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Manny Ramirez: From Dodgers and Mannywood to going unsigned?

Manny, how I love ya, how I love ya, my dear ol’ Manny …

Oh, wait. That was then. This is now, which is another entire planet for Manny Ramirez.

On this planet, circa 2011, he is a man without a job, and few if any prospects.

It was only two years ago that Manny was the toast of the town. The man who electrified Dodger Stadium. Who helped lead them back into the playoffs, where they actually won a series. And who parlayed that almost magical two months into a two-year, $45-million contract.

Alas, the next two years seldom resembled those previous two months. A drug suspension, injuries, a decline in power, a mysterious boycott of the media, remarkable hair growth.

He was ultimately waived in August and picked up by the White Sox, where he bombed.

Now is there any club willing to take a chance on the 38-year-old?

So far, that’s a big zilch.

Spring training starts in six weeks.’s Buster Olney (insider status required) said team executives are now questioning whether he’ll be signed by anyone.

His options look increasingly slim. After watching him struggle defensively in left field for the Dodgers last season, it’s unlikely any National League team wants to take a flier on him. Manny, infamously, announced his future was as a designated hitter the first day of the Dodgers’ camp last February. Which was a day before he stopped talking.

American League clubs in need of a DH, however, are hardly bountiful. Tim Dierkes of went down the list and determined that the only real logical matches were the Rays and Rangers.

Of course, Vladimir Guerrero remains available to DH again in Texas. Yahoo.sports thinks Manny could be left with the Rays and Orioles, but notes that with Jim Thome, Jason Giambi, Johnny Damon and Guerrero still available, there are other options out there with far less baggage.

The risk-reward factor with Manny exceeds all others. He is clearly getting up there in years, and if his power has waned, still had a highly productive bat for the Dodgers (.915 on-base, plus slugging percentage) before his leg injuries. Of course, then there is his surprising off-season groin surgery.

His agent is Scott Boras, who is on what you might call something of a good run (see: Jayson Werth, Adrian Beltre), so it is best not to figure no deal will be uncovered.

Manny, however, is a prideful man, so taking one of baseball’s greatest pay cuts might also prove an issue. It’s been projected that it will take $5 million to sign him. At best, he’s a DH; at worst a part-time player, so that’s still some serious dough for that role.

When players start reporting to camp, if Manny is still unsigned, he could be looking at even less guaranteed money and an incentive-laden contract. And for Manny, that’s another planet.

-- Steve Dilbeck

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ManRam would still be better than the crap the Disgraced Dodgers have playing leftfield now.

Me thinks, the Dodgers should make a deal with Manny if he is still unsigned by opening day. Remember they're still paying him along with the Red Sox and who knows who else and the Dodgers could use a power hitter off the bench.
I'm sure he's still a drawing card. Besides that he looks good in a Dodger uniform and the team can bring back Mannywood.

We don't need Manny's issues. He would be a distraction to players and managers. Dodgers need to move on and move forward as a brand new team. I would rather have Guerrero off the bench than Manny.

He will hit. I guarantee you if someone signs him, he WILL hit. Too much of a produced rep for someone to take a chance though. Sad. He won't have the former power, but he'll get on base a ton and hit plenty of doubles.

Yea I wouldnt mind seeing Manny back in Dodger Blue!

I wouldn't mind bringing back the dude for a cool 5 mil or less with incentives. Dodgers are known to recruit semi-retired players....i wouldn't bring back mannywood though...makes no sense dedicating left field to a part-time player

Offseason supplementation should get him a contract somewhere.

hahahhahahahahhhahhahahhahahahhahaha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! gas goes up, so does manny... Is that true? i believe gas has gone up and wheres manny???????? i suppose jobless...... hahahahahahhahahahahhahahahhaha later manny go collect retirement.... He bailed on the dodgers when he was busted juicing and then last year showing up on the first day of spring training not wanting to come back to play for LA....... Colletti needs to stop back peddling with all these players and just move forward and focusing on improving the team.

If the pitching is improved as we would be led to believe, Manny is little worse defensively than we have now. He's much better offensively, even with fewer homers - think doubles and on-base.

In a big stretch of even my positive thoughts of imagination for my Dodgers, Manny is the starter, get pinch-hit for if necessary on the lefty-righty stuff between the middle innings and the late innings (think 6th or 7th), and a defender is there in the late innings. Oh my, a three-platoon LF. I must be out of my mind. Just a ridiculous thought with Makers 46.

But we gotta do something.

(Its OK to tell me how ridiculous this is - its not personal, no offense taken.)

Please, no more old farts, Garrett, Manny, Vladie, Aundruw, embarrassing themselves, frustrating the fans, taking up a spot in the order and drawing boos. I could see Jermaine Dye getting a looksee in Glendale BUT THAT'S IT.

Prediction: Manny will sign. He will have a .400 OB% and hit close to .300. He had "surprising" groin surgery because ...he had a groin injury. Do people "fake" groin surgery. He could have said his groin hurt to the so-called media and you never would have believed him. He sucked it up and played. He still hit better that any Dodger in limited at bats. He played the field with the same fielding % as Scott Posednick. I don't really know how proud he is as I have never really heard him boast about anything but his relationship to God. The fans loved him. He was electric. He was clutch. He took us to the Promised Land and almost through the Heavenly Gates. What seems to be the problem? He was 37 when he played for us. Why not look at a guy named Furcal and see what his Dodger career has produced - six years - 70 million dollars.

