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Scott Podsednik leaves country to find a job

When the Dodgers acquired Scott Podsednik last July, they still had Manny Ramirez.

In August, the Dodgers waived goodbye to Ramirez. In November, they picked up their $2-million option on Podsednik, with the idea that he could be their left fielder this season.

But Podsednik exercised his right to decline the option and file for free agency. He never did find a better deal, and on Wednesday he signed a minor league contract with the Toronto Blue Jays.

The Jays could use a leadoff man -- and a left-handed hitting outfielder -- so he appears to have a good chance to crack the Toronto lineup. However, in the event of an injury or a seriously poor spring, he might have cost himself $2 million.

The Dodgers never did find a full-time left fielder. As they report to spring training, their most likely option is a platoon of Jay Gibbons and Marcus Thames (total cost: $1.65 million), with Tony Gwynn Jr. and Xavier Paul also available.

So tell us: Would the Dodgers have been better off with Podsednik, or are they better off with Gibbons and Thames? Or what Plan C would you prefer? (Not Plan CC, as the Dodgers had no interest in Carl Crawford -- or, more accurately, had no interest in spending $142 million to sign him.)

-- Bill Shaikin

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i would take almost anyone over scott podsednik in left field. i was so glad he turned down the option. he really did absolutely nothing for us last year and he cost us a potential starting catcher. he failed to get on base, failed to steal bases when he did, and then failed to even finish the season. fail, fail, fail. good riddance.

I'd prefer a healthy scotty pods, healthy he was solid last year, unhealthy he was not. The power and potential production of Thames and Gibbons is very intriguing however, especially since when one is playing the other is a power bat coming off the bench, it's just the defense of the two that may be less than what is needed.


Podsednik would be a faster defensive and base-running option for the Dodgers.

However, you can't have rookies grow while nurturing aging veterans. I'd take Xavier Paul over Podsednik, let alone Robinson and Mitchell.

Podsednik would be a faster defensive and base-running option for the Dodgers.

However, you can't have rookies grow while nurturing aging veterans. I'd take Xavier Paul over Podsednik, let alone Robinson and Mitchell.

Paul with Sands logging every at-bat possible in spring training to see if one or they can do it.

hindsight is Juan Pierre, but I was glad we got Manny in 2008. Thus ...

All these guys, including Scottie P, are marginal journeyman major leaguers and are just part of McCrap's bargain bin pile of crap.

I'd rather go to Plan X, but let's face it, they'll never give Paul a legitimate shot.
Why I don't play for the Dodgers - if I was Paul and Ned told me to go back to Albuquerque and learn how to be a major leaguer, I'd have to Ned to go back to Frisco and learn how to be a GM.
Well, that and I have no talent.

I liked Pods, but then I'm a White Sox fan, too. Did anyone notice that Juan Pierre had some 66 or more stolen bases for the Sox last year? And Andrew hit more homers than Mini Ramirez?

Make that AndrUw.

No doubt about it...the Dodgers would definitely be better with Podsednik in left. I've said it before and I'll say it again. I don't think Gibbons is the answer...he'd be good as a reserve outfielder and pinch-hitter. As for Thames...he may have some pop, but I don't think I trust him on defense...he's an American League DH.

Option 1: Trade for Carlos Beltran since the Mets seemed interested in unloading him when they were engaged in trade talks with the BoSox

Option 2: Jermain Dye

Option 3: Scott Podesednik

Option 4: Platoon with a chance to insert Jerry Sands when we're hit hard by injuries

I'm not a big Pods fan. He's a singles hitter who can't throw and is pretty mediocre with the glove. With that said, he sure is better than Gibbons as the lefty part of the platoon in LF and we wouldn't have to bat Loney at the 2 spot (which has disaster written all over it).

It's sad. Gibbons is going to be the Opening Day starting LF for the Los Angeles Dodgers. What the hell???

What's up with the Xavier Paul love? He had his chances in the past and he's looked awful both with the bat and with the glove. He was a bigger adventure than Manny out there LF at times. He was supposed to be a solid glove man but he looked like he was a DH trying to play LF

It's a mutually unrequited lack of desire. He's old, no power, no field, little running. Praise the Tao he did not take the typically dumb offer from Mr Ned the Talking Ass.

Plan C? If X Paul doesn't win it outright, if Gibbons doesn't find it within---i have little respect for the chances of Thames, and less for Jr Gwynn, whose mere presence supposedly fighting for the job is insulting---Colletti will be forced to do what he should have done all along, either spend some real money on an actual starting left fielder, or resign as a clear failure to do his job.

We're better off with hitters like Gibbons and Thames at least we can depend on them to supply some power.
WOW I thought Podsednik went to Japan, Steve ? (ha ha)

Much ado about nothing. What is Ned thinking? I think I know. He wants the Giants to beat the Dodgers.

I think the Dodgers will do fine this year. No one is expecting them to do anything. Don't count them out. Mattingly knows what he is doing.

I think in reality Podsednik never wanted to be a Dodger. Platooning left fielders isnt a great idea. In Mattingly we trust and it will work itself out. Go Blue!

Bloggers, please do yourself justice and do research before you type things (especially Ty). Why platoon mid 30s OFs who have only one skill (power) when you've got a 25 yr old entering his prime with 5 tools (X. Paul). This kid HAS NOT had a fair opportunity at the ML level. 112 ABs is a small sample size and even smaller when you're sitting 2-3 days at a time, being sent up and down, and also having to deal with pinch hit opportunities. This guy has has been one of the top players at every level he's played at. The potential there is unlimited and if the Dodgers don't take advantage of his ability it'll end up being another Shane Victorino and Jayson Werth situation.True baseball fans could see that....

Scotty Pods reminds me of me!

Very stupid headline for this story

The Dodgers need to step up and stop acting like a small market team! Angelinos deserve nothing but the best out on the field. The veteran players need to step up this year if we want to make a run like the giants did last year. Bottom line get Frank out of LA and send him back to Boston to work the parking lots and let someone buy the team that knows what the heck there doing. GO LA

None of those are decent choices, but a corner outfielder should hit for power and Gibbons does that. He's their best bet.

We are better off without him. We need the power of Gibbons/Thames and it'll be easier for Robinson or Sands to crack the line up this yr at some point without Pods' consistent mediocrity getting in the way.

Pods didn't want to be a Dodger so it doesn't matter if he is a better option than Gibbons/X. Paul/?? They picked up his option but he declined it. Forget him!!

should have signed Scotty, good lead off hitter and steals bases...he will help Jays.

Starting in Left Field for Your Los Angeles Dodgers.. Podsednik. Paul. Gibbons. Thames. Wait!! Is this a nightmare? Quick, wake up, wake up..

Sands or Robinson

LOL. The fact that these five names (Podsednik, Gibbons, Thames, Gwynn Jr. and Paul) are mentioned in the same sentence of Dodger's starting left fielder gives a good indication of what this season will be.

A real left fielder for the Dodgers went the way of attorney fees and spousal support that McCourt has bled since the divorce proceedings started. Just take a look at the Dodgers payroll compared to similarly sized markets. It's clear McCourt continues to bleed our team for his own good.


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