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Scratch one brother combo from the Dodgers' prospective buyers list

January 25, 2011 | 10:43 am

Anyway, scratch half of the billionaire combo.

In a story appearing in the Detroit News, a spokesman for Tom Gores denied he was interested in purchasing the Dodgers along with brother Alec Gores.

Alec Gore's interest in the Dodgers -- which, I repeat, are not for sale -- was reported Monday by Bloomberg News. It said he might partner up with his brother in their pursuit of the team.

But Tom Gores is already involved in attempting to purchase the Detroit Pistons. The Detroit News said he is reportedly the leading bidder for the NBA team.

"We are not pursuing any team in today's [Bloomberg] report," said the Tom Gores spokesman. "Our current interest is clear."

Right, who wouldn’t want to own the downtrodden Pistons in slumping Detroit over the 3.5-million-fans-a-year Dodgers in glitzy Los Angeles?

Actually, from a return on investment, most would.

Forbes columnist Mike Ozanian has speculated the Dodgers could go for an even $1 billion, or approximately four times revenue. The Pistons are expected to sell for around $350 million, or 2½ times revenue.

Alec Gores lives in Beverly Hills, presumably in one of the mansions Frank and Jamie McCourt have been unable to purchase. It probably doesn’t even have a basement, which is a shame, since he got started in the high-tech business selling computers out of his basement.

His private equity group typically buys distressed companies, and then redirects them to new buyers. Hmmm.

Meanwhile, I’m happy to report that the Dilbeck Investment Group’s bid to buy the Dodgers is picking up some serious steam. On Monday our coffers were enriched by a $20 offer from a fellow scribe, an ‘06 Acura TL and Schwinn Black Phantom.

Let the big financial boys beware. Billionaire brothers included.

-- Steve Dilbeck