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Jay Gibbons complains of blurred vision, returns from winter ball

Jay Gibbons, who was playing winter ball in Venezuela, returned to Los Angeles on Tuesday night to get his eyes examined, according to Dodgers sources.

Among the candidates to be the Dodgers’ starting left fielder, Gibbons was 2 for 14 in four games for the Tiburones de La Guaira and complained of blurred vision. The 33-year-old underwent corrective eye surgery earlier this off-season.

Dodgers management believes the issue isn’t serious.

Gibbons, who hit .280 with five home runs and 17 runs batted in in 37 games for the Dodgers last season, re-signed with the Dodgers for one year. His deal is worth $650,000, of which the major-league minimum of $400,000 is guaranteed.

-- Dylan Hernandez

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Gibby better be alright he's the only left fielder the Dodgers have (not including Ethier who I'd prefer in RF) with some decent power. His fielding has a lot to be desire but I'd rather see him up at the plate than Gywnn Jr.

Only $400K guraranteed for a blind outfielder.
Too bad for Jay he isn't a disabled pitcher. Uncle Neddy would have then signed him long term for several million.

eyesight - serious? Dodgers management is unbelievable when it comes to speaking and doing. Starts at the top.

I don't care what their opinion is on something a licensed doctor should be determining. It means no more than my opinion.

I would think Jay Gibbons thinks it is serious. And if I had surgery and then trouble, I'd think it was serious too.

How about a Dodgers statement that says, "While we hope the problem is not serious, we do support his decision to return to LA and get the situation more thoroughly checked out."

I mean, if he's got vision problems, he's got a safety issue involved in playing.

I hope Jay is all right, and that its not serious. But that's not my issue - moron statements by the Dodgers is. Geez. Just go away Frank and take all your pucker-up folks with you. They don't know jack about anything.

Gibbons hit 100 points better that Tony Gwynn Jr. and recieved $200.000 less. Hmmm I am starting to understand Coletti's strategy for winning.


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