I totally agree, if Manny is used sparingly he'll outperform better than andruw jones,garret anderson and hu put together when they were wearing a Dodger uniform. On another level he should retire as a dodger to redeem himself and to prove to everyone in the BIGs that he is a happy warrior.

Get real!
Our beloved Blue Crew is no more likely to bring back "Man Ram" to LA than the citizens of this fine state would bring back "Governor Moonbeam" to Sacramento.

make Manny and the McCourts go away!!!!!

Unbelievable!!! The same fans that are complaining about McCourt screwing the fans, don't mind getting screwed by Manny.These aren't L.A. fans,these are Hollywood fans.These are the fans that are turning a trick for their Manny Mac Daddy Pimp!!! WAKE UP L.A.!!! A two year 45 million dollar deal for a singles hitter? WAKE UP!!!

Manny should retire.

clarifying .... don't pay him ridiculous money... give him a small ($5M or less) for 1 year, and 1 year only, and pack it with incentives. If he doesn't want it, let him go. Manny is like anyone else - incentives. That's why contract years are so wonderful and the rest suck - see Adrian, Beltre.

I'm not totally sold myself, but I want some offense. Manny will either provide that, or we'll be no worse than we are on Jan. 6. Those guys set to play in LF now are not even 50-50 to beat what an incentive-stoked Manny can. They're not even 40-60 to beat his stuff. His defense is pitiful, but there's not a Gold Glover out there anyway. And definitely not a .300 hitter with .400 on-base - minimum. And if starting pitching is wonderful for 7 innings, hey, maybe not so many chances in LF anyway.

I want a better option than Manny, who has already proven he will quit on anyone, anytime, anywhere. But I want the Dodgers to win. He's an option that is out there. If we don't bring him back, that's fine. I'm not screaming we should.

With or without Manny, we may struggle to score more than 2 runs a game. No guarantee all the nucleus players bounce back, or the Flanders' additions provide much. But with Manny, we may see a big bounce in offense from and around him, and the starting pitching could be enough of an edge to compensate for a weak bullpen (though I doubt that), thus giving us a chance to win the West easily with 95 wins. And 95 is the number - it'll win the division for sure, and that's 28 games above .500. For those calculating at home, over 6 months, 4 to 5 wins more than losses each month, that's all. One a week. Pitching and defense win championships, and but you must have some offense for 162.

I think all other options, arguably, are only slightly better if better at all.

Hollywood Dodger Mark,

YOU ARE SPOT ON. There is a lot of Manny hate that has nothing to do with his production. He was the defensive equivalent of that idiot Scott Pods. A MUCH better clutch hitter than his numbers show. He WAS the reason why Kemp and Ethier did so well. Their numbers are still good, but why is everyone saying that they in ineffective? They aren't seeing the batting order protection they once had.

L.A. is Mannywood. He is no more guilty than the other HUNDREDS of players who juiced. Even a few of our own were mentioned on that list a few years back. I hate when people throw that at him.

We should sign him for no other reason than he lifts up the rest of the lineup. This Dodger team responds to Manny, for whatever reason. There's no denying it. Blake is a better hitter, Furcal is a better hitter, Ethier is a much better hitter, when Manny is in the lineup. Sign him and plug the hole in left.

Manny's three years with Dodgers:




Anyone have a problem with these numbers? Gimme a break.

At this point, Id rather bring back Juan Pierre to play left instead of Manny.

I don't think most people would have a problem bringing back Juan Pierre, at this point, either. But Pierre is not available. Ramirez is.

Michael Young could give the Dodgers a good hitter with some power and can play 3rd. With Beltre signed, Young is an expensive Rangers DH and Utility man. I see that possibility by the seasons start.

I'm with oldbrooklynfan on this one. Try to be objective, what's best for the team here. Since we are still paying the guy this entire season, why not make him a small offer to couple with what he is already going to get from us and let him play left field. If he does not produce at the plate and you have to let him go, make the additional salary levels you have to offer him appearance based. He may actually hit, you never know, his numbers wold probably be better than any alternative we currently have on our roster.

The Dodgers would be fools not to pick Manny up on the cheap.

Note to Manny- cut the hair, can the attitude, and get back to work.

All will be forgiven.

Is there any chance the Dodgers would resign Manny, or that Manny would resign with the Dodgers?

I'm surprised to see the pro-Manny sentiments expressed in this thread. I thought all LA hated him now. I'm glad his numbers are starting to re-enter this discussion, and the good effect he had on the pitches Ethier or Kemp saw.

I think the best thing the D's could do is to resign him (obviously for as cheap as possible) and make him their part-time left fielder and #1 pinch hitter when Gibbons starts. Manny could start against all lefties.

But the odds of such a signing happening have got to be near zero.

"ManRam would still be better than the crap the Disgraced Dodgers have playing leftfield now"

"Me thinks, the Dodgers should make a deal with Manny if he is still unsigned by opening day"

and the curse lives on


The Dodgers should talk to him for part time left field and pinch hitting duty. Offer him a 1 year 4 million dollar deal and say take it or leave it. That's what you are worth at this point not 5+ million.


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