to think. It's a comment on the insecurity of a fanbase, period.)

This is tactless, pure and simple. But hey, winning on the field is what counts, best thing the Dodgers can do that day is beat the Giants.

Two more ideas, however: Rent a plane, or multiple planes, of our own that carries banners reflecting each of the Dodgers championship years. Or send up balloons carrying exploding paint packets, that splatter blue paint all over the banner.

What's wrong with celebrating once every half century? I'll be long gone the next time the Jints win. And, thanks to McCourt, I possibly could not be around for the next Dodger celebration.
I like MisterEd's idea of getting a plane up there with a "Sell" banner. Or, perhaps we can just BOO HIM. Boo him, boo him, boo him.

Well i live in Northern California Im a die hard Dodger fan.. I would spot a few giant fans here and there over the years but not too often.. After this last september all of sudden im seeing flags on cars and orange and black teeshirts everywhere i go, decals on cars and the list goes on.. The giants couldn't even sell out the stadium after barry left, barley hitting 29000-31000 in attendance on premium games and all of sudden they have fans trying to act like they always been going to At&t park not to mention dodger stadium.. Kind of funny how they have a huge fan base now raising money for a lame banner.. Cmon man!!!!!!!! I wonder how many of those fans even held a solid baseball conversation before september??????? I support the Dodgers by driving 5 hours to one series outta month in LA and every time their on the road @ at&t... Their for i support my team no matter what even through the most frustrating moments....

I'm a lifelong Giants fan. I went to college in Santa Barbara ( Go Gauchos ! )and went to Chavez Ravine a half dozen times. Dodgers fans ( in SB and at the park ) were always very cool; great fans.

In my opinion this airplane banner thing is stupid. Seeing as how beer costs like $30 at our yuppie ballyard, Gigantes fans should save our money for that.

I think Captain Smith of Titanic fame was a Giant's fan, so they better hope they do a better job hiring a pilot than they did with captaining a ship.

But I doubt it.

If the Giants were selling furnaces, I'd be selling fire extinguishers and home owners insurance.

Dodger fans, have a sense of humour. Geesh. 22 years and counting. At least The Giants have been to the World Series 3 times during that span. How many times have The Dodgers? Put it this way, I'd rather get to go to the big dance and have a chance to win one versus not going at all. Enjoy the next 22 years of not being a relevant team. Go Giants!

" They can’t be happy catching lightning in a bottle and winning their title
Nope, it is meaningless unless they can attempt to rub it in against the Dodgers. So happy to give their fog-shrouded lives meaning"


1) This is all Dodger fans used to do. Where's your title Giants fans? Well here it is. Payback is not fun.

2)Lightning in a bottle, Steve? What would you call Mickey Hatcher in 88'?But continue to downplay the team the Giants have. lol.

I'm a Giants fans and I think this is a little beneath us. I can get behind a banner that conveys our congratulations and thanks to the Giants, but I don't agree with the "Beat LA" portion. That cheapens it in my opinion. Why are we even concerned with the Dodgers when we our celebrating what the Giants accomplishment? I was at the parade and there were some fans chanting "Beat LA" and it seriously irritated me. We should have been cheering for our team, not wasting our time thinking about the Dodgers.

agree Scott. Why worry about a franchise that is going down the drain. I love the McCourts

Coming from the same city that put out a ballot initiative to change the sewage plant name to George W. Bush...stay classy guys...way to take the high road...

Let Tim smoke!

Yeah funny how Giants fan bases his ENTIRE existence on Dodgers & L.A. His team just got over and won a WS for this city yet he still can't get us off the brain. How sad. Even Aubrey Huff was telling Giant Fan to "Shut it!" as they mindlessly yelled,"Beat L.A." shortly after SF won the WS. This YOUR player for Crissakes telling you to get over your L.A. envy. That's pathetic. And when even the TV commentators are making remarks about all the "new-looking" jerseys and hats in the crowd. HA!! Laughable!! An entire fanbase comprised of a bunch of filthy band-wagon jumpers... You guys wouldn't know a die-hard fan if u tripped over one. We've got the better weather, the hotter chicks, and a true fanbase. Come to think of it, no wonder you're so jealous. Oh yeah one more thing Giants Fan: 5>1

The Giants have been in the playoffs one time in the last seven years. They win a world series for the first time in 56 years. They not only feel inferior to LA but they are in every way. The best thing is to ignore their fans. They are the ones who ignored the Giants for all those years, to the point that the team almost moved out in the mid-90s, while LA was bringing into their stadium 3 million a year. Maybe we should unfurl a banner over AT&T that says "LA DOdgers: 5 time champions."

