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Giants fans want to make it a banner day over Dodger Stadium on opening day

February 1, 2011 |  2:12 pm

Unfurl your banners, flood the streets, cry to the heavens!

The Giants are coming, the Giants are coming!

Oh, wait, it’s Giants fans who want to unfurl the banners. Over Dodger Stadium. On opening day.

It’s true, those poor, championship-deprived Giants fans are so beside themselves after winning their first World Series since moving to San Francisco 52 years earlier, they want to flaunt their achievement in Los Angeles.

Because, you know, it may not happen again for another half-century.

There are at least two efforts underway to rent a plane to fly a banner over Dodger Stadium the first three games of the season when the Dodgers host the Giants.

 One is a website trying to raise $8,000 to fly a banner to read:

"Giants 2010 Champs: BEAT LA."

Those sad little Frisco Giants fans. Their L.A.  envy is again getting the best of them. They can’t be happy catching lightning in a bottle and winning their title. Nope, it is meaningless unless they can attempt to rub it in against the Dodgers. So happy to give their fog-shrouded lives meaning.

The story was first posted locally Monday on the Informer blog at LA Weekly by Simone Wilson.  On Tuesday, Wilson followed with a post dismayed that all the reaction came from Giants fans. Almost like, you know, Dodgers fans actually have a world beyond living to beat the orange and black.

The site that trying to raise the $8,000 -- now at 58%  of its goal! -- plans to fly the banner an hour prior to each of the first three games and boasts:

"One concept, one idea, that would shock the sports world while leaving Southern California feeling empty inside. Now is the time."

Yeah, that will just tear at our little souls. So empty. It’s a wonder we can take another sun-basked  breath.

Then there is apparently a solo effort announced on Twitter @hankola, who also plans to fly a pro-Giants banner over Dodger Stadium with a yet undecided proclamation. This guy apparently lives in Long Beach. And he makes reference to a third effort.

Just so those pilots don’t crash into each other. It’s going to be crowded over Dodger Stadium.

Sounds like a party. Hopefully it doesn’t inspire any additional adversity at the stadium between opposing fans.

Hey, the Giants won the World Series. Good for them. Awesome pitching staff. Down in Los Angeles, the truth does not hurt. If the Dodgers field another weak team this season, hope you expose them again.

And maybe even fly a banner over your own park. Right, where’s the fun in that?

-- Steve Dilbeck