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Sources: Dodgers will get to open the season at home against Giants after all, but a day earlier

All's well that ends well?

That ESPN-driven effort to have the Dodgers open the season in San Francisco March 31 -- instead of at Dodger Stadium against the Giants on April 1 as scheduled -- apparently has been squelched.

Mostly, anyway.

Instead, baseball sources have told The Times' Dylan Hernandez that the Dodgers-Giants season-opening four-game series will likely start on March 31 at Dodger Stadium.

So instead of the Dodgers hosting the Giants in the season opener April 1 as previously scheduled, they will host the Giants a day earlier.

That means the Dodgers won't have to suffer the indignation of having to fly to San Francisco to watch the Giants unfurl their World Series banner on a Thursday, and then return to Los Angeles that night to start the four-game series against the Giants the following day.

Under the current proposal, each of the series' games would be pushed back one day, leaving the Dodgers with an off day on Monday.

That's hardly ideal, because the Dodgers already have an off day scheduled on Thursday, April 7, but it certainly beats having to fly up to San Fransisco for one day just to watch the Giants celebrate in their ballpark.

The players union apparently wasn't thrilled about moving the season opener to San Francisco, forcing the teams into an extra travel day.

The Dodgers weren't really in a position to comment on the proposal, but safe to say, they were far from pleased with the prospect either.

ESPN apparently is looking for a season-opening double-header that includes the Giants. Yeah, the Dodgers play the supporting role in this one.

The original proposal would have simply added the extra game in San Francisco, meaning the Dodgers and Giants would have opened the season playing five consecutive games. Somebody thought this was a good idea. An April 11 Dodgers-Giants game then would have been removed from the schedule.

Under the current plan, the Giants would get to have their celebration at their previously scheduled home opener April 8 -- against the St. Louis Cardinals. Have a ball.

-- Steve Dilbeck

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5 > 1

I don't understand the logic of what has happened here but I'm glad they put an end to it.

I read it first on this morning.

So opening day for McCrap's Disgraced Dodgers won't be on April Fools Day where it belongs: because you must be a fool to continue to support a McCrap ownership.

How about a story on McCrap's Disgraced Dodgers still owning the main entrance road into the former Dodgertown Vero Beach site (now the Vero Beach Sports Village of the minor leagues headquarters). Indian River County, FL officials want to further develop the former Dodgertown facilities but are going to have to deal with McCrap again to secure ownership of the entrance road. McCrap took the Dodgertown name from Vero (where it belonged for 61 years), and you know this heartless sleaze bag will rip off Vero once again dealing them the roadway.

This article has the highest snark-to-words ratio I've seen in a while. Must really suck to have your bitter rivals win the World Championship while your team is sinking in a swamp of toxic ownership.

Have a ball, indeed.

Disheartening to see "KoufaxFan's" attitude. Even more so when I realize it is the same as mine.

Fine. It wasn't even supposed to have been a stand-alone game up in Frisco, but the second game in a nationally-televised doubleheader, which means the first 3 innings wouldn't get on around the country anyway, let alone the flag and ring ceremony. Have no doubt the first game will be a 4-hr Red Sox or Yankee dragathon on Eastern Sports Entertainment Net.

I didn't like that Monday wrap-around schedule for this series anyway. Also, extra-added benefit, this earlier start to the season hits McCourt in the wallet if they cancel the home game vs Seattle on March 30, the night before, which would make sense. Lessee if the bum insists on playing for the revenue from it despite the fact the Dodgers need to be fresh for the opener on March 31.

Steve, in case you didn't know, Giants and their fans have been celebrating ever since November 1 when they won the whole thing. This article proves that you are totally obsessed with the Giants. Time to give it up and come to the black and orange side, you know you want to.

about time - this was nuts.

Dang, I was starting to like the idea of beating the Giants in front of their fans on their special night. We have a nice habit of ruining big days for them (Bonds' 71st, first game a Pac Bell, last at Candlestick)

The big story here, as I see it, is that ESPN is setting the schedule, not MLB.
Who is getting the payoff and how much? The MLPLA? MLB? The owners? All of them? The clown that heads the MLPLA talks tough but ESPN still called the shots. Forget Selig. He is just another syncophant (boot licker, butt kisser).

As usual, the rest of the media is in bed with ESPN with all the shenanigans that is going on with this caper.

Sources: GIANTS still WORLD CHAMPIONS > > dudgers still Frank's...

: )

Where's Manny?

If they change the opener from the 1st to the 31st that is horrible. I was flying in with my son to take him and have already bought airfare!

16 Blows is a gynts fan! I always new you were the cheese and wine kinda guy.

N.P.Krohn is a philosophunculist; I always 'knew' he was even though he never 'new' (and obviously be still caught unawares.)

(PS) Dodgers fan since 1958... a dudger, ne'er. As HC would say, "tell it like it is."


lost angeles dudgers - the team favor forgot since 1988

Stuck in the bay area surroundes by the beligerance of giant fans. You have more class than I 16 blows.


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