Two years ago Lincecum had probably the best stuff in baseball. When his fastball was fired in with pinpoint accuracy at 97-98 and he would then drop the nastiest curveball at anywhere from 67-75. He looked like a RH Koufax. But the arm is showing signs of where and tear and his fastball has dropped down to 91-93 and is accompanied more often than not with a changeup. He's still great and gutty(World Series performance was classic) but going in to opening day he is at best the 4th best pitcher in the NL. Kershaw is defintely better as last years stats bear out. If that's the matchup Mar. 31, it doesn't matter how much Gynts fans spend, it'll be Kershaw's party. An announcement. If the Dodgers can hit slightly better than they did for him last year and he stays healthy he is the CY winner for 2011. Halladay is a better pitcher and Ubaldo throws harder but pitching at Dodger stadium 16 times should be enough. On Apr. 1 the Dodgers should be 1-0 with sole posession of 1st place. The question is how long can they keep it.

Why exactly would NoCal be jealous and feel inferior to LA? I thank God every day that I was lucky enough to be born and raised in the Bay Area. San Francisco is one of the most beautiful cities in the world with culture and sophistication. Aside from slightly better weather, what does LA have to offer that NoCal doesn't? Your most famous landmark is a big white sign on the side of a hill and some stars and hand prints embedded in cement.

Last time I checked the Giants had 6 WS titles. Funny how Dodgers fans don't recognize the 5 championships the Giants won in NY, but always brag about the 16 titles the Lakers have won even though 5 of those were won in Minneapolis.

"So happy to give their fog-shrouded lives meaning." Haha maybe in another 22 years the joke of a franchise the Dodgers have will be happy to give your smog-shrouded lives meaning. If you don't like someone rubbing things in your face, beat them and there will be no banner to fly. Don't be jealous and I heard Tommy Lasorta chocked on his big mouth today, did he pull through ok?

Funny how dodgers fans talk about "bandwangon fans" when this is the fanbase that arrives in the 3rd inning and leaves in the 7th! Funny how everyone knows that socal is known for having casual fans who ONLY go to games to be seen! Ask mitch williams the same guy who was on mlbnetwork and said the giants have the best fanbase on the westcoast! And giants fans have always been around in cencal,norcal and even socal. Must suck to know that the giants are building in empire while your pathetic team is losing money and has a owner that is screwing every single one of you morons. You guys most all be feeling blue.

Let's see. The Giants win one championship in 53 years of being on the West Coast. At that pace it'll take 212 years before they catch up to the number of LA championships. How about a banner over AT&T that says "Even Jackie Robinson wouldn't play for you."

Flying those awful Halloween colors over our beautiful L.A. skies? Weak.
Giants fans are a joke.

Dont worry my dodgers fans. With the signings of former giants, uribe, velez and most recently merkin valdez we will hopefully become what the giants are and that's champions. We also took stan conte who was their head trainer and with me running the show we wont be stopped.

sincerly, ned colletti

Reason you feel inferior #1:
In baseball, football, and basketball (Going back to the beginnings of the sports). LA has 18 championships. (Lakers, Rams, Raiders, and Dodgers).SF:6 (49ers and Giants).

I hope they do this. Dodgers fans are a disgrace to baseball. Everybody here in the LA area knows that the angels run this area and are the only one's committed to winning. Frank Mccourt is solely about making a profit and could careless anout winniing. Dont believe me? Ask all the Angels fans who once were dodgers fans but were tired of losing and being robbed so they jumped ship. This will be the nail in the coffin for the few left dodgers fans that actually show their face in LA. They certainly don't here in the oc.

I LOVE the jealous tone of your piece. Hey Steve - it's 65 and sunny up here in "foggy" San Francisco. You should see this Trophy glistening in sun! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Should a team that's managed just one pennant in the last 30 years really be getting smug about another team's title drought?

Me and all the others who have trolled G-nat blogs in recent years know that this is just the beginning of the karmic payback!

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