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Wishing upon a 2011 star for the Dodgers

New Year’s wishes for last season’s Dodgers:

Clayton Kershaw: Absolute superstardom.

Ronald Belisario: A quick visa.

Rick Honeycutt: Starters that last more than five innings.

Hong-Chih Kuo: An eternally healthy left elbow.

Russell Martin: A pain-free squat.

Ned Colletti: A budget equal to his market.

Ramon Troncoso: A 2011 like his 2009.

Vin Scully: Immortality.

Matt Kemp: A hunger to be great.

Kenley Jansen: Patience.

A.J. Ellis: A chance.

James Loney: No second-half fade.

Ryan Theriot: An OPS above .606.

Vladimir Shpunt: A new gig. Preferably on Earth.

Casey Blake: Youth.

Hiroki Kuroda: That one great season.

Stan Conte: Less business.

Rod Barajas: A season that approaches his first week.

Jonathan Broxton: A good diet.

Frank McCourt: A fair price.

Jamie McCourt: A villa in Capri. OK, two.

Vicente Padilla: Continued control of that tricky inside pitch.

Rafael Furcal: Health.

Jamey Carroll: The same effort.

Dennis Mannion: Full disclosure.

Ted Lilly: Runs.

Dodger Stadium ushers: Straw hats.

Xavier Paul: A team where he fits.

Manny Ramirez: A team.

John Ely: A better movie than "Surfer, Dude."

Scott Podsednik: A pain-free foot.

George Sherrill: More answers than questions.

John Lindsey: A better ending.

Carlos Monasterios: A third pitch.

Andre Ethier: An invincible pinky.

Garret Anderson: Peace with a great career.

Scott Elbert: Less mystery.

Larry Bowa: Players who aren’t so sensitive.

Chad Billingsley: An entire season like his second half.

Jay Gibbons: More of the same.

De Jon Watson: Players ready to make an impact.

The everywhere is Dodgertown campaign: Instant death.

Joe Torre: A decision already.

Don Mattingly: A rule book.

-- Steve Dilbeck

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Just one more.... for us foolish, yet forever loyal Dodger fans.... a team that for just once in a lifetime lives up to it's spring time potential.


How about some keys to the castle for me?

How about for the FANS. Please no more heckling idiots in stands. Come to watch the game and not yell," Insert NAME" SUCKS. Its old and overdone. Find new material. Happy New Year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

for Tommy Lasorda: a padded casket

more like a bionic arm for Kuo.

To Furcal, good health! He's the heart and soul of the team.

Frank: Just go away. Just go.

One more to add to your list -

Dodger Fans: New team ownership.

Boos for either of the McCourts, every time he or she shows their face at Dodger Stadium or at spring training. Chants of "Sell, sell, sell" if he's at at game. My mantra.
Speaking of Mannion, why not let us in on the other defections and firings in the front office?

Good to have you back S'58

It's good to be back, alan19. Being a "child of the 60's," I hope to instigate a grass roots protest at this blog that will eventually reach McCourt's ears. I will not be attending any Dodger games this season, but I am hoping that some of you out there will join in booing this charlatan to let him know he has NO fan base here. How long can this foul human be in denial when he hears boos and chants of "Sell, sell, sell" from the Dodger faithful, people he doesn't deserve? I'll be beating this nearly dead horse all season until it really expires.

If he sells, they will come.

a boomer myself S'58 -

I'll take a saddle for one - with you all the way

he's just gotta go


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