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Joe Torre close to taking job with Commissioner Bud Selig

And now for your daily Joe Torre update ... he's leaning toward accepting that job with Commissioner Bud Selig.

Also, he absolutely won't be returning to the Dodgers in any capacity. Hmm, now why wouldn't he want to go back and work for the Dodgers?

The Associated Press reported Monday that Torre was close to accepting the job with Selig and that it would allow him to remain in Los Angeles. He wants to stay in L.A., where his daughter is attending high school.

Torre said there remained a few issues to resolve, but that he should reach a decision within the next two to three weeks.

The New York Daily News originally reported that Torre was talking to Selig about becoming his executive vice president of baseball operations. That job was previously held by Sandy Alderson, who left to become the Mets general manager. John McHale has been filling in on an interim basis.

Torre told the AP that he and Selig had not discussed a title, but simply what the position's responsibilities would entail.

When Torre retired as Dodgers manager after last season, he said he would talk to the team a couple of weeks after to determine if he would remain in an unnamed executive capacity.

The Dodgers reportedly offered Torre a position as an assistant to General Manager Ned Colletti; Colletti currently has six assistant GMs. Surprise, seems Torre can do a tad better.

-- Steve Dilbeck

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Good Luck Joe.

"Also, he absolutely won't be returning to the Dodgers in any capacity."

One liar deserves another.

That Joe left the Dodgers, but not LA, and wouldn't return to them, tells us either his stint with MLB could help pave the way to changing their minds about McCourt, and urge he go away. Or it could mean his personality calls for, and will promote, a kind of group hug that would urge baseball to keep giving McCourt chances to turn it around, interminably, cuz he still likes Frank, maybe. Or it could mean he would recuse himself from that discussion unless asked.

I vote A, but have no fly on that wall.

After his weak act in LA, it's hard to beleive he ever won a single World Series.

I want to know who falls asleep first at the initial Torre-Selig baseball operations summit?

After his "weak act"? I thought this was obvious but there aren't many managers out there that have taken their team to the League Championship Series 2 of the past 3 years...

Amazing that there are still Dodger fans who think Joe Torre did a good job as a Dodgers manager........"he took us to the playoff two years".....he did?....really? I guesss Grady the moron Little was a good manager cus we went to playoffs with him to...I mean know how many strange things and annoying things Joe Torre did with the lineups and the bullpent then?......


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