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Baseball makes it official: Dodgers-Giants opener moved back one day

It’s all official and everything.

The Dodgers’ season opener against the Giants has been moved back one day to March 31.

That likely Clayton Kershaw-Tim Lincecum duel on opening day is back on schedule at Dodger Stadium.

ESPN wanted the Dodgers to fly to San Francisco on March 31, robbing the Dodgers of their season opener at home, but the players union and the Dodgers were less than thrilled with the prospect, so the cable giant settled for pushing that season-opening series back one day.

The Dodgers and Giants will now play a 5 p.m. game on that Thursday opener. The next Monday, April 4, becomes an off-day.

The Dodgers-Giants game will cap an opening-day triple header for ESPN, following earlier telecasts of Tigers at Yankees, and Padres at Cardinals.

Whatever ESPN wants, ESPN gets … almost.

And to those who commented that our Wednesday story of the opening-day compromise was reported a couple hours earlier by Roberto Baly’s site, you are indeed correct. Our source, as Baly noted, was not the same and I was unaware of Baly’s post at the time.

(Baly has also posted some nice photos of Kershaw and his wife, Ellen, on a goodwill mission in Africa via the site

Also, the Dodgers have announced their promotional schedule for 2011.

Are you ready for half-price food night? There will also be six bobblehead nights, with Kershaw, Don Mattingly and Andre Ethier already scheduled.

-- Steve Dilbeck

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This whole affair is a deal done on a short bus. So we lose the tradition of baseball's first team, the reds, opening the season; replaced by a new tradition, the defending world champs. OK, i can get behind that. Now ESPN is starting the season with Padres/Cardinals or the AL(junior circuit) of Yankees/Tigers!?!? 140 years of openers and this is what we are left with. Kinda sad.

As if another reason was needed not to renew season tickets!

Opening DAY used to be special for season ticketholders. And did anyone notice the silent disappearance of Hollywood Stars Nght another season ticketholder favorite. The Dodgers may be a storied franchise but the story is getting pretty sad.

Sky, the Hollywood Stars event has not been the big draw that it used to be, mostly because there haven't been that many actual "stars" attend in recent years. It morphed into a bunch of second- and third-rate wannabees with a handful of has-beens punctuated with a bonafide big name here and there. The McScums -- and now just Frank -- don't have the star-pulling power that Fox and the O'Malleys did.

Oh, and I've noticed that the number of promotions has grown by maybe double. McScum knows he probably doesn't have a competitive product on the field, so he's had to manufacture other incentives to get butts in the seats. That includes, as I've read, donating millions of dollars in tickets to the military.

Reds schmeds. Superceded over the last quarter-century many times. Who cares, outside Cincy and Wonkyland?

I like the new thing with the champs on in prime time first, and opening day on Thurday, to end the season earlier. All the new McCourters Ned assembled now have the opportunity to bludgeon the Giants to death with their wiffle ball bats.

It will only get sadder once MLB bows to the lure of increased revenue through a NBA - ish playoff tier system.

BTW, Renteria was what made Uribe spin.
My condolences on missing out on acquiring the complete right side of the Giant infield, also on the misappropriation of AyHooHenny - O Velez ( the author of the most amazing home plate interaction ever.)

Damn, and I had tickets to go see Lady Gaga at the Honda Center on the 31st....hmmm lets see, Lady Gaga or Opening day, Lady Gaga or Opening day...hmmm i guess its Lady Gaga

My guess this was done to save the McCourts the embarrassment of not selling out opening day for the first time in LA Dodger history


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